I'm Pretty Fit

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Happy almost Fri-Yay! I'm in an annoyingly good mood today after running some hills with my favorite girls. The weather was a perfect 50 something degrees, no wind, and a gorgeous view from the top of the hill.

I felt so strong on my run today, I wasn't crazy fast or anything, but when I was going up that hill instead of feeling like I was going to die I felt my legs being powerful - it's almost better than a runner's high. Almost.

Changing our bodies takes more that lifting weights and running, it's also almost entirely what you put into your body. One of the biggest factors in my most recent weight loss is that I've upped my protein DRASTICALLY, I've gone back and dug around MFP to get an idea of what I was getting in before I switched to IIFYM and I got in maybe like 80g on a good day. Now I get in close to 140 every single day and I can tell a difference in my appetite and my body.

I'm always looking for ways to help make my protein intake fun, easy, and consistent which is why I love my I'm Pretty Fit box. I found it through another bloggers recommendation and I've been getting them monthly for about 6 months now. This is the Spring Protein Pack - I went through and tried everything for y'all cause I love to share my thoughts and well, I love to eat. 

First up I had to try these two -  NoGii PROTEIN D’LITES and B-UP Bar in sugar cookie. Let's just say the next day I ordered a full bag of the NoGii D'Lites cause yeah - amazing. The B-Up bar was also super tasty, but the texture is more like that of a Quest bar. I happened to be low on macros that day from being so busy at work so I added them on top of my Acrtic Zero ice cream for my own little fro-yo at home. 

The huge container of Metabolic Nutrition’s Protizyme in Vanilla cake has three things going for it:
1. Cake flavor on point
2. Macro's are nice
3. So smooth it was a pleasure to actually drink
It's always a win if I don't gag on clumps of protein, ya know? My husband tasted this and I can bet he tries to keep it for himself. 

The weekends would be the hardest for me to stay on my protein, so I always carry bars in my purse because I go from zero to hangry in about 27 seconds or less. No joke, my family will attest to that fact. The B-Up Bar is packed with 20g protein and 18-20g fiber, with only 2-3g of sugar and 4-6g of net carbs. I thought they were really good and I liked how high fiber they were too, I'd buy some of the snack sizes for sure to add in when I'm at work. 

Amrita Energy bars, these remind me of Lara bars, but a less nutty taste and more fruity which I prefer. They have 7g of protein and are health bars that are allergy friendly – they are free from the 8 major allergens in the world – Gluten, Peanuts, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Corn, Fish, Shellfish. They are certified Kosher and certified Non-GMO. Only 10g of sugar too which is amazingly low for a fruit bar.

Oliver ate my precooked chicken for lunch yesterday, totally throwing off my preplanned meals and hence my macros for the day. After finding something for dinner I was short so I busted out the Peanut Butter Cookie protein from -  Metabolic Nutrition’s Protizyme and mixed it up with almond milk and ice - put it in the freezer for a while - ok until the baby went to bed so he wouldn't beg for bites  #noshame

I cut up a Detour bar {another favorite find from a I'm Pretty Fit box a few months ago} and had a little bedtime snack.

Crisis adverted. 

The NoGii protein powder is made from whey and quinoa and is gluten free, I am not sensitive to gluten, but the chocolate was good. The carbs are a bit higher in this so it wouldn't be my go-to protein powder, but if you have gluten sensitivity I'd say it's a great one to try.

The Cacao Brittle I sprinkled over my beloved Oikos yogurt for a mid morning treat, loved! It contains banana, coconut, sprouted almonds, vanilla, Himalayan sea salt, cinnamon, and agave so what's not to love about those ingredients!

Do you feel me? I forever have a pile of gym clothing to wash or put away, I immediatly put to use the Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent because I've been meaning to buy some athletic wash for, oh 9 months now. Seriously. Sometimes you just can't get that sweat smell out of dri-fit and I'm going to be needing more of this detergent.

You can find out more about other packs I'm Pretty Fit offers and also save yourself 10 bucks on one if you want to give it a try with the code MEG10. They offer monthly subscription or you can just buy per pack!



Busting that Plateau

Monday's are rough, for everyone, the week seems long and we are usually a bit tired. I even had to bust out a 20 minute power nap in my car yesterday, obviously Madison felt the need too before hip hop class. We survived though and even had enough time before bed to do a 20 minute full stretch yoga class together via The Yoga Collective {be sure to enter the giveaway!}

On Tuesday's I run - sometimes track, hills, or just an easy 5 miles - whatever sounds like fun to me. 

This is my pre run breakfast, on days that I don't do cardio I don't usually eat food before the gym, just take my catalyst. Have you tried Detour Bars? I love them, the Smart bar is delish too! 2.5f/12.5c/10p are the macros on this one {the snack size} and I just realized I logged the wrong one this morning, oops.

