The Bald One.

 I can't even call him the fat baby anymore, he's grown so tall he dropped from 98% to 70% percentile on the weight chart. Sad day. His height is still in the 90's, but the tall baby just doesn't have the same ring to it, so The Bald One it is.....for now. 

He's been trying to walk for a while, but I wasn't ready so I'd 'gently' knock him down and tell him to stay a cute lil baby for just a little while longer. Well, the last month he's really started to fight authority and do what he damn well pleases. He will pitch a fit when you try to make him do something he doesn't want, typical for this age, but I may have forgotten all the joys that come with it :)

His fear of food has subsided a bit, but he still prefers breads, potatoes, and carbs to fruit. He hates hates hates anything squishy - bananas, avocado, berries, and yogurt. Except if it's mine - he will eat pretty much anything that comes off my plate when we are eating dinner. He's not a fan of milk or sippy cups, we are trying to switch him over, but it's slow going.

He loves to throw anything he can get his hands on, has a pretty good arm for a tiny person too. He's constantly tackled by his sister, I'm like 'back up off the baby Madison' hahhaha He's not big into climbing, but I'm very OK with that, I'm still traumatized from Madison attempting to launch herself off everything in the house.

He's extremely shy, hates pretty much everyone except those of us he see's every day. When we are out he either wants to be held or is clutching to my leg for dear life, he even is scared of other children. I know this is something he will grow out of, but I also know he's not getting the exposure to other children his own age like Madison did, so I have him signed up for preschool two days a week. Yes, it's preschool, not daycare for those of you wondering, although I'm not sure why it matters it's no secret both Oliver and I work full time, but he's watched by my MIL. The preschool is the same one Madison attended from 3-5 years old, it's 9am to 2pm, and they take children starting at 18 months. Holla! I'm excited for him to get some good playtime in starting in the Fall, I loved the teachers there so much.

He is the best sleeper ever, I literally take him to his room at 8pm, put on his Halo sleep sack, turn on the sound/light machine, make sure he has 27 binky's in his crib, kiss his 700 times, and don't hear a peep until around 8 the next morning. He will go down for another nap around 9:30 for 2 to 2.5 hours and take another nap sometime in the afternoon. 

We are still rear facing in the car seat and will stay that way until he's 2, he loves the car and just stares out the window, sometime he'll fall asleep, but not often probably because Madison is there singing really loudly, hahha. His favorite song is Uptown Funk, the starts jammin and clappin whenever he hears it. 

He's baby talkin' quite a bit, but mostly sticking to Mama :) That's my boy!

**Adorable One Year pictures by Amber Jane Images!



  1. ahh he is so perfect & adorable!! Makes me wanna have a baby.. just dont think hubby is ready!! lol

  2. I'm with Jessica...he is kind of making me baby crazy! So precious!

  3. Where did you get his teepee from?

  4. FTM here with a little girl that is just a smidge older than your boy. So nice to follow along with you during this season of your life. Many of the challenges you listed here are the same at our house. Posts like this make me feel not so alone.

  5. I'm so jealous of his sleeping patterns! I wish my baby boy would do the same. The bald one is soooooo super cute!!!!!

  6. Such a sweet baby!! (Amen for the sleeping!!!)

  7. He is precious! And its nice to hear you didn't turn him forward facing once he turned one like so many parents do! Wish people would do more carseat research and learn how to properly restrain their kids! I see things that make me cringe all the time!

  8. Baby boy is adorable!! My chunky monkey boy was the best sleeper ever also...has a wonderful disposition to this day, and loves to sleep still!

  9. Boy is he adorable! Big smile and bald head. :)

  10. He is so dang cute!!!! Those eyes are gonna draw all the ladies in when he's older!!! ;)

  11. Awe I totally loved this update! so fun to hear what sorts of things he is doing (I can relate to a LOT, well, except for the sleep thing, riley is a HORRIBLE sleeper!). And look at him go!! He is totally walking oh my gosh! What a cutie.


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