Beats by Madison.

Things have gotten out of hand at my house, he went from a few wobbly steps to straight up running in about two days. I can no longer deny he's becoming a toddler and I don't really like it, he's my last little fat baby!! His drunken sailor stumble is pretty freaking cute, so I guess I can't be too upset.

 It stormed over night on Friday, so the soccer field were flooded and game/pictures were canceled, I wasn't too sad my house needs a good cleaning. I usually wake up early and hit the gym before Aiden gets up around 8ish. We had a bunch of errands to do on Saturday before Madison's dance pictures at 2, the Dino costume is darling!! I can't wait to see the pictures, we didn't use any makeup this time, she hates hates hates lipstick and smiles all crazy when she has it on. 

After pictures we decided to grocery shop early, seriously it's dead on a Saturday afternoon and I love it! I made Kevin and Amanda's Chicken bacon cheese rice recipe, it's a good mix of macros and tasty, I used turkey bacon and brown rice.

Aiden has been trying real hard to drop his afternoon nap, I'm thinking I'm over forcing it on him. All he does is cry, he hates to be rocked, and he's fine going to bed early if need be. Around 5:30 on Saturday he was being fussy, you know, doesn't want to sit, stand, eat, drink, play, or be looked at in any way. So I did the 'mood changer' - a bath.

Oliver suddenly had to go over my parents house and 'help' with something, so funny how helpful he is with them when our house has a crying baby following you everywhere. Bath time worked for about 20 minutes until something set him off again, so naked baby out and put into jammies.I even tried to eat his toes and he was having none of it :(

I love how he stiffens up and balls his little hands in anger, how dare you put me down! LOL

Cry, cry, cry. I accidentally knock Madison's toothbrush off the bathroom counter and before I can grab it, he does, and immediately stops crying.I don't dare touch it, that tooth brush is his now, he carries it around for 30 minutes, holds it through dinner, and finally let's it go to play with some toys.

He's back to being his adorable, big grinning self, and we play for a while before I put him down for the night. 

I'm home alone and instead of cleaning something, I make myself a bowl of Arctic Zero and binge watch 3 episodes of The Kardashians, say what you will about them, the show is entertaining and easy to watch, I'm not even sure I saw one episode last season. 

Sunday I ran 8 miles with my girls, came home to baby Aiden still passed out, he didn't even wake up until 9:30! Around 8:30 Oliver asked if we should check on him, so we peeked in the door, sleeping deep. I got a bunch of laundry and stuff done, then we did the normal Sunday stuff - food prepping, had lunch with my Dad, and hit up Target for few things - the main one being safety latches for our cabinets - which we totally forgot. Target just confounds me with all their pretty stuff.

She's was trying REAL hard for some Beats, good luck with that baby girl, Mommy first. 


  1. I have to agree with Miss. Madison! I always talk funny when I have lipstick on, I think it is because I'm afraid I have it on my teeth! Her dance costume is stellar. I am going to try and ease into macros this week. I am taking your advice and focusing on protein counts then I will look at the other.

  2. That video is adorable. Made me LOL

  3. I love Keeping up with the Kardashians. It is my guilty pleasure lol!

    Your little one's are growing so fast!!

  4. Totally feel the same way about the Kardashian's!

  5. We have that same drum. Beckett loves it. And then chases the animals around with the drumsticks.

  6. I love that Dino costume! If I had that when I was a child, it would have been pretty difficult to get that off of me at any given point in time.

  7. LittleOne always has loved toothbrushes! Since she was Aiden's age, she would carry them around and hoard them.
    She's 4yrs now, but she currently has 4 in her cup in the bathroom and I have a bucket of them in the linen closet. Big brother had to start hiding his up higher so she won't claim them.

    Whatever, its a cheap thing that kept her happy! I didn't mind unless people were over and would randomly find used-looking toothbrushes around the house.

  8. Hello Skinny Meg Love your blog I hope you can help I'm expecting my First baby this August and I'm in love with your gliding chair and wanted to know where can I find one like that ? I'm new to the Dallas area hope you can help Dennise

    1. It's from Back Alley Furniture, you can find them on Facebook and in Frisco ;)


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