I was down to 152 this morning after being stuck for quite a while at 154, I thought I'd share a few tips on what got me over the hump. First though let me clarify a few items for anyone who is new here.

1. I am not a clean eater - in general most of the foods I eat tend to be 'clean' I would say I'm around 85/15. In all honestly I have zero desire to cut out things I like because other people don't think I should eat them, everyone has personal preferences. Food judging is rampant and even I sometimes have to tell myself to not judge other people, like the Mom who told her kid to go get a coke so she could pep up. I judged her and I shouldn't have, I had half a serving of M&M's yesterday with my popcorn. Everyone thinks their way is the best way, but there is only one person living my life and she's in charge of it.

2. I follow Flexible Dieting aka IIFYM - see my many posts getting started, an easy start to IIFYM, a day in the life, and food prepping on IIFYM.

 For the last several weeks as my scale was stuck I was very reluctant to cut my calories any lower, I was hungry! Even though I wasn't losing on the scale I still lost inches on my chest and hips so progress was being made. Finally after about a week of nada on the inches or scale I reluctantly told Paige to adjust my macros.

Another tip I've learned through this diet is that you don't need to drastically cut your calories, she literally only takes off 50 - 80 calories {usually from carbs}. It's like one snack in all reality, but for me to not snack at work is very hard, I feel deprived. I had to find snacks that didn't take up a ton of my macros - macro friendly if you will.

This is my favorite popcorn, I also keep jello at work for my sweet tooth. I like to keep Arctic Zero on hand for after dinner, but I've been eating dinner so late I rarely have the need for dessert. We also love the La Banderita low carb tortilla {WalMart or Kroger has them} they are great rolled up with Trader Joe' pulled brisket chicken! If I'm low on macros for dinner I load up with veggies with a sprinkle of parm cheese - white cheeses tend to be more macro friendly. 

I log my 3 main meals before my day even begins, food prepping helps with that tremendously. I was very resistant to food prepping in the past, but if you're stuck and tired of seeing that same number on the scale you need to try new things. Most likely it's what you're putting in your mouth - or more HOW MUCH you are putting in your mouth. I've learned I'm happier when I have structured preweighed meals and wiggle room with my snacks.

You can also see that my main meals are compromised of mainly protein - for me upping my protein changed my game. My muscles grow, my baby abs peek through on occasion, and it keeps me full for a lot longer. My meals are not high calorie, but because they contain so much protein I feel full afterwards.That egg white breakfast that's 107 calories? Yeah, I'm full for almost 2 hours on that alone!

Pre and Post baby flex breaking.

Let me tell you what I did not do to lose those last two pound, more cardio! In fact I only ran once last week, no long run and no soccer, instead I did 10 minutes of HIIT and lifted weights.

A few people have asked about maintenance for me - What's the end goal?

Right now I still plan to cut, I mean I still get to eat over 1700 calories so I'm not deprived and still have a bit of room to lower them comfortably. Right now my goal is to get my hips down a few inches and pray some of this comes off my bottom half - I don't care so much what my number is as much as how I look and feel. I will start marathon training again in the Fall, which means I will be focusing on my performance and eating correctly for that, not weight loss. I want to improve my time from my first marathon. So that leaves this summer to cut and get stronger!



The Saturday Dress.

Spring in Texas means lots of weekend antique shopping, one of my favorite things to do with my Mom. Pinkalicious is a small show about 45 minutes north of me so we packed up the children and headed up Saturday morning. This was Aiden's test run for Canton next weekend.

He failed miserably, I seem to have blocked out all the fun stuff a one year old does, like not wanting to sit in a stroller or throwing a fit when I pick him up, he only wants to walk where he wants to walk. Do not try to steer him or pick him up, I'm glad I did a test run before taking him next weekend. Sorry lil dude, you're going to have to stay home with Daddy. 

Madison on the other hand had a wonderful time, she even got a 'Saturday dress' because why shouldn't you wear glitter and tulle on the weekends? 

We ran in to The Pink Pug who has a store 10 minutes from my house, she has some adorable items! They throw a vintage prom at night, but we've never gone to it. I'm thinking next year I'll have to make a special trip and take Madison.

After we shopped we went home and I took a two hour nap with Aiden, I can't remember the last time I napped and it was fantastic!  I did feel guilty, like I should be cleaning the house, but I told myself to take a damn nap and relax. Sheesh.

Oliver and I were meeting up with some friends at Top Golf, we are trying to do one adult night out a month. Top Golf is fun, but when the weather is nice the wait is crazy long, but we sat on the patio and they had good music, drinks, and food. 

