Co-parenting with my six year old.

 Saturday I went to workout at the Y, full body, but more focus on my back and shoulders. The fields dried up so soccer was on, Madison plays at the Y so I can just go straight from sweating to parenting, love when it's made easy for me. Madison played well, scored a goal or two, last Thursday we had a make up game and she was having an off day. I had to stop yelling from the sidelines, it was apparent they were not listening anyways LOL. 

Took the baby home for a nap and showered for a birthday party that afternoon, roller skating! Madison has skates she uses at home, but was a little unsteady on the ones you rent, but after a few laps she got the hang of it and had a blast. They have Saturday skating lessons for $5 bucks, I think I may take her after soccer season is over.  

We are outgrowing our house slowly, but surely, we even looked into moving, but decided to hold off for a year for various reasons. Oliver working from home takes up the extra bedroom because he needs an area where he can shut the door if he's on the phone, Aiden and my MIL are there until around 2ish before they pick up Madison from school. Aiden knows where Daddy is and will go and bang on the door to get in, repeatedly. Anyways, we have decided to turn our dining area in a multifunctional area, I need a desk and that means I need to sell my beloved hutch :( I love love love my hutch, but it takes up so much room and I couldn't figure out any other way to get the space I need for now, I offered it up on FB to my friends first and someone I know bought it so at least it's going to a good home. I have big plans for this room and I haven't done any decorating in a while, so I'm excited about that!

 We had dinner with my parents after hitting up Best Buy to find a new computer, my MAC laptop is full - can't even download a song - and we needed something more updated. Madison insists on sitting next to Aiden and being in charge, she makes his bottle, feeds him, and plays with him. The girl is a mini mommy for sure! I'm the oldest of four which left me doing for my siblings a lot, but in the long run I think that made me more responsible and mature, hopefully the same will come true for her.

Then we finished off the daylight with some outdoor fun, Aiden fell off that little slide about 42 times. Kid just isn't as nimble as his sister was, but he'll learn, someday, until then he'll be full of bruises.

Madison FINALLY learned to ride on two wheels, thanks to me by the way, she was groaning and moaning about it being the bikes fault so I finally just put her in the grass and gave her a running shove. It was just the confidence booster she needed, thank the good Lord. After a few good runs she was ready to 'throw her baby bike away' LOL. 

Sunday I skipped my long run and slept in, shocking I know. Madison and I were heading to Canton to meet a friend, it was the perfect day for some flea market shopping. She loves when it's 'girl and girl - boy and boy' meaning Daddy stays home with the baby.

How cute is she in her little crossbody bag? She loves looking at little trinkets and stuff, like treasures, she says. Oliver and Aiden stayed home and went grocery shopping, then Aiden took a 3.5 hour nap, we were home before he was even awake.

 Oliver went out to do yard work, I did laundry and food prepped, Madison mothered :) She's insistent on picking him up and has now taken it upon herself to get him out of his crib when he wakes up.  She's very good at playing with him despite the age difference, he loves her the best out of everyone, his eyes light up when he see's her!

We went over to Mimi's so we could eat dinner and Oliver could work on getting the pool ready, lots of our friends are already dipping in the cold water, but I prefer it a bit warmer myself.

I said 'Boo Boo smile for Mommy.' and he says 'Mummmmmmmmmm' gah. love this kid. 



  1. Love the shorts and tank you wore to the flea market! Where are the shorts from?

  2. We took our MAC in to a computer repair place and they were able to add more memory. It only cost a couple hundred dollars and now it's working great and has tons of space available.

    1. I just bought a new hard drive and my Dad is going to swap it so I can still keep it for a back up - or for the kids to use :)

  3. So that's why you missed our soccer game!

    1. guilty! I'm sad about it too - y'all killed it!

  4. Cute! I'd die for your house! A house like that in central coast Cali where we live would be A LOT! Love the hutch too!

  5. What kind of laptop did you buy?

  6. What kind of laptop did you buy?

    1. I ended up getting a desktop this time, the laptop screens are just so small :( I think it was 21.5 inch


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