Bed Head.

Saturday I went for a sunrise run before lifting weights at the Y, I forgot how much I dread running in the summer. It's 77 degrees and 90% humidity by 5am, you're literally breathing in moist air. My hot weather running plan is to maintain the best I can, nothing fast or far, I've already dropped it to a 9:40 pace.

I'm still throwing in the hills when I can, but I've gotten TERRIBLE side stitches the last two times I've run {no I don't need to hydrate - I drink plenty of water} I'm hoping it's just an adjustment to the heat and will dissipate. Anyways, I got in 6 miles, but boy was I wiped before I even started to lift. It was a suck tastic workout, I usually do legs but just could not get enough umph to finish it so I switched to some shoulders, bi's and tri's. My mood was not helped by the fact that my Beats by Dre headphones would not turn on and I've had them ohhhhhhhh less than a month. 

I went home and made me some happy protein pancakes and got ready for Oliver's father's day surprise.

Dress from Ollie Marie - sold out but I'm going to reorder!

I planned something fun for just the two of us, he works so hard, a lot of times 6 days a week, plus helping me out with Ollie Marie, so I thought a day of fun for the two of us would be perfect. I got us a Burgers and Beer tour of Dallas from Dallas Bites, you meet up with a group of other people, get on a bus, and drive around Dallas sampling beer and burgers. 

He loved it and kept telling me {he's a  happy super talker when he drinks!} how glad he was just to spend the day with me. I get so busy in our lives that it's easy to overlook just the two of us, I feel super guilty doing almost anything on the weekend that doesn't involve the kids. 

Not that they missed us, both grandma's took them to the Arboretum all morning and then they both slept all afternoon. 

My favorite burger was from Rodeo Goat - so if you are local you should check it out! I really want to go back and try the Joe Dirt one - fried egg, breakfast sausage, spiced honey....

This girl slept hard Saturday night, we stayed up way past our bedtimes taking pictures for the boutique, she loves to be included. So Sunday we slept in a bit longer than usual {6:30 LOL} but woke to a terrible thunderstorm, torrential downpours. She wanted to go to the gym with me so we packed up and went to sweat before the bald one woke. 

I have been trying out some workout bottoms to sell in the boutique, love love love these so be looking for them soon! They are high waist-ed, stretchy, stay up, and make you look good - all around winner!

Oliver wanted to spend the morning with his Mom seeing Jurassic Park, so the babies and I grocery shopped alone. I don't mind shopping alone, but I hate putting it all away by myself hahahha 

Nap time for the bald one and a movie for the big one, she needed a down day after day camp all week and a super busy Saturday. The weather was sucky so it was the perfect day to stay inside, I really wanted to take a nap with them, but because we were gone all day Saturday I still had a lot of orders to pack and work to do for Ollie Marie. 

I have to say I've been a little overwhelmed with the amount of business we've been getting, it's certainly much appreciated!! Thank you!! These are just orders from Friday, we had some issues with a shipping system connecting to our shop - the software only works on a windows computer and we have Mac, so we had to install Parallels, but still had some glitches. That meant we hand wrote out every single order, praying we get this worked out ASAP. 

Madison was kind enough to play with her brother - ie pull all the toys into the kitchen. I love listening to her play with her dolls, her imagination + her vocabulary make for some pretty interesting conversations between her dolls. Also, if you didn't see this video you must, I'm still laughing my ass off at this kid....

She also walked around taking pictures on my phone, that's always fun to find later :)

Oliver was nice enough to help food prep while I finished up, I'll be honest I really had zero motivation to do any food prepping, but knew I'd be sorry if I didn't do any. My cut is going really well so far, but more on that tomorrow :)


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  4. Long time lurker, first time commenter. I love the way you surprised your husband for Father's Day. That was a very thoughtful and not so typical type of gift. It was meant for HIM, which made it special. I love the way he kept telling you how glad he was to spend the day with you. Times like that are irreplaceable. As a mother of two, I know how hard it can be to get alone time with just the two of you. BTW, your ass is looking fabulous. Those leg days are definitely adding up!!


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