Shared Loves.

I am still using my ItWorks Hair, Skin, and Nails pills, my hair is notoriously slow growing, but I'm seeing a good amount of length in a short amount of time. Love this product.I also puffy heart love the Organic Argan Oil to keep it looking healthy despite the heat treatments it gets 5 days a week.

I'm still obsessed with my Makeup Eraser cleansing cloth, my skin has never been clearer, probably because I haven't missed a day of washing since I got this cloth! It really just makes it's so easy, wet and wipe, no muss no fuss. I just got this Cure Natural Aqua Gel off the recommendation of another blogger, Maskcara, and so far I love it - my skin was so soft afterwards.

I've had a terrible time with my headphone situation and after jamming the damn things in my ear over and over again while I worked out I finally just said ENOUGH and spent the money on some Beats. I like the Yurbuds, but I have to use the over the ear kind and the part that clips over your ear comes off {why???} and one got lost in the gym and the other somewhere in my car. The red pair is wireless, but same problem the ear part came off too easily and got lost. The green and black pair are Flexion Wireless Bluetooth Headphones which had great reviews and are not a bad pair they just do not stay in my left ear even after trying all the fittings that came in the pack. I debated for months on what to buy, reviews are good and bad on almost all of them. I'd hate to spend so much money and they suck, but the options for over the ear and wireless are pretty limited and even a 'cheaper' pair will run over 100 bucks. I used them today and the fit is amazing, so comfortable!! The sound, eh, I think I had super high expectations for the price point and I was a little let down. The over the ear ones are better, just because they muffle everything else out, but I sweat like a man in labor so I HAVE to have something sweat resistant. I'm still on the fence, but I'm planning on putting them through the grind and I'll let you know if I think it was worth the money.

Every day with this bald guy, he's like a little piece of Heaven all up in my house.  He picked up one of my little Amazon boxes and was carrying it around the house yesterday just setting it down randomly and climbing on it. He points and grunts at everything, repeated 'Go' back to me, and is well on his way to eating me out of house and home. His face is everything.

And finally, opening my phone to finding random selfies that are not even mine :)



May Circuit Workout

This was my life last night at 1:30 in the morning, I was woken by the loudest wind I've ever heard, Oliver was checking the trampoline while I was frantically searching for tornado warnings.  We live outside the city, no sirens close to us, I have an alert app, but I'm not sure it would go off. I literally laid there for 2 hours playing out what I would do in my head and listening for the sound of a train coming towards our house. Nights like this I wish Aiden would sleep in my room, I would feel better with the kids close by.

So when my alarm went off at 4:22am I knew I was gonna need a super charge this morning.

On days that I mostly lift I don't eat beforehand, I chug Spark and take my BCAA's {Catalyst}. The Catalyst helps preserve muscle mass during time of calorie restriction, I take 3 before every single workout. 

I'm still on higher macros and loving it! I can tell a big difference in my workouts with the extra carbs, I feel stronger. I'm eating around 2,200 calories daily and my weight is the same, some-days a bit lower. I've never ever ever in my life had stomach definition, while I certainly do not have a six pack I do have definition there and it's really exciting! I've never aimed for that, but I can only contribute it to my change in diet. Imagine that, I'm eating more and seeing more :) 

I put together a fun circuit workout for y'all today, I know some of you struggle with what to do at the gym. This takes minimal equipment and you can make it as hard as you want.

Pretty much all you need, except one heavier dumbbell for the ab part.

 A video demo of each move.

Drives me so crazy to watch myself squat, my right side forever goes lower than my left no matter how much I try to correct it!



Long Weekend.

 Saturday morning we lazed around, well I went for a run and hit the gym while everyone else slept in, but sweating > sleeping is what I'm about. Madison had her dance recital at 1 so we just hung around and let the bald one get in a good nap before-hand. I cleaned a bit and made myself some post workout protein pancakes {recipe further down}

The best shot we could get with all of us, it's a struggle. She did so well, the best little hip hop dino I've seen :) Afterwards we went to lunch with my parents in downtown Rockwall, I ordered a chopped salad with smoked chicken and was highly disappointed when my salad came with two tiny chicken strips. I'm gonna need a full on chicken on my salad, mmmmmkay? 

