Current Situation.

Current situation. 

I'm still maintaining at 2200 calories daily. My breakdown is 245c / 70f / 155p 
My workout schedule is:

Monday: Legs only, no cardio. Lots of hams and glutes, heavy, low rep. 

Tuesday: 5 miles of regular running or track workout depending on my mood and how my legs feel from the day before. I'm on average a 9 minute mile, I hope to maintain this through the heat of summer and be faster once it cools down. Although I tend to lose running buddies the faster I get, LOL. I follow up my run with 30 minutes of chest/bicep/shoulder

Wednesday: Body Pump - low weight high rep weight lifting basically. Sometimes I'll add in 15 minutes of HIIT on the Dreadmill or Stairmaster.

Thursday: Depending on the weather and my mood I'll either do a 5 miles at 5 am run, hills, or 45 minutes of spin. I just added this cardio day back in to try to slim out my legs a bit, experimenting :) I will also follow the cardio up with a 30 minute back workout. 

Fridays: Rest day!! 

Saturday: All weights no cardio - usually a lower weight leg day with other stuff thrown in for fun, like abs or anything I feel needs a little work.

Sunday: Used to be soccer day, but the rain has made this season a complete wash out. I try to get in a longer run on this day, but depends on weather and if anyone will run it with me :)

Now, food.

I decided I was over and bored with most of the foods I've been eating at work so I changed things up a bit to keep me motivated. 

Breakfast was WONDERFUL, so so so good. 
Spiraled sweet potato - YOU MUST GET ONE OF THESE! Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer
Cut up and sauteed with some broccoli and asparagus - both which I season with a spicy-ish veggie seasoning to give it some kick.  I added in one egg, 2 egg whites, and some chopped up uncured turkey bacon. I put all this in a small tupperware and heat up in the microwave at work and top with goat cheese.
I'm on a goat cheese kick right now, you'll see LOL

Y'all know I adore the Triple Zero yogurt, but this Dannon has a ton more flavors so I went with it this week. Confession: I searched high and low for the Ice Cream Fruity Pebbles to put in it and couldn't find them!! ugh. Plan B - high protein granola. Still good, just less fun. If you find this cereal let me know!!

I know I said I didn't do salads for lunches, hard to pack and don't keep my full, but a friend talked me into giving a try this week. I keep everything separate for freshness.
Greens, prebaked chicken, real yummy bacon cut up, tomatoes, and Mediterranean couscous, goat cheese, and Panera Raspberry dressing. I was highly impressed with the flavors and it kept me full for quite a while. Adding in that couscous really helped beef it up.

Nice huge bowl of food!

I tried out this chicken rub and lovedddddd it, got it at Kroger. I rub 4 breasts down with this, bake at 425 for about 22-25 minutes depending on thickness, let it cool, then dice and store in tupperware. It's usually gone by Wednesday if not sooner.

This is a random afternoon snack, but I needed more carbs to hit my numbers. I was in the grocery looking at cream cheese and went to pick my normal, no flavor, greek whipped because - lower fat. Then it hit me - shit I can have any of these I want! So I got the pecan and honey to smear on my bagel thin. Those Goldfish are dangerous, only but with great amounts of willpower. You've been warned.

Dinner was chicken {duh}, Trader Joes skillet potatoes, and a large amount of broccoli with goat cheese. The kids will eat chicken and broccoli, but Madison had a salad on the side, and Aiden loved the potatoes. Oliver eats whatever I eat.

Y'all have GOT to make these brownies, the are so so so good. I made a batch on Sunday and it's enough to last me all week!

This recipe comes from my friend, Poppy Locks. I did sub out the Fage for the Dannon 80 cal caramel macchiato and I used the HER WHEY: Chocolate Eclair protein powder. I also forgot to add any Splenda, but it was perfect and didn't need any, maybe because I used a flavored yogurt. 

I know I've done some posts on macros, but I still get a lot of messages about confusion. If you have questions or just need clarification leave me a comment on here or Facebook, I'll be making an updated video this weekend. 

My baby girl is graduating from Kinder tonight, so The Bald One is in charge of dinner. My bet is on a chicken dish....


  1. Thanks so much for all the food ideas! So so helpful! I can never come up with food ideas for the week and I depend on your blog.

