A Happy Update!

If you've followed me a while then you may remember Holly and Darren, they got pregnant after their 11th fertility treatment, but lost the twins in the 2nd trimester after Holly's water broke early.  You can read their story at Oh Baby, Baby, I must warn you to not read at work as I sit here sobbing in my office.

The story for Holly and Darren continued, the day she gave birth to her son a friend email and offered to carry the remaining embroys to term for them. Almost a year to the day that she lost Brinly and Jude, Holly and Darren welcomed their twin boys - Noah and Beckom.

I know many of you donated to the Benson family to help cover the cost of burying their stillborn babies, I just wanted you all to know how appreciative they were for all of your kindness! 



  1. That gave me chills Meg. Such a beautiful story!


  2. Such a wonderful story. Should have taken your advice not to watch at work and being 33 weeks pregnant didn't help one bit.

  3. I think this is one of my favorite internet stories! So heartwarming, just what I needed to reminded of today!

  4. This hits very close to home. However even during our trials the Lord is blessing us!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this update.. I remember reading their story and just Oprah ugly crying all over my office.


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