Blue Monday.

Oh Monday, you can really suck sometimes, even though I know it's coming and prepare as much as I can sometimes the Monday blues just can't be stopped. 
Slightly cheered me up to know my favorite workout bra is on sale - Panache at Nordstrom.

and a little baby humor, the amount of rolls on this cutie is amazing, I can't stop laughing.

Friday night I decided to test run the Chicken Pizza Crust to see how easy and fast it would be for during the week, winner! Oliver loved it and I threw it together in less than 10, I topped mine with spinach, bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, and cheese.  

Saturday was our usual - I go early to the gym, soccer around 11, and then we had Madison's birthday party later that afternoon.Well actually I had a hair appointment at 11 so Oliver had to take both kids AND  the snacks BY HIMSELF. Shockingly none of the grandparents were going to this game, poor Oliver. I hear that he did great and Aiden even let someone else hold him while Oliver made a potty run with Madison.

I got in the cutest little sundress from Copper Peacock just in time for the mermaid themed party. Aiden's shirt is from Pumpkin Butter Kids on Etsy. I'll share more details on the party later this week, I forgot the SD card to download the pictures. 

It's so nice to go do the party somewhere else and not have to spend the rest of the evening cleaning up after a bunch of kids. We got home and spent the rest of the daylight out back just relaxing, or in Oliver's case drinking a beer and texting. 

Sunday I woke up for a sunrise 8 mile run followed by pancakes, just a short stack this time. 459 calories 9f/59c/37p I cleaned out the fridge, made a grocery list, did laundry, and picked up around the house while Aiden napped. Then everyone came to my soccer game, Aiden was freaking adorable and again let someone actually hold him. He was cooing on the sidelines, had all the girls all over him. That kid will make your ovaries hurt. 

My game was right now the street from Trader Joes so we stopped by for some goodies. I am not a fan of the weekends there, too crowded and everyone is slow browsing the products so you literally stand in line to go down the aisles. We picked up some new items, I'll let you know if they are worth the trip after I give them a go. 

Then we had some lunch before stopping by Kroger for the last couple items we needed. I turn around to pick up some paper plates and Oliver disappears, again. He knows that drives me crazy so to get him back I let Aiden try to walk around, which drives him nuts. The bald one just wants to be free! He's getting better at walking, but we aren't quite there yet. 

I spend about an hour prepping food while Aiden naps and Oliver mows the yard. I freaking just love this time of year, Madison is outside all day running around and the sun stays up forever.

He wakes up all smiles from his nap and I let him watch outside the window while Madison is playing on the trampoline. I clean up the bedroom, finish laundry, and pack my gym bags for the next day, then we all head over to my parents house for dinner.

Madison insists on being our waitress, her ice to drink ratio need a little help though. After dinner we watch a little tv and wind down for the day, last chance to kiss on the bald one before he goes to bed around 8:15 and Madison at 8:30. I spray tan and then go to bed around 9.

I was NOT feeling it this morning, I actually stood in the kitchen for a good 3 minutes pep talking myself. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with skipping a workout, but I have to look at the bigger picture, how much of a bitch am I going to be all day if I do? Once I'm up I can't go back to sleep anyways and what am I going to do? Watch TV until it's time to get ready? No. I chug my preworkout and hit the gym and sure enough, I feel better once I'm done.



  1. How do you usually prepare your chicken for the week? I'm totally getting bored with my current method.

  2. What time do you wake up during the weekend usually? Because I see you go to bed about 9pm, I am usually still running like a crazy person after I put the kids to bed. I want to be able to work out early in the morning but I am so tired, any ideas, advice would be helpful. lol

  3. You are THE most productive person ever! Amazing!

  4. I feel the exact same way.. I always feel better after working out! What a busy but fun weekend! Excited to see Madison's party.

  5. Can you pretty please tell me how you spray yourself? I have the same machine as you & I tried it. Huge fail!

  6. Wow, you pack lunch for the entire week? Doesn't it get old, eating the same thing over and over again?
    Also, the bald one is getting to be such a handsome little dude!

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  7. MMm I'm going to have to try that chicken crust! Thanks for posting about that! You have such motivation. I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I've still been working out and eating right for the most part, but mannn it's been a struggle. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  8. Thank you so much for posting that you had to give yourself a pep talk. It's nice to know everyone struggles! Love your motivation and it's a reminder that I can be there too!!!!!


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