    Quick question - the sweet potato and egg breakfast you mention, do you cook it all up ahead of time (like during Sunday prep) and then reheat it at work? Or do you add in everything raw and then cook it in the microwave at work?

    Thanks again! Also, the bald one just seems to be getting more and more cute!

    1. I cook everything ahead of time and just reheat :)

    2. Perfect - I'll have to try that! Thanks so so much!!

  2. You have to get the Banana Cream Light and Fit Greek Yogurt - it's a Target exclusive and it's the best!

  3. You look great! All your hard work is really paying off :)

  4. You really inspire me! You work so hard and you look wonderful. Plus, I love pics of your adorable kids!

  5. Where do I start to understand counting macros.

    1. Simple stated, macros are your Fat, Proteins and Carbs. In a given day, when you count macros, you are specifically concerned with reaching the allotted grams of those macros, all the while staying within a specific calorie goal. The best breakdown I was ever given was to eat 30% fat, 30% carbs and 40% protein for optimal weight loss. For maintenance, change carbs to 40% and protein to 30%. If you track in my fitness pal, you can change percentages under the "goals" section. It's also important to eat foods your body knows how to process. If you ever get a chance, look up what "fat toxicity" is...I was blown away when I learned about it. It's a real thing that most people don't even know exist

    2. Just curious, do you have link to credible sources on fat toxicity?

  6. Hey Megan-- great post. Question: does it take a LOT of time to keep track of all of your macros and calories? What do you use to keep track of it all? It seems like a LOT of work-- definitely worth it, but a LOT of work.

  7. My question is whether or not you feel like you've sacrificed eating whole/clean foods by strictly trying to fit in your macros? This past Sunday was the finale to a local nutrition/bootcamp series put on my a former biggest loser competitor and we were taught that it's better to eat something you can read the ingredients on than something that will just "fit numbers". For instance, eat plain greek yogurt and sweeten with frozen berries. I always like reading and seeing what others do...I've even looked into counting macros but I prefer eating whole and clean foods, limited carbs after noon, and ensuring I have a calorie deficit (calorie counting) to reach my weight loss goals. Just curious if your macro coach has any opinions on the types of foods a person should eat to reach those macros.

  8. Can you please do a blog on your favorite eats at Trader Joes? I will love you forever......

  9. Hello. You look amazing. Thank you for sharing Paige and your information on macros. I got Paige to figure my macros a month ago and have been following the numbers. Some days I hit it spot on and some days I don't (usually less). So, I'm still trying to figure out what I need to have on hand for whatever I'm missing. Still like the results I am getting.
    When you build a recipe in MFP and weigh everything raw/uncooked, do you add those grams together and divide that by your servings? Or do you re-weigh it after it's all cooked and divide it then? Just thinking the weight would be different after cooked. Thank you.

  10. Any change in your measurements this month? You are looking ultra thin and toned!

  11. I've been trying to find new things to eat during the day as well. Your salad looks yummy, I love to put cold quinoa on my salads, I imagine couscous would be similar. Yum! Going to try your spiraled sweet potatoes next week, I never thought to do that, but yours look so good!

  12. Those brownies look delicious!! I also love goat cheese and completely forgot it existed. haha. I will be buying some on my next grocery trip ;)

  13. You seriously amaze me, you do so much in one day!! I'm 45 with three teenagers and have more time now but need a plan!!

  14. I actually just read an article that said you shouldn't run the day after leg day, or your muscles will never grow. What are your thoughts on this! I just switched up my longer-ish running day to the day before to see how this plays out.

  15. I would love to hear more about your spin routine! I started taking a spin class at my local Park & Rec this year, and it's definitely addicting. Would love to learn more about how to maximize that workout! :)

  16. You look amazing! Thank you for all the info! Would you recommend counting macros while pregnant? I would love to learn more. I am disappointment with myself and my starting weight at the start of this pregnancy. I need to get my mind right so I do not gain too much the next 7 months. Thanks for any tips you have!

  17. Thank you for this your blog is very helpful. I have more to lose (50lbs) but im hoping to start eating at maintenance and then from their eat at a caloric deficit. Just a bit nervous of gaining weight.


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