Cutting Update

Week one of my slow cut and I was down 3 pounds, but honestly it's amazing to me how much I don't care about my scale number. I think once you get to a certain weight and you bounce around the same numbers for more than 3 months that you need to turn your focus on to other signs of progress. I've been a slave to the scale, for years, it's a process to let it go, but very freeing. I'm frustrated though that those pounds seem to have come off my waist and not my ass, for pete's sake - can I just get a little thigh slimming action PLEASE!

Gloves from Sparkle and Sweat Shop - use code Skinnymeg for a discount :)

I surprisingly felt good last week despite the cut in calories, usually I have a few days where I'm hungry and struggle to hit my numbers. I went from 2200  to 1970 - most of those came out in the form of carbs, protein usually stays the same. 

I came across this flavored goat cheese, you know I'm obsessed, and topped my breakfast with it - so good! 

I also changed my lunch for this week, I'm was over the tuna. I packed each item individually to keep everything as fresh as possible, the chicken {100g for each day}, black beans/corn/bell pepper/cilantro, and the single servings of brown rice you can microwave, with a side of Light Sour Cream. 

I've been furiously trying to get enough stock in, the crazy amount of busy I am is helpful in warding off my hunger. Some day's I think I am hungry just because I'm idle - sitting at a desk all day makes it hard not to snack.

I have some cuuuuuuute stuff coming today, lots of new things will be posted by this afternoon! I got my girls to test out the workout pants too, need some differing opinions.

she's gonna LOVE that I posted this picture hahahhaha
They will be coming soon, everyone loved them, and they come in small up to an XL! They are having too much fun on leg day, I'm going to have to make it harder.

I know some of you are asking about my next Facebook Challenge, here are a few details:

  • Starts July 6th
  • Facebook only
  • $20 buy in {PayPal} - all money go's to the challenge, I will not be taking a cut. I'm doing this for y'all!
  • Google Form will be available Wednesday the 23rd at 2pm CST on my Facebook
  • Capped at 200 participants
This is not a beachbody group, we will not be writing workout or diet plans for you, but we will be talking about food, exercise, motivation, answering questions, and all around accountability on a daily basis.  You do not need to be following IIFYM or any certain type of exercise plan, but you do need to be willing to track your food, post on Facebook, and be present for the full 12 weeks. Everyone is busy, don't come with excuses, come ready to drop those 'the kids, the husband, my job' excuses at the door and be ready to work! The amazing admins I have helping me are so full of knowledge and desire to help you reach your goals, but can only do so much - you have to want it.


  1. How did you cook your chicken for lunch, it looks yummy. You look amazing!!

  2. I want those workout pants on the left!! So cute :)

  3. I know you wish it were coming off the bottom half but THAT WAIST THO. Amazing.

  4. Can you please, please, please carry some cute maxi dresses in your shop that have some cute capped sleeves and some knee length dresses. I'm all in on the new challenge now that I'm back to Macros!!! You've inspired me to do it the right way!

  5. i cant wait for that sweeter than sweet tea shirt, the katie dress and the fringe tank! :)

  6. You look so good! I love that you preach eat yo' food and don't focus on a number! I have to admit, I was caught in a struggle with the scale, then realized I'm where I want to be number wise, but my progress is in if I have a food baby or not and how my clothes fit. Thanks for the inspo, girl!

  7. I've never done one of the challenges but I'm thinking about this one. Will the details be on your FB page?

  8. I need some major accountability. I was doing good and then fell on my face....AGAIN. I'm going to try to make the cut on this challenge!

  9. Those pants on the left. .. I might need a pair of those. Love them!

  10. I've been refreshing your facebook page since 2:00 waiting... then came back and saw that it says WEDNESDAY the 23rd.... today is Tuesday the 23rd! Now I'm confused! Lol

  11. I have a feeling that 2 pm post is going to break the internets!! :) Thank you for all you do!

  12. Just joined the challenge! Super excited - I need some new motivation!

  13. I wholeheartedly volunteer to test out the workout clothes ;)


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