I felt much better though when we went grocery shopping afterwards and I found the converted smores Oreos! This might be my favorite flavor yet, so so so good, almost too good to keep in the house. Thankfully the pack is a small one, I like to crush up two and put it on top of my Arctic Zero ice cream. 

Full confession, I totally effed up my macros Saturday. 
1. Ate breakfast late.
2. Ate lunch late. Chicken was skimpy, bad choice while eating out.
3. Rain was giving my grief, plans took longer than expected that night. No dinner.
4. Around 9pm I called it a day and had ice cream for my last meal. 
Is it ideal to fall off my macros? No, but it happens and I just stay under my calories and it usually won't affect me at all, but that's because days like that are far and few in-between.  The goal is not to be perfect every single day, but to be consistent overall.

Sunday I woke up to more rain, so I hit the gym for my 'long' run on the treadmill followed by a bit of upper body. I made more protein pancakes, I look forward to them every weekend! I have to prep food for work during the week, so the weekends are my time to eat whatever I can whip up. This recipe comes from my pancake goddess friend, Poppy Locks.She's so talented at coming up with flavor combos, I wish I had that gift!!

15g coconut flour
▶️ 46g liquid egg white
▶️ 100ml unsweet almond milk
▶️ 37g BPI vanilla caramel protein powder {any flavor or brand will do}
▶️ 1/4 tsp baking soda
▶️ Dash of salt

Between cakes: {lots of combos you can try!}
▶️ 4g SF cheesecake jello pudding mix (dry)
▶️ 150g Dannon light & fit strawberry cheesecake Greek yogurt

Sunday and Monday I made sure I got in all my protein and hit those macros like a champ. If you've never tried anything other than butter and syrup on your panckes, you must try whipping up some yogurt and fruit in the bullet and pouring it in between the cakes, so delish!

This is the Banana Cream Yoplait 100 calorie and half a banana, makes it nice and creamy. The other was the Strawberry Cheesecake with strawberries the size of my head. 

We tried to get in as much outside time as the weather would allow, it's pretty nuts how much rain we've had this Spring and how cool the weather is for almost June! It's barely hitting mid 70's and by now we are solidly in the low 90's. 

Another Trader Joe must have, homemade nachos just got a nice spicing up that is very macro friendly.  We had dinner with my parents and I was again reminded WHY it's so important to log before you eat.

My Mom made a lemon pound cake for dessert, I THANKFULLY decided to look it up and log it prior to having any, mostly due to the upgraded recipe importing features I paid for on My Fitness Pal. You can now search a recipe name and auto import, very handy!! Well that little lemon pound cake had over 700 calories PER SERVING. Do you see how you can ruin an entire day of eating well with one seemingly innocent treat? Now, will one serving really hurt you? Probably not, but if you do this often it adds up. All the little extras add up, I for sure would not have guessed a homemade pound cake with yogurt topping to be that high.

Monday was a rather lazy day, Oliver had to work so I hung out at home with the kids. Most of the day was spent yelling 'Madison put your brother down. Stop picking him up. You can hold his hand you don't need to carry him.' over and over and over again. 

I food prepped for the rest of the week, I make it and log it into the next day so I can just copy and paste it for the entire week. 

Watched yet another storm roll through, thankful for no tornadoes!



A Happy Update!

If you've followed me a while then you may remember Holly and Darren, they got pregnant after their 11th fertility treatment, but lost the twins in the 2nd trimester after Holly's water broke early.  You can read their story at Oh Baby, Baby, I must warn you to not read at work as I sit here sobbing in my office.

The story for Holly and Darren continued, the day she gave birth to her son a friend email and offered to carry the remaining embroys to term for them. Almost a year to the day that she lost Brinly and Jude, Holly and Darren welcomed their twin boys - Noah and Beckom.

I know many of you donated to the Benson family to help cover the cost of burying their stillborn babies, I just wanted you all to know how appreciative they were for all of your kindness! 



Leg Day Burnout!

