Headphones and Lashes.

I had to get turnt up in Best Buy yesterday, my Beats by Dre wireless headphones I bought fell apart on a Friday and wouldn't turn on by Saturday. Annoyed is an understatement, they were 200 bucks, that is A LOT of money for headphones! Anyways, I have the box, the packaging, the receipt, and I take it back to Best Buy who tells me they have a 15 day return policy, it's been 27 days. Ok, I get it, but if you can't give me my money back at least give me a store credit to exchange them for something else, why would I want another pair of Beats when these didn't even last a month! I'm still being polite, I worked in retail, I get it, they have policies. THEN they tell me my only option is to PAY to send them off for repair, oh. hell. no. I ain't paying another dime for these crappy headphones, then I get upset. Finally the manager just gives me a store credit, not really what I wanted since they have such a crappy return policy, but whatever. 

 A super nice sales guy told me to buy Plantronics BackBeat Fit , they are wireless, hook over the ear, sweat and water proofish, CHEAPER, and the sound is great!

I have to say I kinda puffy heart love them right off the bat, but the true test will come with time and if they continue to last. Plus, half the price of those crappy Beats.

While we are on the subject of favorite products, here are some of my current makeup ones.

Naked // I love them so so so much. Best foundation, ever.
Naked  Bronzer/blush // this one has a pink blush, but I've started using a more coral one for summer.
Urban Decay Afterglow // I really like it, great pigment and stays on.
Glycolix Elite Eye Serum
Smash Box Photo Finish Primer
Eyes //  bareMinerals 5-in-1 Eyeshadow I got this in my Ipsy bag one month and it might be the best eyeshadow ever. It goes on like a cream, not sticky at all, and then I just blend with a brush. Boom, done. I like it because the color is perfect and it doesn't have any powder falling on my lashes, my biggest pet peeve with make up is my lashes looking colored on the top. I paired it with another Ipsy find, Pacifica Eyeshadow which is a bit shimmery, perfect for summer. I line the tops of my eyes only with my LORAC eyeliner.
Brows are just the MAC Eye Shadow Brun applied with a brush, then use a disposable mascara wand to brush them out for a more natural look.
Lipstick is forever my fav - Revlon Softsilver Rose .
My lashes are extensions, I found the most amazing lash artist at Diva Lash in Dallas - if you go tell her Megan sent you, she's the best!  They last for weeks and still look amazing, plus they are affordable, some places around here are a little nuts with what they charge for refills. I only have to go maybe every 3 weeks for a fill.


  1. Dang those looks so comfy! I'm in need of new headphones, but I use an iPod shuffle so I gotta have a wire. Darn it.

  2. I've used the Plantronics Backbeat Fit for almost a year now. Super, super, super sweaty workouts and averaging 4-6 days a week. No issues at all with them. I LOVE them - they stay in my ears, the charge lasts about a week, and the Bluetooth signal never drops. Great buy!

  3. I have had those headphones in my Amazon cart for months! Finally pulled the trigger and ordered them. They had great reviews! Looking forward to trying them out, maybe they will motivate me to run more often! I seem to have lost that the past couple months. :)

  4. DON't EVEN GET ME STARTED on making a return to Best Buy....grrrrrrr....I do not like them and will NOT shop there because of them ONLY giving store credit the time I returned an item, and I did not want to spend my money there as their customer service was so crappy. blech.

  5. My husband has the same Plantronics. He LOVES them. He's been using his for about 5-6 months I think with no problems at all.

  6. I received the 5 in 1 and pacifica shadows in my ipsy too. Love them as well!!

  7. OMG! I just sent you a message yesterday about this exact post! How awesome!!

  8. I bought those headphones for my husband as a Christmas present since he hated wires while he lifted. He tells me all the time they are the best headphones he has ever had. Hope you have the same experience!

  9. I'm confused, did you get drunk before giving Best Buy crap about their return, or does "turnt up" have different meaning down south? I thought it was the equivalent of getting crunk, lol!

  10. Good to know about the Beats!
    Best Buy has a terrible return policy, I've argued with them more than once myself. Glad to know you got something that seems better for a better price! Can't wait to see how they last.

  11. Fourthing (<--- Spell check just changed this to "farting" so we almost had an autocorrect moment in your comments section) what others said about the Backbeat Fit. Got them for my super runner husband at Christmas. He's logged over 500 miles and 60-something hours with no issues with them! Yay!


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