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Skirt via PinkSlate

Sometimes when I have a errand free lunch hour I stop by Nordstrom Rack and browse the purses, I've been on the hunt for a new warm weather purse for a while, but nothing was just right. They either were too big, too small, too structured, or too expensive.  Yesterday was the day and back behind some beige I found her - perfect material, perfect size, crossbody, and stripes. I found it online, it's the Kate Spade small Leslie black cream nylon stripe satchel bag.

After work we had a much anticipated make up game against The Polka Dots, the rain has the season pushed back way into the summer and even though it hasn't rained in days the fields were a muddy mess.

The bald one wasn't phased in the slightest, I think he rather enjoyed it. 

On Thursdays I stay up later, it's the best night for watching TV so after putting Madison to bed Oliver and I were out on the couch, I was watching Younger - have you seen it? The new show with Hillary Duff? I'm on the fence about it still. Anyways, about 45 minutes later Madison comes walking out of her room, eyes open, but you can tell she's not really awake. She doesn't say a word just walks around the couch and into the kitchen. Oliver's like, she's totally sleep walking. No way, maybe she's just thirsty? She comes back out of the kitchen and walks over to a bench where she tries to pick up something that isn't there. Now I start to freak out - it's so creepy to watch!

I got a bit on video.

I showed it to her this morning and she had no recollection of it happening, but I still may be sleeping with one eye open for a while.

Necklace via Accessory Jane

The Nume deal I shared the other day on my Facebook was a winner, I got mine in and I love it! It's gets so much hotter than my Hot Tools and therefore curls faster. I went with the magic 25mm.

I decided to roll into work late today so I could braid the baby girls hairs and give her a lift to school. We jammed out to Uptown Funk in the car, so if you see a bouncing white highlander rollin around Dallas you know who's jammin.



  1. I LOVE Kate Spade. I just treated myself to a purse and a wallet. I'm still smelling the leather. lol
    My step-son had night terrors and slept walked for months last year. It was a living nightmare. The more research we did, we found the best thing was to lock him in his room. I hated doing it; but it was the safest thing because there is nothing in his room to hurt him and we didn't want him to fall down the stairs or walk out the front door. He would try to open the door, cry and then quietly go back to bed. It was creepy and horrible. I truly hope Madison doesn't experience that part of it. xoxo

  2. WHY did you have to introduce me to Accessory Jane?!?!?!?! I want every single necklace on their website now. Going to blow my entire paycheck and it's all your fault. :-)

  3. My daughter sleep walked a few times. It took me a minute to realize what was happening. It was so weird! She grew out of it, thankfully! :)

  4. been following her work on Broadway for years. Combine that with growing up on Lizzie Mcguire, I am totally watching Younger! If its bad, I am blinded by my affection for those two woman.

  5. Thanks for sharing that Nume deal! I used mine for the first time yesterday and it was awesome!

  6. I am literally LOLing at your bouncing white highlander! You are awesome

  7. I have a little guy, same age as TS who does the night terror thing. NOT good times! But the pediatrician says he will grow out of it, so no worries. Still It is TOTALLY creepy!

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  9. we have three sleepwalkers and an upstairs. I put a gate at the stairs so i can hear them if they try to go down. I also would just put a gate at the door when it just one of them doing it. Don't wake her up. Just tell her to go back to bed. Good Luck! It's so scary.

  10. your hair color is AMAZING! I love it!


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