Hair, Food, and Cake.

Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here, I was busy at work and dealing with my tax screw up, which I got all fixed thanks to a wonderful friend who just happens to be a kick ass CPA. Going back through all of 2013 was enough to get me on board for keeping better records of my finances. Anyways, lesson learned and I'm glad I won't have to sell the bald one to stay out of debtors jail. 


He's a total keeper. 

 This one is dying to ride her new big girl bike, but first she must master her little bike with no training wheels. Well Daddy has been working late so the neighbor boy helped, then I tried to help, and let's just say it's not going well. We can't ride in the grass, fire ants are everywhere and you DON'T want to fall in to those suckers. Someone suggested taking off the pedals so I'm trying that next, I can't handle the drama. 

 Dusted off the trusty red coupe for him, he won't use his feet to power it, but he'll mess with the door for a good 45 minutes happily. 

The big 6th birthday party is happening tomorrow, the Poppy Locks cake looks so freaking amazing I can't wait to get me a big ole hunk of strawberry awesomeness.

I'm getting bored with my hairs, again. It's faded and blah, but just now when I was looking on my Pinterest hair board I realized it's been 33 weeks since I've had it done! yikes. 

Here's what I did last time, a medium brunette with a balayage technique for some blonde on the ends. I think I want to go a tad darker this go round.

Maybe like this...

If I copy her hair can I get her body? She's probably the one woman Oliver would leave me for, hahahha, in his dreams!

Maybe a bit stronger on the blonde ends, but I'm not going to cut it just yet although it's getting to be a ton of work. 

I'm in need of a new meal plan, I've been eating the same things on rotation for a while now and I just feel blah and blah about all of it, so I found some ideas for breakfast and lunch I'm going to give a go.

Breakfast: Breakfast of Champions – high protein omelettes with chicken and veggies
 I am going to make a huge batch of this and split it up into 5 tupperwares for taking to work all week.

Lunch: Tuna Mix with Crackers or whole wheat bread. 
While I dearly loved my Turkey Meatballs I want to try switching to something with less fat and higher carbs, so I think I need to add in items I can eat with bread. I actually struggle getting in the carbs I need because carbs with out fats are no fun at all. I need to get in more things like sweet potatoes, I burned myself out on them, but I think it's been long enough.

Dinners: Honey Lime Chicken - Chicken Pizza Crust >> going to give these a shot. Nothing crazy at night, mostly I do chicken with a veggie because we have too much going on and I would rather be kissing on the baby then spending 30 minutes cooking a dinner. The skewers I could probably have Oliver prep before I get home and the chicken crust may be a Friday night meal, but that just leaves Tue - Thur on the boring stuff. 

I'm obsessed with my Oikos yogurt - topped with granola or strawberries and melted Cookie Butter. 
Popcorn is a must - lots of volume for a little bit of macros. I think one cup has like less than 5 carbs on the kind I use.  Angie's Popcorn has some amazing flavors, but they are higher in fat so I can't have as much. 
I don't use protein bars or shakes very often anymore, really only on the weekends if I'm in a hurry. 

What are your favorite snacks?
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  1. One way I helped my daughter learn to ride hers, and she was without training wheels at age 5 with this method. Keep the training wheels but bend the bar so that the wheels are higher and don't touch the ground. They will catch her if she gets wobbly and you can remind her to straighten it up and get off the "helper wheels". When she masters the training wheels at a certain height, bend the bar further bringing the wheels further away from the road. Once you see that she is consistently staying off the wheels, the new bike will be a breeze for her. The only thing left to do is remind her that the wheels will not be there to catch her on her big bike, but that since her "helper wheels" made her so great at riding, she won't need them anymore.

  2. Chicken pizza!
    Take a chicken breast and season it with Italian seasoning. (You could precook these.) Then, I topped it with pizza sauce and my favorite pizza toppings (green peppers, onions, and black olives) and some mozzarella cheese and heated it up in the oven until the cheese was bubbly. Fast, easy,and yummy! (I'm not a big fan of chicken so I'm always hunting for healthy recipes that aren't chicken based. But this one was yummy!!!)

  3. This is my favorite snack base lately! http://www.cornthins.com/prodOriginal.aspx I buy the multigrain ones, and I put whipped cream cheese and chives, tuna. cheese, pb, anything really, on one and viola!

  4. I love that color hair color and you will totally rock it

    Happy Medley Blog

  5. We kept the training wheels on at first, but just loosened them up so the bike was wobbly. Once my daughter got the hang of that we took off the training wheels and removed the pedals and just had her glide around so she could learn to balance. Then shortly after we put the pedals back on without the training wheels and she got it! Seems like such a long process, but it really didn't take long.

  6. Before you take off the pedals(because they are a pain to get back on) try this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MISWIW/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_dp_ss_1?pf_rd_p=1944687462&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B002WBWBQQ&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1JY2442Q18D0C2KPFRV9

    We have one and used it with my 4 year old and he got the hang of riding a bike without training wheels in a couple of days. The faster they go the better balance they have and this helped tremendously! Good luck!

  7. Oh gosh Oikos Yogurt has been my obsession lately. I also found this oatmeal, Better Oats Oat Revolution, they have these 100 calorie packets that seriously only have 18 grams of carbs in them, they taste amazing, they only take 90 seconds in a microwave and they have a measuring cup made out of the package. Like ideal for work!!

    Love that hair color!

  8. I can't wait to see pictures of TS's mermaid party! I'm always so proud of your mothers creativity. I have a feeling I will be stalking for pictures.

  9. I hope that everything in regards to your taxes gets straightened away sooner than later! Finances stress me out, an dI know I am always relieved to be past any struggles with them. I used to have one of those red coupes when I was his age! My brother and I shared it. In the front, there was a license plate with his name on it, and the back had a license plate with my name on it We thought we were the coolest kids ever! I miss when happiness was so simplistic. College has gotten in the way of that! But then again… it’s college. I cannot really complain. It’s a new kind of happiness. ;)

  10. What are the necklaces Aiden wear??

  11. I bake a few sweet potatoes early in the week. Then skin them and stick in fridge. When you're ready for one, grab a skillet, a little coconut oil and squash that potato down. Sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice plus cayenne and leave it. :). Let it caramelize. I flip and repeat on the other side then plate it. Then cook your eggs & top the tater. Slice up 1/2 avocado on top and add some fresh ground pepper & sea salt. Delish! I've also added jalapeños before too...nom nom! Never gets old!!

  12. I hear ya about meal rotation. I'm trying to lose weight right now so I tend to eat the same things because I know what the calorie count is and if I get into that routine, it actually takes away the obsession with food for some reason. But, I think I'm at the point I need to add in a couple new alternates and I know my family would be happy about that!


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