Madison's 6th Birthday.

For her 6th birthday she requested a swim party, I found a great indoor pool close to our house and rented it out for a few hours. It wasn't that expensive and I was really pleased with their pool and staff!

My Mom made each child a towel, mermaids for the girls and whales for the boys, the directions can be found here if you happen to have an embroidery machine.

She also made cups for each kid, none were broken, but I maybe wouldn't do glass if they are really young.

She also made each girl a seashell necklace, they were really cute, kinda wish I had one! Madison wore hers to school all week.

The cake was made from Poppy Locks, you can't really tell in the picture, but it was shimmery! The painting was made by my Mom too, if you're new around here let me fill you in, my Mom does all the cute stuff for the parties :) I legit bring food, pay, and show up, but it works well for us because her soul is that of an artist.

 A little blow up pool for the drinks.

 We only invited about 10 friends to keep it manageable. 

The kids are getting ready to swim, they line up and I tell them 'if you need floaties there are a bunch by the pool' One little girl speaks up and says 'Don't worry I have my kick board!' 

About 37 seconds later her Aunt Meredith had to jump in fully clothed because her kick board got away from her and she panicked, Aunt Mere didn't realize the life guard was right behind her, but she's the hero of the day! Just reacted! 

Baby Aiden isn't quite big enough for the puddle jumper, but it helps him float with a little help. He was a little unsure, but soon came to love it. 

They swam for the maority of the time, then dried off to eat some cake.

She kept telling me, don't worry I'm not turning 7 yet.

These girls have been friends for a long time and I hope they stay that way!

at their FIRST birthday!

Ugh, I almost cried looking at this picture, it just goes in the blink of an eye. 



  1. Your Mom is a star, everything is so cute!

  2. That painting is AMAZING! (along with everything else) my daughter would love it too, do you know where your mom got the idea? What a great party!

  3. Way to go, Grandma. Nice decorations. My mom once jumped in for my sister at a pool party--funny now.

  4. WOW your mom is the bomb! I can't imagine how that is because I'm the creative soul in my family ha!
    Looks like so much fun - great idea for when my son gets bigger

    Happy Medley

  5. What a cute party! Love her suit!

  6. This planner was the perfect fit for me. I had no idea where to start, and the event planner patiently sat down with me going over the painstaking details of table cloth, chairs, plates, silverware and everything in-between by setting them up so that I can see the picture in whole.


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