Busting that Plateau

Monday's are rough, for everyone, the week seems long and we are usually a bit tired. I even had to bust out a 20 minute power nap in my car yesterday, obviously Madison felt the need too before hip hop class. We survived though and even had enough time before bed to do a 20 minute full stretch yoga class together via The Yoga Collective {be sure to enter the giveaway!}

On Tuesday's I run - sometimes track, hills, or just an easy 5 miles - whatever sounds like fun to me. 

This is my pre run breakfast, on days that I don't do cardio I don't usually eat food before the gym, just take my catalyst. Have you tried Detour Bars? I love them, the Smart bar is delish too! 2.5f/12.5c/10p are the macros on this one {the snack size} and I just realized I logged the wrong one this morning, oops.

I was down to 152 this morning after being stuck for quite a while at 154, I thought I'd share a few tips on what got me over the hump. First though let me clarify a few items for anyone who is new here.

1. I am not a clean eater - in general most of the foods I eat tend to be 'clean' I would say I'm around 85/15. In all honestly I have zero desire to cut out things I like because other people don't think I should eat them, everyone has personal preferences. Food judging is rampant and even I sometimes have to tell myself to not judge other people, like the Mom who told her kid to go get a coke so she could pep up. I judged her and I shouldn't have, I had half a serving of M&M's yesterday with my popcorn. Everyone thinks their way is the best way, but there is only one person living my life and she's in charge of it.

2. I follow Flexible Dieting aka IIFYM - see my many posts getting started, an easy start to IIFYM, a day in the life, and food prepping on IIFYM.

 For the last several weeks as my scale was stuck I was very reluctant to cut my calories any lower, I was hungry! Even though I wasn't losing on the scale I still lost inches on my chest and hips so progress was being made. Finally after about a week of nada on the inches or scale I reluctantly told Paige to adjust my macros.

Another tip I've learned through this diet is that you don't need to drastically cut your calories, she literally only takes off 50 - 80 calories {usually from carbs}. It's like one snack in all reality, but for me to not snack at work is very hard, I feel deprived. I had to find snacks that didn't take up a ton of my macros - macro friendly if you will.

This is my favorite popcorn, I also keep jello at work for my sweet tooth. I like to keep Arctic Zero on hand for after dinner, but I've been eating dinner so late I rarely have the need for dessert. We also love the La Banderita low carb tortilla {WalMart or Kroger has them} they are great rolled up with Trader Joe' pulled brisket chicken! If I'm low on macros for dinner I load up with veggies with a sprinkle of parm cheese - white cheeses tend to be more macro friendly. 

I log my 3 main meals before my day even begins, food prepping helps with that tremendously. I was very resistant to food prepping in the past, but if you're stuck and tired of seeing that same number on the scale you need to try new things. Most likely it's what you're putting in your mouth - or more HOW MUCH you are putting in your mouth. I've learned I'm happier when I have structured preweighed meals and wiggle room with my snacks.

You can also see that my main meals are compromised of mainly protein - for me upping my protein changed my game. My muscles grow, my baby abs peek through on occasion, and it keeps me full for a lot longer. My meals are not high calorie, but because they contain so much protein I feel full afterwards.That egg white breakfast that's 107 calories? Yeah, I'm full for almost 2 hours on that alone!

Pre and Post baby flex breaking.

Let me tell you what I did not do to lose those last two pound, more cardio! In fact I only ran once last week, no long run and no soccer, instead I did 10 minutes of HIIT and lifted weights.

A few people have asked about maintenance for me - What's the end goal?

Right now I still plan to cut, I mean I still get to eat over 1700 calories so I'm not deprived and still have a bit of room to lower them comfortably. Right now my goal is to get my hips down a few inches and pray some of this comes off my bottom half - I don't care so much what my number is as much as how I look and feel. I will start marathon training again in the Fall, which means I will be focusing on my performance and eating correctly for that, not weight loss. I want to improve my time from my first marathon. So that leaves this summer to cut and get stronger!



  1. You are my inspiration to staying fit and active during this pregnancy!

    Happy Medley

  2. Hi SkinnyMeg! Your blog is SO INSPIRING. You never cease to amaze me. I've been following your journey for several years now, and yours is the first blog I look for new posts from every single day! My daughter was born a few months after your son, and I'm a first time mom trying to get back into shape and get my act together in general (it's so hard keeping up with everything while working full time!). I would love love LOVE if you could give some pointers on food prep in general - I don't mind eating the same thing for main meals each day like you do but I'm having a hard time getting into a food prep rhythm.

    You inspire me so much by getting up each morning and busting your hiney getting your workout in. My goal is to get started in early morning DVD workouts starting next week - and I need to get everything organized and ready over this weekend so that I can still get out the door to work on time!

    Thank you for everything you do and everything you share. You rock!

  3. Hi Meg,
    Was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about Paige? Cost? What is included in the cost? I am debating trying this, but feel like a coach to hold me accountable would be beneficial.

  4. I am just starting on this journey and have been working with a trainer for about 3 weeks alternating upper and lower body. How often should I also incorporate cardio? Daily? Is it best to do cardio on days that I lift before or after? Any suggestions would be appreciated. You are such an inspiration!

  5. Madison is so cute! She even sits like a little lady in her sleep!

  6. Thanks for posting this right in time! I was debating about supplements intake especially for women against no food supplement to take. So I’ll do and put this into my routines. However, mine is Testinate 250. Thanks for this additional info.


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