Easter Weekend

Shirt and headband from Three Birds Nest

 My sweet funny girl turned 6 on Saturday, I swear she grew overnight, her legs are getting so long! Her planned Mermaid party is not until next weekend so I tried to make her actual birthday special too. We started out with a soccer game where I told her she had to make six goals for her sixth birthday, she tried her little heart out and got four - close enough! 

Glasses from Three Birds Nest also.

It wasn't our turn for snacks, but I stopped on the way home from work Friday and bought tie dye cookies the size of her head to hand out to her teammates. The weather on Saturday was absolutely stunning, sunny and a cool breeze. We ran from soccer to a good friends birthday party at Sweet and Sassy.

We had a little bit of an issue with celebrating a friend's birthday on her actual birthday, but I explained {45 times}that her party was next weekend and they would all celebrate her too. I pretty much said yes to anything she wanted, yes you can have a cake tonight, yes you can go play next door, yes we can buy sprinkles, yes yes yes. Whew, the child has a ton of requests :)

 Yes we can go play with bubbles. Yes you can wear that poodle skirt, again.

 The bald one wants a human leash to walk him around where ever his little feet want to go. He will come over and pull on your hand to make you walk him around the house, for hours.

My parents came over and we had a little cake for her and she got a few presents, one was a big girl bike with no training wheels. The training starts today, wish Oliver luck!

Sunday was raining and cold, just miserable weather, but we had fun hanging out with our friends for a little egg hunting and baby Makenna's first birthday.  Aiden was super jealous I was kissing all over another baby, but at least he didn't start crying when she looked at him - making progress. 

He hunted his first egg.

We then went to my parents house for Easter dinner, my Mom cooked the most amazing meal and set a gorgeous table! I'm pretty proud of myself for hitting my macros both days despite birthday cake and Easter treats galore, it wasn't easy!!

We did a little egg hunting and basket finding inside because the weather was so crappy. Madison got this really cool Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages , you color a page and it comes to life on the app after you scan it....cool, but a little freaky!

The 4d looks EXACTLY the way she colored it, she was dissapointed that it wasn't real, she kept looking behind the phone. LOL

It was Oli's birthday too so we shared a little Easter citrus glazed ham with him :)



  1. Loving the poodle skirt! So cute to see that she has her own style!

  2. So cute! I bet it was so hard for her to celebrate another person on her birthday. I'd have a problem doing that at 34... :) Happy Birthday to Madison!

  3. You all look gorgeous! Happy birthday, Madison!

  4. I love that shirt! The saying on it is beautiful. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  5. Happy birthday to her! I hope she had a great time :) I am also an April 4th birthday!

  6. In the first picture she looks so grown up. She is just adorable. So the Blad one 😍

  7. This is completely (mostly) unrelated, but I thought you should know that the quote on her shirt in the first picture is the same quote on my computer background in my office. I put it up a few weeks ago when a misogynistic VP at work gave me some severe attitude about my capabilities and rather than back off like normal, I picked my battles wisely and ended up getting a big pat on the back from the CEO for fighting the good fight. So pumped you're teaching her that same mantra at such a young age since it will apply for the rest of her life. Happy birthday from one strong chick to another!! (and to Oliver. He's not a strong chick, but that was my maiden name, so I'll try to make that special too!)

  8. Looks like such a fun weekend. If I could rock a poodle skirt, oh boy would I! Happy Birthday to your amazing little girl!!

  9. What a great weekend! Your little ones are growing up so quickly.

  10. Happy Birthday Madison! & omg, I just want to squeeze the bald one... so cute in his little colored jeans. :-)

  11. Madison looks 14 in the first picture!

  12. Madisons hair compliments her face perfectly right now! She is gorgeous. Long eye lashes! Love the outfit.


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