Baby, I got Back.

I thought the first day of school was rough, but I was wrong, the last day is even worse!

The sight of her in a cap and gown really just gets you right in the gut, your baby is on her way to not being a baby anymore. 

She's excited for her first summer break, I have every week planned with something fun - no sitting at home for this kid. Next week is soccer camp and after that is day camp at the Y. It's all day long and they spend 50% of their time outside, an hour or so a day swimming, readying, and just having a good time. Whew - camp don't come cheap I can tell you, I was pretty surprised how expensive it was actually. A big part of the reason I got a family membership at our local YMCA was to get a discount on camps, swim lessons, and soccer. My MIL will still be watching the baby, but with him still needing such a long nap it would leave Madison inside for a lot of the day and I want her out and running around - I never stayed indoors when I was young, we were always out riding bikes and doing stuff with our friends, but it's not the same nowadays so I have to make sure I plan it out for her.

I'm so very glad I still have a little one left, but I'm sure I'll cry a bit when he goes to preschool in the Fall two days a week. I'll be even sadder when he grows hair and I can't rub his bald little head anymore. 

Anyways, after graduation Aiden practically fell asleep on the changing table so I put him to bed early and we all settled in to watch a NetFlix show.  I don't know why Oliver insisted on getting such a large couch, we are all practically sitting on top of each other.

Today's workout is for some sexy tank top back muscles! 

Video Demo cause sometimes I just make up names for stuff.

Happy Hump Day.



  1. ooh, those look fun! I'll have to try this routine out soon! Thanks! :)

  2. I feel you on the summer camp thing. My daughter is going to theY in Indiana and it is pretty pricey. But I have hired a college kid for the last several years and she has not been as active as I want her to be so here she comes day camp!

    1. Oh and congrats on the graduation!! I remember when my kids did that - so exciting!

  3. Thanks for the real life stuff!!

  4. Not sure I can do the lying down thing at my gym- I would feel like EVERY eye was on me!!! LOL Thanks for making videos showing the exercises! They are great!!! :)


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