Vacation is quickly approaching, we are headed up north around the end of June to see family and hang out in a cabin by our favorite lake.  Oliver doesn't really get the concept of  'summer bodies are made in the winter' he likes to wait until two months out to start gearing up for his swimsuit. Those two months are filled with 'do you think my arms look bigger?' , 'you don't think one beer will hurt me, right?', and constant complaining that he's not losing weight after two days of eating right. hahahha. I do love when I get text messages that say 'ran two miles with binks this morning. Was tough, but we got through it together!' and a sweaty selfie to prove it, all the heart eye emoji's!!! 

No secret that I'm all about a good leg day heavy days, lighter days, honestly I don't care as long as they are shaking when I'm done! I put together some basic leg movements that you can change up to make harder just by increasing your weight. You decided how beastmode you wanna be today and let me know, mmmmkay?

Video demo.

Getting your squat form right is hard, real hard! I highly suggest you squat by a mirror and/or video yourself so you can look at it and see maybe what you're doing wrong. Practice makes perfect and the stronger you get the better your form will become, promise. Don't add weight at the sake of form, you can always build that up once you have a good base. 

Anyways, enjoy!



Tips for losing weight with food.

 No matter what type of diet you follow or if you work, work at home, stay home with your kids, food prepping is so important! It's a mental gear up for the week, like a good pep talk with yourself about what your goals are for the next 7 days. No matter what happened Saturday, and yes it does count, you have a chance to start over and get yourself on track and for whatever reason Sunday is the day to prepare yourself for the fight. 

Do I have the same drive and motivation Monday through Friday, absolutely not! Mondays usually suck, Tuesdays are crazy busy which makes me want to grab something easy on the way home, Wednesdays are usually pretty good, Thursdays are crazy busy, and Friday's are the day I realize I did well all week and want to have a 'cheat' meal.

By making my breakfast and lunches ahead of time I can stay on track despite life happening, waking up late, hitting traffic, early meetings, sick kids, whatever life throws my way. Heck even when I don't feel like eating what I already have I usually do because otherwise I'm just wasting money. 

I have to share a fridge at work, a small one at that, which means I have to condense my Tupperware. I like my breakfast to be separate because it's really hard to weigh out eggs after they are cooked, lunch is usually a meat and a side so I can do two for those and just weigh out what I eat at work each day. 

A few tips that I've learned along the way, these are specific to me, but they may work for some of you too!

1. Don't force yourself to eat stuff you hate.
This may sound like common sense, but I can't tell you how many time I've fallen off track because I was forcing myself to eat 'clean and healthy' foods that never left me satisfied. For example, carrots and dip - gah. I really just do not like carrots as a snack, but I love cucumber with hummus, topped with some turkey for protein. Also, Quest Bars, no. I tried I really did, but no. I'll take the higher macros for a bar I actually enjoy! Like Detour Bars. I'm not a huge salad fan, if I'm going to eat a salad I'm going to just go buy an amazing one at Panera. They don't keep me full and I can't make them ahead of time, they get gross.

2. Make it easy.
I meal prep every Sunday around 4pm and I like to keep it to under 45 minutes at the very most. I've found items I can prep fast and that I really enjoy eating. Tuna Salad for one.

Cooking up a bag of frozen veggies and adding it to my turkey bacon and eggs. I honestly am terrible at cutting veggies, Oliver makes fun of me all the time, so I just buy frozen. Not all frozen is made the same, I prefer the 'higher' end ones if that makes sense. The one above is from Trader Joe's and is seriously good with eggs, plus it's cheaper.

Have two, three, four pans going at the same time and before you begin have all the food you are going to prep out and ready. I get distracted by the Bald One at any given moment and after 20 kisses on the head I can completely forget where I was or what I was doing. I lay everything out on the counter in order of how I'm going to prep.

3. Bring lots of food.

Here's a listing of staples I keep at work and replenish each week:
1. bread {for tuna sandwiches or with my egg white chives salad}
2. Yogurts and Boom Chicka Bites. This is perfect to cure a sweet tooth and get in protein!
3. 100 Calories popcorn
4. Creamer - no Starbucks for me. I have one cup a day with one serving of creamer.
5. Crackers - I prefer wheat saltines, but depends on what I can find at the store. I eat with my tuna.
6. Strawberries. Either for yogurt or for the cookie butter drizzled on.
7. Jello
8. 5 tupperwares full of breakfast.
9. Lunches. This week is turkey breast {like real not lunch meat type} with Spelt Risotto.
10. Gum, gum, gum. 
11. hummus with cucumbers

Does this seem like a lot of work for a week of being on track with your foods? It used to for me, but in the end I had to get right with my food. I had to find a way to get a body I could live with AND not suffer daily by starving or beating myself up by falling off the wagon. Ask yourself, what do you want to look like in a year?



