Long Weekend.

 Saturday morning we lazed around, well I went for a run and hit the gym while everyone else slept in, but sweating > sleeping is what I'm about. Madison had her dance recital at 1 so we just hung around and let the bald one get in a good nap before-hand. I cleaned a bit and made myself some post workout protein pancakes {recipe further down}

The best shot we could get with all of us, it's a struggle. She did so well, the best little hip hop dino I've seen :) Afterwards we went to lunch with my parents in downtown Rockwall, I ordered a chopped salad with smoked chicken and was highly disappointed when my salad came with two tiny chicken strips. I'm gonna need a full on chicken on my salad, mmmmmkay? 

I felt much better though when we went grocery shopping afterwards and I found the converted smores Oreos! This might be my favorite flavor yet, so so so good, almost too good to keep in the house. Thankfully the pack is a small one, I like to crush up two and put it on top of my Arctic Zero ice cream. 

Full confession, I totally effed up my macros Saturday. 
1. Ate breakfast late.
2. Ate lunch late. Chicken was skimpy, bad choice while eating out.
3. Rain was giving my grief, plans took longer than expected that night. No dinner.
4. Around 9pm I called it a day and had ice cream for my last meal. 
Is it ideal to fall off my macros? No, but it happens and I just stay under my calories and it usually won't affect me at all, but that's because days like that are far and few in-between.  The goal is not to be perfect every single day, but to be consistent overall.

Sunday I woke up to more rain, so I hit the gym for my 'long' run on the treadmill followed by a bit of upper body. I made more protein pancakes, I look forward to them every weekend! I have to prep food for work during the week, so the weekends are my time to eat whatever I can whip up. This recipe comes from my pancake goddess friend, Poppy Locks.She's so talented at coming up with flavor combos, I wish I had that gift!!

15g coconut flour
▶️ 46g liquid egg white
▶️ 100ml unsweet almond milk
▶️ 37g BPI vanilla caramel protein powder {any flavor or brand will do}
▶️ 1/4 tsp baking soda
▶️ Dash of salt

Between cakes: {lots of combos you can try!}
▶️ 4g SF cheesecake jello pudding mix (dry)
▶️ 150g Dannon light & fit strawberry cheesecake Greek yogurt

Sunday and Monday I made sure I got in all my protein and hit those macros like a champ. If you've never tried anything other than butter and syrup on your panckes, you must try whipping up some yogurt and fruit in the bullet and pouring it in between the cakes, so delish!

This is the Banana Cream Yoplait 100 calorie and half a banana, makes it nice and creamy. The other was the Strawberry Cheesecake with strawberries the size of my head. 

We tried to get in as much outside time as the weather would allow, it's pretty nuts how much rain we've had this Spring and how cool the weather is for almost June! It's barely hitting mid 70's and by now we are solidly in the low 90's. 

Another Trader Joe must have, homemade nachos just got a nice spicing up that is very macro friendly.  We had dinner with my parents and I was again reminded WHY it's so important to log before you eat.

My Mom made a lemon pound cake for dessert, I THANKFULLY decided to look it up and log it prior to having any, mostly due to the upgraded recipe importing features I paid for on My Fitness Pal. You can now search a recipe name and auto import, very handy!! Well that little lemon pound cake had over 700 calories PER SERVING. Do you see how you can ruin an entire day of eating well with one seemingly innocent treat? Now, will one serving really hurt you? Probably not, but if you do this often it adds up. All the little extras add up, I for sure would not have guessed a homemade pound cake with yogurt topping to be that high.

Monday was a rather lazy day, Oliver had to work so I hung out at home with the kids. Most of the day was spent yelling 'Madison put your brother down. Stop picking him up. You can hold his hand you don't need to carry him.' over and over and over again. 

I food prepped for the rest of the week, I make it and log it into the next day so I can just copy and paste it for the entire week. 

Watched yet another storm roll through, thankful for no tornadoes!



  1. I really want one of those nutribullets!

  2. Hey Meg! I've been reading your blog for ages. You're AMAZING! Question: are you paying for the premium My Fitness Pal? Do you think the upgraded version is worth $50 a year? It seems like a lot of money... I'm so torn. Thoughts?

  3. I LOVE Aiden's t-shirt! Too cute!


  4. wow!!!! you're awesome! long time reader, thank you!!!

  5. What do you put on your homemade nachos besides avocado salsa?!


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