Urban Flea + Dining Room Plans

I picked up Madison after work yesterday in this dress, Sugar Love, and she told me I looked posh and could I save it for when she's an adult. Sure I will baby girl!  I also realized I've shrunk out of my awesome beloved strapless, good ones are hard to find too, the one I loved was this Wacoal. I think I need to go in for a fitting again and reevaluate my boobage.

I mentionedthe other day on IG that The Bald One was running a fever, but acting totally fine. After a doctor visit we found out he has Hand Foot and Mouth which I was unfamiliar with, Madison never had it. No bueno, poor kid can't eat and just wants to be loved on. He's on day 3ish right now and the fever is down, hoping this means the rest of us are in the clear because I sure was kissing all over him before I knew.....and after too I just can't help myself! 

Dallas has rain in the forecast for the next 27 days, ok more like 8, but it feels like forever. I'm not going to let that stop me from hitting up the Urban Flea on Saturday. Planning to go early around 10 shop, lunch there {hello! Foodtrucks!} and then trek up to Ikea to buy some organization for my dining room.

Kinda messy right now as we are in limbo, it got painted yesterday in Dolphin Fin, which I love! I had to keep in the grey family because I can't change the color drastically without painting the living room too and I'm not ready to paint over my herringbone wall. Sold my hutch and the pink table is next on the list. I'm wanting a white desk to go with this pink chair I ordered from World Market, they were even on sale so I got a great deal! Hoping to find some black and white striped curtains and some type of storage unit/table for the back wall. I tossed around the idea of thick wooden shelves on the back wall, but that door to the kitchen messes it up, they would be super narrow. 

Maybe something like this from Two Twenty One....

Functional with lots of storage, not too big, and economical - perfect!



  1. I thought about making the trip to the flea market. I hope the weather holds up.

  2. My son had a horrible case of hand foot mouth! He broke out so bad on his hand, arms and legs that I was afraid it would leave scars! Glad the bald one doesn't look to be that bad!

  3. Are you starting a new job that will allow you to work from home? Why the change to this darling dining room?

    1. No new job, just need a space for a project I'm working on ;)

  4. Love it!! Almost all of our previous house was painted in Dolphin Fin. Love!

  5. I love that desk and shelf! Great idea!


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