Things I ate this Weekend.

I raced to get this child into the pediatrician before 5pm Friday, she was running a low fever and complaining of her throat hurting, popped pink on the strep test. Poor little Aiden's throat just healed up from last weeks HFM so I had a stern talking to with her about staying off her brother. It's hard when he's being so cute.

We stopped on the way home for movies and Ice Cream. The new 'chunky' Arctic Zero's are good, like real dang good. 

 Around 7pm I realized my macros were set in my phone wrong and I really had 67c and 13f left to finish out my day, nice! I put the baby to bed, made myself my bowl, and binged on all the shows I was behind on. That's pretty much my perfect Friday night. 

 After my workout, legs and a smattering of shoulders, I came home and had a side of egg whites with my bacon. I found the best turkey bacon of my life at Trader Joe's - thick and so freaking tasty - 1.5f and 6p per slice. I hung around working on some stuff while Aiden took a long nap.

My Mom came over to go run some errands with me, I had a snack before we left, from my Pretty Fit box last month. I try to eat as much protein as I can before I leave the house, fats and carbs are much easier when I"m out and about. 

She bought Aiden a bunch of clothes at Gymboree that I had to exchange for a smaller size, I forgot how big their stuff runs. I'm usually pretty disappointed in their boys selection - plaid, khaki, tops, blah - half the time they don't even have the size I need. I found something for Memorial Day and a cute romper, then we went to Barnes and Noble for a drink. {Skinny Vanilla Latte iced} 

Aunt Katie was coming over for dinner so we stopped by the store, pulled up a quick yummy on Pinterest, and boom - party time. Oven Baked Tacos, easy and delish. Now I did not make these so I had to guess on calories, but I just do the best I can and move along. I used to think 'heck I"m guessing anyways so what's the point of tracking my food' but it's not an all or nothing kind of thing, even guessing SOMETIMES gives me success. 

Sunday was my long run day, it was storming, again. I slept in until 7 and then forced myself to the gym for 5 miles of the dreadmill, which I hate hate hate, and some back/chest work. Aiden slept in until 10! I'm telling you that kid will sleep through anything if he's alone in his room, some day's he will wake up turn on his sound machine and go back to sleep.

We got ready for our weekly haul to Trader Joe's and decided to go have brunch on the way. I had a two egg veggie omelet, side of egg whites, and potatoes. Oliver had beer and we made the funniest video, I legit watched it 75 times yesterday cracking up.

A video posted by Megan (@skinnymeg31) on

My favorite girl helped me clean and bake cookies, I accidentally ordered an entire pack of Kodiak Cakes Bear Cookies, that's 6 boxes LOL They are boxed cookie mix, but made with all natural and healthy ingredients. Anyways - so freaking good.

I meal prepped, I will be sharing more details on that tomorrow, realized I hadn't eaten since brunch and had a bit of egg white and couscous. My little begger wants pretty much anything that's on my plate, except fruit. He just will not eat it!

Although he took a 3 hour nap he was not in the best of moods the rest of the day, after taking a look at the two top molars he has coming in I could see why. Nothing made him happy, if you picked him up he wanted down, if you sat down he wanted to walk, he pretty much just followed us around whining, poor baby! Oliver thought he was being sneaky by having Aiden follow him while he was crying past me so I would pick him up. I started to catch on the 4th time he looped the kitchen.

 I did manage to whip up some dinner between the up and down's. Shredded sweet potato seasoned with sea salt, paprika, onion, and garlic powder. Topped with crumbled chicken sausage and a fried egg.

Dessert was Kodiak cookies with Arctic Zero in between, gotta love macros ;) and maintenance macros at that! My weight was actually down today even though I've been eating at maintenance, but fluctuations are normal {up and down} so I'm going to continue to stick with these numbers another week and see what happens.



  1. Yummy food ideas! Thanks for sharing. That video is hilarious. Made my day! :)

  2. Meg, did you end up doing MFP premium or have you figured out how to make it work for you? I got a new phone so it upgraded when i installed it -- just when i thought i was going to avoid the whole issue by not allowing the update. ARGH.

    1. I upgraded and while I hate paying money for something that was free, the app is the best one around.

    2. Thanks!!! I agree, but i'm thinking the $50 is worth it to avoid the PIA of trying to figure it out.

  3. You need Little Duck Tiny Fruit for the little one! That's how I got my little girl to like fruit when she was wee. They're freeze dried and melt in their mouths. Eventually she graduated to the bigger TJ's freeze dried fruits. Now my girl will eat a whole watermelon if I let her.

  4. Ok I realize my comment is going to be completely off topic from your post, but I just love your home. Love your decorations and all of the colors you've chosen. It makes me want to be IN your house. It's so warm and inviting.

  5. P.S. what do you use to "shred" your sweet potatoes? And how do you cook them?


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