Fluffy Weekend.

I had a fluffy weekend, like I just felt UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and not happy with my body. I didn't weigh myself because really, why? That number would only serve to put thoughts of quitting in my head and I have to remember why I am in the stage I'm in - to build muscle. To build muscle. To build muscle. 

So I did what I should do, I got in my workouts and made sure I got in my protein. No excuses. 

I had to be somewhere early Saturday morning so I threw together a bagel, egg, and cheese sammy on this high protein bagel from Thin Slim Foods - very very good. 14g protein per bagel, I also bought some of their pizza breads to give a try tonight. I also brought along my Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Roadside Lemonade.

It's our first weekend to spend in the pool and that's exactly where she stayed, all weekend. Her, the dogs, and her BFF Papa. When Oliver got off work we all headed over to grill out and finish out the day with some sunshine.

Aiden was a huge fan of the corn, he gnawed on that thing for a good 30 minutes, one little kernel at a time. I spiraled up a sweet potato and took it with me, paired it will grilled chicken and shrimp. Also - he's growing hair and I hate it, Oliver's on board for a baby head shaving.

He's so busy now this is as good as our selfies get, boob half out and a blurry head. You're welcome. This is why I have a one piece for when we are out in public.

Sunday I rolled myself out of my comfortable bed even though I was sleeping so so good to meet up with a group for a run, 9 miles. Even though my eating and water intake were on point Saturday I was still feeling yucky and blah. It was so bad I almost skipped my workout, but I knew I'd be a crappy mood if I let that get to me. Plus my new armband from Belkin came in for my iPhone 6  and I wanted to give it a go.

My run was not great, the humidity turned 9 miles into 5, but I freaking LOVE this arm band!! It is super comfortable and even through my crazy sweating did not flop or chafe on my arm. I really like how it unclips from the arm part without having to take the entire thing off - you know - for those random selfies :) Anyways I finished out my workout in the air conditioned gym then headed to a friends house for a one on one how to count your macros session. I've debated holding a local class for a few of my friends on how to get comfortable tracking macros, now that schools out and we have more free time on the weekends I may just do it.

Shopping and food prepping errrry Sunday. I'll be posting most of my food on Instagram, so you can just check it out there if you want to know what I'm currently eating. I was so happppppy to find my Ice Cream Pebbles, I had a little handful and they are supremely delicious, a fun addition to my yogurts this week.

The Bald One just wants to hold hands in the car, I love seeing his little paci grin in the mirror. He's such a good boy in the car, I hope that continues for our 16 hour road trip in two weeks.

Oliver and Madison went for a swim while Aiden and I stayed home to food prep and stuff, he was content to just flip the channels on the remote for 30 minutes. I'm sure most people would take the remote away from him, but if he's happy I'm happy and if he screws up the tv oh well - I never have time to watch anyways lol. I learned with Madison to relax a little and not always be yelling no - as long as he's not going to hurt himself I let him do his thing.

The same goes for her too, if you want to run through the spray park fully clothed at sunset - go for it.

So obsessed with these leggings - Airabella Active.

I woke up this morning feeling better, stronger, and I killed my workout so hard! I'm getting stronger, the sets I was struggling getting in 5 reps I can do 10 with ease - progress. We know it's not always measured with a number, but sometimes you have to just have faith that it's coming.


  1. Just make sure to have the parental control lock out the on demand pay per view or you may end up with a $500 cable bill for movies!!!

  2. I'm going to try this arm band. I bought a new one when I got my 6 but the stupid thing is too loose. I don't have incredibly thin arms so I don't know what the deal is but it drives me crazy.

    1. You won't be sorry - quality is top notch!

  3. Isn't that funny how baby #2 will do that to you? I watched my oldest like a hawk, sanitized and always said no. With the baby, I'm like eh? why not?

  4. Way to power through the little dip in mood/body feeling fluffy this weekend. I get that way too...I think it is just a combo of things playing tricks with our minds...possible hormonal/other chemical change in the body, maybe a little tired/not enough sleep,and just overall a little slump. I felt the same way on Sunday, after missing 3 workouts in the week due to unexpected/terrible family situations...but I powered through as well and completed the workout, grocery, and other chores at home. I did slip a little and eat more than enough pasta salad...but overall - considering, I think I did pretty good. And, I am here to make this week better :) oh, I love your selfies and all of your other pics with babies...ADORABLE!!

  5. I love your pink outfit! I need to work at letting go and not saying no as much its way better than it used to be but still need to work on it. Glad you were feeling better and killed your workout!

  6. Hi Megan,

    Always love reading your posts, especially on a Monday!! So much of fun and informative info...love the workout pants...love all the food and supplements you recommend (I order online and I must say thanks to you, I have gotten alot of stuff and now make lists for TJoe's so when I am in Palm Beach in July I am ready to go!!) - glad you had a good weekend. So good to know also that we all have our days where we are like "gosh another workout" - but once done, it feels SO GOOD. Thank you for the inspiration and keeping it fun too!! xo

  7. I think you need to do an online class about counting macros and such. I don't live near you but would watch for sure.

  8. I totally have those days too, when I just feel down in the dumps about my body. I am so glad other you did not let it affect you, because Meg- you look INCREDIBLE!

  9. oooohhhhh maaahhhhh gaaahhhh! wth did i never think of letting the kid flip channels? seriously a genius idea! love it! anything to keep them busy while we get stuff done!

  10. oooohhhhh maaahhhhh gaaahhhh! wth did i never think of letting the kid flip channels? seriously a genius idea! love it! anything to keep them busy while we get stuff done!

  11. ?? for you if you find this...do you use an otterbox? or any case? do you have to take your phone out of the case to use this armband? that has been my issue with bands...so I usually end up sliding it in my bra!!


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