May Circuit Workout

This was my life last night at 1:30 in the morning, I was woken by the loudest wind I've ever heard, Oliver was checking the trampoline while I was frantically searching for tornado warnings.  We live outside the city, no sirens close to us, I have an alert app, but I'm not sure it would go off. I literally laid there for 2 hours playing out what I would do in my head and listening for the sound of a train coming towards our house. Nights like this I wish Aiden would sleep in my room, I would feel better with the kids close by.

So when my alarm went off at 4:22am I knew I was gonna need a super charge this morning.

On days that I mostly lift I don't eat beforehand, I chug Spark and take my BCAA's {Catalyst}. The Catalyst helps preserve muscle mass during time of calorie restriction, I take 3 before every single workout. 

I'm still on higher macros and loving it! I can tell a big difference in my workouts with the extra carbs, I feel stronger. I'm eating around 2,200 calories daily and my weight is the same, some-days a bit lower. I've never ever ever in my life had stomach definition, while I certainly do not have a six pack I do have definition there and it's really exciting! I've never aimed for that, but I can only contribute it to my change in diet. Imagine that, I'm eating more and seeing more :) 

I put together a fun circuit workout for y'all today, I know some of you struggle with what to do at the gym. This takes minimal equipment and you can make it as hard as you want.

Pretty much all you need, except one heavier dumbbell for the ab part.

 A video demo of each move.

Drives me so crazy to watch myself squat, my right side forever goes lower than my left no matter how much I try to correct it!



  1. OMG your abs look AMAZING!! It's good to read that eating more is helping you. I've always been nervous about my calorie intake. I think that I'm not eating enough.. BTW, I LOVE CATALYST!!! I love all Advocare products so much! I can't wait to do this circuit! The weather was scary here in KY as well. More today and the rest of the week :(

  2. I understand what you mean on the stomach definition. I don't have a six pack but see good definition on the sides. Keep up the good work. You look fabulous!

  3. you look so amazing!! WOW!!!! all them muscles girl!!! I did your arm workout this morning and I hated you hahaha LOVE you but hated you hahahaha keep it up!!! so I am curious! what are your goals?? like do you have a certain measurement you are working towards? weight? Maintain the muscles you have now? (Tara Phillips :)

  4. I am in Houston and we are having that same kind of weather. It is freaking awful! Last night everyone slept in their own beds but the night before we all slept downstairs and I couldn't even go to sleep for listening for a tornado. I had preset up the closet for a comfy stay just in case. I'm over it!

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    1. I should also say thank you for adding in the video!!! It always helps to know that I'm doing the right moves :)

  6. Totally going to try this out today! Glad y'all are all safe.

  7. Totally going to try this out today! Glad y'all are all safe.


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