Progress and a Flexbreak Workout

I woke up on the right side of my very comfortable bed this morning, I hopped up one minute before my alarm went off, chugged my preworkout, and headed to the gym.

I skipped my HIIT to make y'all some videos for upper body, cause really you can't do legs EVERY day. Watch out, too many flex breaks coming your way...

This is what I did, but adjust to your comfort level - don't wimp out though ;) <<<< looking at you T!
1. Upper Cable Rows - 60 pounds 3 sets of 8 on each side no rest.
2. Lower Cable Rows - same.
3. Bent Over Rows on bench - 20 pounds 3 sets of 10
4. Overhead press and upright rows - 20 pounds, no rest in between, 3 sets of 10

 Progress since January, I've been focusing on those pesky triceps the last few weeks, hoping to see some good changes soon!

It also looks like I've surpassed pre-Aiden flexes! Taking progress pictures is so important, you can't rely on the scale to tell you the full story, you need to be able to SEE the changes in your body. Do yourself a favor and make a folder on your phone, take some snaps once a month and watch the changes happen.

On Wednesday I do Body Pump at the gym, today was the first time since I've had Aiden that I felt I was actually STRONGER than before I had him last March.  I busted out 50 pounds on the squats and used 20 pound dumbbells on chest and some of the shoulders. If you've never done BP it's a lot of reps and a pretty decent full body workout. When I first started lifting weights Body Pump is where I started, it helped me learn exercises, form, and just got me comfortable lifting weights in general. I used to do it 2 or 3 times a week, but now I just do it once and lift heavier on other days.

A friend sent this to me and while my head knows it, sometimes I need a reminder.

The warm weather has me all kinds of giddy for summer clothing! Dress from Hazel and Olive and earrings from Charming Charlies.

Happy Hump day ladies!



  1. I went to Charming Charlies for the first time last month. LOVE! Also love that dress on you! Work it!

  2. How Hawtttt is that dress girl!! You look amazing as always, such an inspiration!!!

  3. That dress is stunning on you!!!! Love it!

  4. I do a lot of the workouts you post & I'm really enjoying them. Above when you say 20 lbs - is that a total of 20 lbs. or (2) 20 lb. weights for a total of 40?

  5. Wow, your progress has been amazing! You're an inspiration!

  6. Holy hell! You are looking lean & mean! and seriously sexy in that dress - it was made for you!

  7. I love mornings like the one you described! They don’t always happen, so I try tone grateful of them when they do occur.

  8. Bret Contreras trains at my gym...small world :) He's great & really knows what he's talking about! You look great Meg...keep up the hard work :))

  9. You are such an inspiration girl! Love seeing your posts

    Happy Medley Blog

  10. AWESOME post from beginning to end! Great info and great read!

    I love that bed wow! Did you also buy the frame it shows?

    You look amazing!!!!!

    Thanks for the quote about the body showing progress in waves, very helpful and a nice push to KEEP GOING.

    Love the flower dress on you and NICE FIGURE!!!!!! Wow!!!

  11. ::HEART EYES::
    That dress!!! You look stunning!!!

  12. Love your posts! What shoes do you wear when you weight train?


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