Things I ate this Weekend.

I raced to get this child into the pediatrician before 5pm Friday, she was running a low fever and complaining of her throat hurting, popped pink on the strep test. Poor little Aiden's throat just healed up from last weeks HFM so I had a stern talking to with her about staying off her brother. It's hard when he's being so cute.

We stopped on the way home for movies and Ice Cream. The new 'chunky' Arctic Zero's are good, like real dang good. 

 Around 7pm I realized my macros were set in my phone wrong and I really had 67c and 13f left to finish out my day, nice! I put the baby to bed, made myself my bowl, and binged on all the shows I was behind on. That's pretty much my perfect Friday night. 

 After my workout, legs and a smattering of shoulders, I came home and had a side of egg whites with my bacon. I found the best turkey bacon of my life at Trader Joe's - thick and so freaking tasty - 1.5f and 6p per slice. I hung around working on some stuff while Aiden took a long nap.

My Mom came over to go run some errands with me, I had a snack before we left, from my Pretty Fit box last month. I try to eat as much protein as I can before I leave the house, fats and carbs are much easier when I"m out and about. 

She bought Aiden a bunch of clothes at Gymboree that I had to exchange for a smaller size, I forgot how big their stuff runs. I'm usually pretty disappointed in their boys selection - plaid, khaki, tops, blah - half the time they don't even have the size I need. I found something for Memorial Day and a cute romper, then we went to Barnes and Noble for a drink. {Skinny Vanilla Latte iced} 

Aunt Katie was coming over for dinner so we stopped by the store, pulled up a quick yummy on Pinterest, and boom - party time. Oven Baked Tacos, easy and delish. Now I did not make these so I had to guess on calories, but I just do the best I can and move along. I used to think 'heck I"m guessing anyways so what's the point of tracking my food' but it's not an all or nothing kind of thing, even guessing SOMETIMES gives me success. 

Sunday was my long run day, it was storming, again. I slept in until 7 and then forced myself to the gym for 5 miles of the dreadmill, which I hate hate hate, and some back/chest work. Aiden slept in until 10! I'm telling you that kid will sleep through anything if he's alone in his room, some day's he will wake up turn on his sound machine and go back to sleep.

We got ready for our weekly haul to Trader Joe's and decided to go have brunch on the way. I had a two egg veggie omelet, side of egg whites, and potatoes. Oliver had beer and we made the funniest video, I legit watched it 75 times yesterday cracking up.

A video posted by Megan (@skinnymeg31) on

My favorite girl helped me clean and bake cookies, I accidentally ordered an entire pack of Kodiak Cakes Bear Cookies, that's 6 boxes LOL They are boxed cookie mix, but made with all natural and healthy ingredients. Anyways - so freaking good.

I meal prepped, I will be sharing more details on that tomorrow, realized I hadn't eaten since brunch and had a bit of egg white and couscous. My little begger wants pretty much anything that's on my plate, except fruit. He just will not eat it!

Although he took a 3 hour nap he was not in the best of moods the rest of the day, after taking a look at the two top molars he has coming in I could see why. Nothing made him happy, if you picked him up he wanted down, if you sat down he wanted to walk, he pretty much just followed us around whining, poor baby! Oliver thought he was being sneaky by having Aiden follow him while he was crying past me so I would pick him up. I started to catch on the 4th time he looped the kitchen.

 I did manage to whip up some dinner between the up and down's. Shredded sweet potato seasoned with sea salt, paprika, onion, and garlic powder. Topped with crumbled chicken sausage and a fried egg.

Dessert was Kodiak cookies with Arctic Zero in between, gotta love macros ;) and maintenance macros at that! My weight was actually down today even though I've been eating at maintenance, but fluctuations are normal {up and down} so I'm going to continue to stick with these numbers another week and see what happens.



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