5 Leg Exercises I LOVE.

I am STILL sore from leg day Monday, I went extra heavy on my lunges and I can feel it, hill running Tuesday probably didn't help. Legs are my favorite, they are a huge muscle group so you feel all kinds of badass busting them out. 

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Warm up with a selfie, or two, before attempting, if you get it just right it will boost your confidence and you'll go extra hard. Hopefully.

I filmed a quick demo on each move rather than just taking pictures because even though they may be common moves sometime people name things differently. Today was actually Body Pump day for me and I filmed after class so excuse any trembling legs :)


1. Split Squat. My go to every single time I do legs - I'm holding a 25, but on my normal leg days I use 35's. You wanna go deep and feel it in your booty cheek, it should burn after like 3.

2. Goblet Squat. Get you a weight or plate, again I'm using a 25 pound dumbbell, but normally I use a 35 or 45 pound plate, I prefer the plates because they are easier to hold.  Your legs should be closer together than a normal squat and you should go a bit deeper, well past parallel.

3. Wide Stance Squats. This will burn like the fire of 1000 suns, I like to do them on the smith machine, but you can do them with just a regular bar on your back or even just body weight! You want an extra wide stance, toes slightly pointed out, and do as deep as you can, pause, and squeeze up. Boom, that's 1.

4. Stiff Legged Deadlifts. I love deadlifting any way I can, but these are my first love. You can use dumbbells or a bar and you want your legs closed and don't bend those knees, squeeze that booty as you come up.

5. Glute Bridges. Again, lots of variations, but the most simple way is on the floor with a weight, you can alternate with your legs wide or close together and squeeze those hammy's and booty. 

These moves can be combined any way you want, no wrong workout! I will HIGHLY recommend you foam roll for at least 5 minutes afterwards so you can reduce the stiffness and soreness you feel the next day.

On leg day I do zero cardio, to warm up I do these stretches and I honestly have seen a difference in my mobility since doing them. Stretching is important so you don't injure yourself!



  1. I LOVE your workout posts! They are so fabulous!!! I need to try those deadlifts! Also, you look more amazing and strong every day! Keep rocking it!

  2. I love working my legs! I always feel like I get a good burn in working my legs.

  3. I'm a fan of leg day as well. It's my strongest muscle group by far. Upper body on the other hand, is not my cup of tea.

  4. I definitely neglect working out my legs out of any part of my body. I find it to be the most difficult… duh considering I choose to avoid those exercises! It’s encouraging to me to see someone enjoy them, though. Maybe one day I will learn to love them myself!


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