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I am still using my ItWorks Hair, Skin, and Nails pills, my hair is notoriously slow growing, but I'm seeing a good amount of length in a short amount of time. Love this product.I also puffy heart love the Organic Argan Oil to keep it looking healthy despite the heat treatments it gets 5 days a week.

I'm still obsessed with my Makeup Eraser cleansing cloth, my skin has never been clearer, probably because I haven't missed a day of washing since I got this cloth! It really just makes it's so easy, wet and wipe, no muss no fuss. I just got this Cure Natural Aqua Gel off the recommendation of another blogger, Maskcara, and so far I love it - my skin was so soft afterwards.

I've had a terrible time with my headphone situation and after jamming the damn things in my ear over and over again while I worked out I finally just said ENOUGH and spent the money on some Beats. I like the Yurbuds, but I have to use the over the ear kind and the part that clips over your ear comes off {why???} and one got lost in the gym and the other somewhere in my car. The red pair is wireless, but same problem the ear part came off too easily and got lost. The green and black pair are Flexion Wireless Bluetooth Headphones which had great reviews and are not a bad pair they just do not stay in my left ear even after trying all the fittings that came in the pack. I debated for months on what to buy, reviews are good and bad on almost all of them. I'd hate to spend so much money and they suck, but the options for over the ear and wireless are pretty limited and even a 'cheaper' pair will run over 100 bucks. I used them today and the fit is amazing, so comfortable!! The sound, eh, I think I had super high expectations for the price point and I was a little let down. The over the ear ones are better, just because they muffle everything else out, but I sweat like a man in labor so I HAVE to have something sweat resistant. I'm still on the fence, but I'm planning on putting them through the grind and I'll let you know if I think it was worth the money.

Every day with this bald guy, he's like a little piece of Heaven all up in my house.  He picked up one of my little Amazon boxes and was carrying it around the house yesterday just setting it down randomly and climbing on it. He points and grunts at everything, repeated 'Go' back to me, and is well on his way to eating me out of house and home. His face is everything.

And finally, opening my phone to finding random selfies that are not even mine :)



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  2. That selfie of Madison cracked me up .. The oh so serious look shes got going on.

  3. The reviews on Amazon aren't the greatest for that Makeup Eraser...but you like it? I might try it!

  4. I got the same beats for a Christmas gift and I felt the same about the sound until I switched the pink ear thing to a bigger size. (Comes in 3 sizes) Ever since then the sound has been amazing!

  5. You convinced me. I ordered the makeup eraser and Cure exfoliator! I love me some beauty products, and I'm a sucker for a sales pitch (not that you made one), so I'm all in!

  6. The selfie made my day! Thank you for sharing!


  7. I have the same beats (including color.) I'm part of the 5am workout club with you. I am not good at the selfie though. Estherdavison@gmail.com


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