Headphones and Lashes.

I had to get turnt up in Best Buy yesterday, my Beats by Dre wireless headphones I bought fell apart on a Friday and wouldn't turn on by Saturday. Annoyed is an understatement, they were 200 bucks, that is A LOT of money for headphones! Anyways, I have the box, the packaging, the receipt, and I take it back to Best Buy who tells me they have a 15 day return policy, it's been 27 days. Ok, I get it, but if you can't give me my money back at least give me a store credit to exchange them for something else, why would I want another pair of Beats when these didn't even last a month! I'm still being polite, I worked in retail, I get it, they have policies. THEN they tell me my only option is to PAY to send them off for repair, oh. hell. no. I ain't paying another dime for these crappy headphones, then I get upset. Finally the manager just gives me a store credit, not really what I wanted since they have such a crappy return policy, but whatever. 

 A super nice sales guy told me to buy Plantronics BackBeat Fit , they are wireless, hook over the ear, sweat and water proofish, CHEAPER, and the sound is great!

I have to say I kinda puffy heart love them right off the bat, but the true test will come with time and if they continue to last. Plus, half the price of those crappy Beats.

While we are on the subject of favorite products, here are some of my current makeup ones.

Naked // I love them so so so much. Best foundation, ever.
Naked  Bronzer/blush // this one has a pink blush, but I've started using a more coral one for summer.
Urban Decay Afterglow // I really like it, great pigment and stays on.
Glycolix Elite Eye Serum
Smash Box Photo Finish Primer
Eyes //  bareMinerals 5-in-1 Eyeshadow I got this in my Ipsy bag one month and it might be the best eyeshadow ever. It goes on like a cream, not sticky at all, and then I just blend with a brush. Boom, done. I like it because the color is perfect and it doesn't have any powder falling on my lashes, my biggest pet peeve with make up is my lashes looking colored on the top. I paired it with another Ipsy find, Pacifica Eyeshadow which is a bit shimmery, perfect for summer. I line the tops of my eyes only with my LORAC eyeliner.
Brows are just the MAC Eye Shadow Brun applied with a brush, then use a disposable mascara wand to brush them out for a more natural look.
Lipstick is forever my fav - Revlon Softsilver Rose .
My lashes are extensions, I found the most amazing lash artist at Diva Lash in Dallas - if you go tell her Megan sent you, she's the best!  They last for weeks and still look amazing, plus they are affordable, some places around here are a little nuts with what they charge for refills. I only have to go maybe every 3 weeks for a fill.


Leg Day is the Best Day.

I literally feel like I have tree trunks for legs, which I don't think is a bad thing, but it would sure be nice if I could drop a little fat around that muscle and show all my hard work! 

I'm STILL sore from my leg day workout Monday, it's been a while since I've been this sore! 

Here's a run down of what we did, I included the weight I used because I know some of you will ask for it, but really - do what is right for YOU. This is a high rep workout so go light on the weights, if you injure yourself you're just setting yourself back. 

My preworkout - Stick of Spark and 3 Catalyst.

We did 60 reps of everything - so you can break it up any way you please - I prefer 4 sets of 15.

 .5 mile run to warm up or 6 minutes on the stair-master
Back Squats: 95 Pounds
Hip Thrusts: 105 Pounds
Split Squats: 30 pound dumbbell
Goblet Squats: 20 Pounds
Quad Machine: 70 Pounds
Conventional Deadlifts: 95 Pounds
Wide Stance Deadlifts: 95 Pounds
Closed Leg Squat on smith machine: 50 pounds
Leg Press on Smith Machine: 90 pounds <<<< this one did me in.
Standing Calf Raises on smith machine: 100 pounds

**You better foam roll those legs out afterward!**

 I know this looks like the most awkward exercise, but it works the back of your legs so good! I'll just be real honest, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks about me in the gym, I am there to sweat, have fun, and sometimes hang out with my girlfriends. It's my me time before I work, take care of kids, husbands, my second job, and whatever else I fit into my day. I pay to be there so I kinda treat it like an extension of my home, I rerack my weights, wipe up my sweat, smile and say hello to my fellow gym goers. I also sing out loud occasionally, break out in dance, and do whatever moves I please on any machine I want. Truly no one cares what you are doing as long as you are respectful of others, I don't hog up machines and let others work in if need be. Don't be scared of the weight areas, you belong there as much as anyone else - I actually find the men to be pretty nice in that area, even if they do move slow as molasses during their workouts. Heck I've even helped a few of them out with some moves :) 


Cutting Update

Week one of my slow cut and I was down 3 pounds, but honestly it's amazing to me how much I don't care about my scale number. I think once you get to a certain weight and you bounce around the same numbers for more than 3 months that you need to turn your focus on to other signs of progress. I've been a slave to the scale, for years, it's a process to let it go, but very freeing. I'm frustrated though that those pounds seem to have come off my waist and not my ass, for pete's sake - can I just get a little thigh slimming action PLEASE!

