Pulled over for Running too Fast.

Shirt via Abundant Heart Apparel

I was having running withdrawal and blacked out for a minute, when I came to I had text-ed the fastest girl in our running group to meet up Saturday for a long run. Seems like a good idea until you are dying at a 9:04 pace in 100% humidity. Around mile 9 we got 'pulled over' by a cop - I KNEW we were running too fast LOL {kidding, we were told it's illegal to run in the street if a sidewalk is available} I thought it was just frowned upon, but no, it's state law. 

 The bald one was still sleeping when I got home so I had time to set up my new computer and make protein pancakes. I'm glad I decided to go with the desktop iMac and not the laptop, that big screen is pretty fantastic!

T and jeans from Pink Slate Boutique
Aiden is feeling MUCH better after last week's Hand Foot and Mouth, we got so lucky that he only had sores in his throat and no one else caught it. We headed out to the Urban Flea in Garland then headed up to Ikea to find some storage solutions for my dining room turned office.

He's at that age where he hates to sit in anything, stroller, cart, my arms, highchair, whatever! I try to let him walk, but he just sits down in the aisles.  I took him to the kid area and let him play while Oliver got everything we needed, much easier!

I found two items I liked, but no desk, there were all too bulky and when I saw the one I thought I liked {from Pinterest} it looked super cheap and not sturdy in person. No go. I ordered one from Overstock and it will be here Saturday, hoping it works in the room!

Sunday I got in a 5 miler before the storms hit, we've had some legit Texas weather over the weekend.  Aiden was just so exhausted, he slept in until I went to wake him up to go to the grocery store at 10am. I swear that kid is opposite from all of us, we never sleep in past 6:30/7 and never for 14 hours!

Oliver is a pro Ikea putter together, but to help speed up the process I took both kids to TJ's by myself, on Mother's Day, after I cleaned the bathrooms and the fridge. I can't just waste an entire day off not getting something done, Mother's Day or not.

Madison insisted on wearing fur and taking her drink in a Starbucks cup. She's pretty fancy on the regular. I stocked up at TJ's it's a 35 minute drive so I only want to have to go every other week or so. 

He took a 2.5 hour nap so to treat myself for Mother's Day I laid on the couch and watched Nashville, Revenge, and The Kardashians before we headed out for dinner with my parents and some relatives who are in town.

We ate an early dinner at Hillstone, I drank wine and ordered whatever I wanted off the menu. The spinach dip and the French Dip - gah, worth every calorie. Aiden once again refused to sit in his chair so Oliver was the best husband and took care of him the entire dinner. I don't need gifts I'd rather he just do what I usually do for a change, no biggie ;)

Drinking wine and getting stuff done doesn't go to well together in my world, when we got home I put the baby to bed and just wanted to go to bed myself, but I didn't have any food prepped for breakfast or lunch all week. I knew I'd be so mad at myself if I didn't prep something for work. 

TJ's to the rescue! Sliced up some turkey and heated up the Spelt Risotto and lunch was ready in less than 15 minutes. Yogurt and granola for breakfast.



  1. Where did you get the ripped capris?! So cute!

  2. Your family is absolutely adorable! I just love your blog :)

  3. I love Madison's style. Fancy with a fur wrap. Practical with tennis shoes in the rain.

  4. That dress on Mother's Day!? Perfection. From? :)

  5. Yes, that dress! I need to know too! :D


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