The Saturday Dress.

Spring in Texas means lots of weekend antique shopping, one of my favorite things to do with my Mom. Pinkalicious is a small show about 45 minutes north of me so we packed up the children and headed up Saturday morning. This was Aiden's test run for Canton next weekend.

He failed miserably, I seem to have blocked out all the fun stuff a one year old does, like not wanting to sit in a stroller or throwing a fit when I pick him up, he only wants to walk where he wants to walk. Do not try to steer him or pick him up, I'm glad I did a test run before taking him next weekend. Sorry lil dude, you're going to have to stay home with Daddy. 

Madison on the other hand had a wonderful time, she even got a 'Saturday dress' because why shouldn't you wear glitter and tulle on the weekends? 

We ran in to The Pink Pug who has a store 10 minutes from my house, she has some adorable items! They throw a vintage prom at night, but we've never gone to it. I'm thinking next year I'll have to make a special trip and take Madison.

After we shopped we went home and I took a two hour nap with Aiden, I can't remember the last time I napped and it was fantastic!  I did feel guilty, like I should be cleaning the house, but I told myself to take a damn nap and relax. Sheesh.

Oliver and I were meeting up with some friends at Top Golf, we are trying to do one adult night out a month. Top Golf is fun, but when the weather is nice the wait is crazy long, but we sat on the patio and they had good music, drinks, and food. 

My parents had the kids, took them to Olive Garden {Madison's favorite restaurant}, then to Home Depot where Madison tried to talk them into buying her paint for her room because she wants a new color, then they gave them baths, bedtime for the bald one, game time for Madison, and then they let her go to sleep in our bed. I mean look how sweet she is, I had to leave her there, she'll probably be 15 and still come to our room sometimes. Oliver was just complaining last night how Aiden won't lay and cuddle with him, we are holding out hope he gets more snugly when he's a bit older.

Sunday we cleaned, one of the kids is helpful.

One of them is not.

I left my wallet at Top Golf so we had to drive up there to pick it up, then we went to Trader Joe's. Oliver is just as obsessed as I am so he's more than willing to hit up two grocery stores on the weekend. They had a game for the kids, if you could find the two stuffed goats in the store you got a prize, Madison was all about it. 

Oliver is terrible about not eating during the day, he works from home, but if I'm not there to cook it he'll just snack on stuff. I got him some easy to prepare food hoping it will get him to eat more during the work day. 

I food prepped for the week, breakfast is egg whites, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and bell peppers. I had two pans going, cooked each separately and weighed them out in individual containers - took 10 minutes. I made tuna again for lunch, but put spicy pickles in this time. 

I bring yogurt, strawberries, popcorn, and jello for snacks at work. I'll also eat the egg white salad on toast for my mid morning snack - or breakfast number three - however you wanna see it ;)

Again the afternoon nap was a complete no go, he cried for about 10 minutes and Madison couldn't take it so she begged to go in and save him, I agreed. She's such a good sister, I mean, it makes me so proud of her to see her care so much for someone other than herself, ya know? I foresee them having a great relationship growing up despite their age difference, in fact it will probably help them in the long run, less jealously. 

While Madison was calming the baby, I was trying to clean the floors, and Oliver was trying to nap. As you can see I did my best to keep it quiet for him.

Little dude also figured out he could sit ON stuff and was pleased as punch with himself, it was so dang cute he just kept getting up and sitting back down again. hahhahahha.



  1. I bought that risotto from TJ's after seeing you post about it before, thank you!! It was so good. I cooked it with some shrimp. Mmmm... makes me hungry just thinking about it!


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