Gloves from Sparkle and Sweat Shop - use code Skinnymeg for a discount :)

I surprisingly felt good last week despite the cut in calories, usually I have a few days where I'm hungry and struggle to hit my numbers. I went from 2200  to 1970 - most of those came out in the form of carbs, protein usually stays the same. 

I came across this flavored goat cheese, you know I'm obsessed, and topped my breakfast with it - so good! 

I also changed my lunch for this week, I'm was over the tuna. I packed each item individually to keep everything as fresh as possible, the chicken {100g for each day}, black beans/corn/bell pepper/cilantro, and the single servings of brown rice you can microwave, with a side of Light Sour Cream. 

I've been furiously trying to get enough stock in, the crazy amount of busy I am is helpful in warding off my hunger. Some day's I think I am hungry just because I'm idle - sitting at a desk all day makes it hard not to snack.

I have some cuuuuuuute stuff coming today, lots of new things will be posted by this afternoon! I got my girls to test out the workout pants too, need some differing opinions.

she's gonna LOVE that I posted this picture hahahhaha
They will be coming soon, everyone loved them, and they come in small up to an XL! They are having too much fun on leg day, I'm going to have to make it harder.

I know some of you are asking about my next Facebook Challenge, here are a few details:

  • Starts July 6th
  • Facebook only
  • $20 buy in {PayPal} - all money go's to the challenge, I will not be taking a cut. I'm doing this for y'all!
  • Google Form will be available Wednesday the 23rd at 2pm CST on my Facebook
  • Capped at 200 participants
This is not a beachbody group, we will not be writing workout or diet plans for you, but we will be talking about food, exercise, motivation, answering questions, and all around accountability on a daily basis.  You do not need to be following IIFYM or any certain type of exercise plan, but you do need to be willing to track your food, post on Facebook, and be present for the full 12 weeks. Everyone is busy, don't come with excuses, come ready to drop those 'the kids, the husband, my job' excuses at the door and be ready to work! The amazing admins I have helping me are so full of knowledge and desire to help you reach your goals, but can only do so much - you have to want it.


Bed Head.

Saturday I went for a sunrise run before lifting weights at the Y, I forgot how much I dread running in the summer. It's 77 degrees and 90% humidity by 5am, you're literally breathing in moist air. My hot weather running plan is to maintain the best I can, nothing fast or far, I've already dropped it to a 9:40 pace.

I'm still throwing in the hills when I can, but I've gotten TERRIBLE side stitches the last two times I've run {no I don't need to hydrate - I drink plenty of water} I'm hoping it's just an adjustment to the heat and will dissipate. Anyways, I got in 6 miles, but boy was I wiped before I even started to lift. It was a suck tastic workout, I usually do legs but just could not get enough umph to finish it so I switched to some shoulders, bi's and tri's. My mood was not helped by the fact that my Beats by Dre headphones would not turn on and I've had them ohhhhhhhh less than a month. 

I went home and made me some happy protein pancakes and got ready for Oliver's father's day surprise.

Dress from Ollie Marie - sold out but I'm going to reorder!

I planned something fun for just the two of us, he works so hard, a lot of times 6 days a week, plus helping me out with Ollie Marie, so I thought a day of fun for the two of us would be perfect. I got us a Burgers and Beer tour of Dallas from Dallas Bites, you meet up with a group of other people, get on a bus, and drive around Dallas sampling beer and burgers. 

He loved it and kept telling me {he's a  happy super talker when he drinks!} how glad he was just to spend the day with me. I get so busy in our lives that it's easy to overlook just the two of us, I feel super guilty doing almost anything on the weekend that doesn't involve the kids. 

Not that they missed us, both grandma's took them to the Arboretum all morning and then they both slept all afternoon. 

My favorite burger was from Rodeo Goat - so if you are local you should check it out! I really want to go back and try the Joe Dirt one - fried egg, breakfast sausage, spiced honey....

This girl slept hard Saturday night, we stayed up way past our bedtimes taking pictures for the boutique, she loves to be included. So Sunday we slept in a bit longer than usual {6:30 LOL} but woke to a terrible thunderstorm, torrential downpours. She wanted to go to the gym with me so we packed up and went to sweat before the bald one woke. 

I have been trying out some workout bottoms to sell in the boutique, love love love these so be looking for them soon! They are high waist-ed, stretchy, stay up, and make you look good - all around winner!

Oliver wanted to spend the morning with his Mom seeing Jurassic Park, so the babies and I grocery shopped alone. I don't mind shopping alone, but I hate putting it all away by myself hahahha 

Nap time for the bald one and a movie for the big one, she needed a down day after day camp all week and a super busy Saturday. The weather was sucky so it was the perfect day to stay inside, I really wanted to take a nap with them, but because we were gone all day Saturday I still had a lot of orders to pack and work to do for Ollie Marie. 

I have to say I've been a little overwhelmed with the amount of business we've been getting, it's certainly much appreciated!! Thank you!! These are just orders from Friday, we had some issues with a shipping system connecting to our shop - the software only works on a windows computer and we have Mac, so we had to install Parallels, but still had some glitches. That meant we hand wrote out every single order, praying we get this worked out ASAP. 

Madison was kind enough to play with her brother - ie pull all the toys into the kitchen. I love listening to her play with her dolls, her imagination + her vocabulary make for some pretty interesting conversations between her dolls. Also, if you didn't see this video you must, I'm still laughing my ass off at this kid....

She also walked around taking pictures on my phone, that's always fun to find later :)

Oliver was nice enough to help food prep while I finished up, I'll be honest I really had zero motivation to do any food prepping, but knew I'd be sorry if I didn't do any. My cut is going really well so far, but more on that tomorrow :)


Mini Hair Tute

We leave for vacation soon and I've been having a little panic attack about our sleeping arrangements, well just the bald one actually. We took some advice and put the pack and play in his room to get him used to sleeping in it - the first night was a little rough, but once he fell asleep he stayed asleep, he cries just seeing the dang thing in his room...  #sideeye Aiden. This is how I found him this morning, I don't know if he slept like this or is he was playing this morning, now I'm gonna have to sneek in around 4am and see what's going on in there. 

The happiest little camper in the morning, how adorable are his playshorts from SewFoxxy? I had some requests for pics in them, happy to oblige with this bald baby! 

Time to get ready for work, but first a little flex for feeling good about myself and my commitment this week to my cut. Despite being busier than I've ever been, I made a promise to myself that I would not let my diet slip and I didn't - for that I'm proud. I'm no superwomen, but I know it seems like I am sometimes on my blog, don't get twisted - I struggle too. Someone had a birthday yesterday at work and brought a Nothing Bundt Cake - my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv. OMG> I had one little slice and literally had to sit on my hands to not get another. There have been so many nights I almost stopped on the way home from work for easy dinner, then really wished I had when the baby was crying, the oil burned too hot in the pan, and I spilled the food all over the kitchen floor. That was a bad one.

So today is a rest day, I decided to forgo a hair washing in lieu of some protein pancakes - did a quick little tutorial on how I curl my hair. 

 There are many different ways to curl your hair with a wand, but I LOVE the super wavy big hair look I get with this method - the secret is to twirl then curl. 

The other secret is the wand, they are NOT created equally, I have a Hot Tools and while it's nice it doesn't get the same heat as the Nume. The Nume curls faster and holds better, they can be $$$ so Google around for a coupon code - I ended up paying 40 bucks for mine. I have the 25mm, but I really want to try some other sizes soon.

Madison spent the night with Mimi last night, I get a update on her activities pretty much once an hour.

No secret why she loves to stay with her Grandparents every chance she gets, swimming, dogs, and iPad while you brush your teeth. 

Protein pancakes were so ahhhhhhmazing this morning, this is why I love flexible dieting - eat things I love and still rock my body.

53g Kodiak Cake - protein mix
46g Egg Whites
80 ML Unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk >>> just add until right consistency.
14g Vanilla protein powder
 - mix and cook

125g of Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt - dannon brand
8g of Ice Cream Pebbles
110g Strawberries
14g Whip Topping

445 Cals 61c/6f/39p


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