My parents had the kids, took them to Olive Garden {Madison's favorite restaurant}, then to Home Depot where Madison tried to talk them into buying her paint for her room because she wants a new color, then they gave them baths, bedtime for the bald one, game time for Madison, and then they let her go to sleep in our bed. I mean look how sweet she is, I had to leave her there, she'll probably be 15 and still come to our room sometimes. Oliver was just complaining last night how Aiden won't lay and cuddle with him, we are holding out hope he gets more snugly when he's a bit older.

Sunday we cleaned, one of the kids is helpful.

One of them is not.

I left my wallet at Top Golf so we had to drive up there to pick it up, then we went to Trader Joe's. Oliver is just as obsessed as I am so he's more than willing to hit up two grocery stores on the weekend. They had a game for the kids, if you could find the two stuffed goats in the store you got a prize, Madison was all about it. 

Oliver is terrible about not eating during the day, he works from home, but if I'm not there to cook it he'll just snack on stuff. I got him some easy to prepare food hoping it will get him to eat more during the work day. 

I food prepped for the week, breakfast is egg whites, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and bell peppers. I had two pans going, cooked each separately and weighed them out in individual containers - took 10 minutes. I made tuna again for lunch, but put spicy pickles in this time. 

I bring yogurt, strawberries, popcorn, and jello for snacks at work. I'll also eat the egg white salad on toast for my mid morning snack - or breakfast number three - however you wanna see it ;)

Again the afternoon nap was a complete no go, he cried for about 10 minutes and Madison couldn't take it so she begged to go in and save him, I agreed. She's such a good sister, I mean, it makes me so proud of her to see her care so much for someone other than herself, ya know? I foresee them having a great relationship growing up despite their age difference, in fact it will probably help them in the long run, less jealously. 

While Madison was calming the baby, I was trying to clean the floors, and Oliver was trying to nap. As you can see I did my best to keep it quiet for him.

Little dude also figured out he could sit ON stuff and was pleased as punch with himself, it was so dang cute he just kept getting up and sitting back down again. hahhahahha.



Bring Back Mc Dreamy!

We are all trying to pull ourselves together today after the sudden death of McDreamy last night. We  held hands and cried, I'm pissed at you Shonda, and I'm probably never watching Grey's again. I didn't get a chance to watch Scandal, but if Jake's dead I'm gonna be super mad. Like super mad! 

Anyways, this should give you a smile.

I'm excited to head to this tomorrow with my Mom {and both kids!}, thanks to all the rain we've been getting soccer is never ever going to happen or end.

The last time I went I found the multicolored pallet I have hanging in my living room.

I hoped y'all watched the video I linked about curling your hair earlier this week, the twisting before wrapping is magic.

I section is off into two groups - lower and upper - twist, wrap, hold and then lightly spray before doing the upper section - let it cool then finger comb. Wha-la. Takes no time at all and works even better on dirty hair.

This just happened, registered for my next marathon in NOLA! I have almost zero desire to run 26 miles right now, I like just doing what I want and running as much as I feel like without any pressure, but hopefully come November I'll be ready. We are making a girls weekend out of it, I've never been to New Orleans so it should be fun, plus I only paid $75 bucks for the full - can't beat a good sale.

Happy Friday!



The Yoga Collective

I am shamefully non flexible, like it borders on embarrassing. I have longed to be able to fit yoga classes in my life, but after letting the last Groupon I bought expire while never attending a class I gave up. The main reason being that I can't find a class at 5 in the morning and even on weekends the classes start too late for me, I prefer to be done working out by 8:30am.

I was contacted by The Yoga Collective to try their online classes and I immediately said yes, this is exactly what I needed! 

They offer so many different classes, all levels and types of yoga, and what I really loved - short or long depending on how much time I have to fit it in! Madison of course wanted to try it out with me, so I put on a 10 minute hip stretching class.

We played it on the iPad and streamed it through the TV - gotta love technology! 

It was very easy to follow and I'm very much a beginner, Madison on the other hand was hitting those poses like a champ. I love how in to it she was, I can't be letting my 6 year old show me up, I have some work to do for sure. As much as I workout I honestly need to be stretching every single day and I'm pumped about this membership!

I even pulled one up to do after my workout, I'm excited to add in some of the abs videos because I've been focusing on them lately to help with my running. 

The material on the Cozy Orange workout gear is on point, so soft, and I love a top that doesn't roll up - nothing more annoying except pants that fall down.

The Yoga Collective offers a free trial if you'd like to give it a shot, they also are giving away TWO year memberships!

The giveaway runs through May 8th - good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



The Hard Part.

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, I have a pretty big project going on behind the scenes and things are getting a little hectic, only I would think it was a good idea to add more work into my life, but I'm following my heart and hoping it's all gonna work out. Hopefully I can share very soon! 

I still hit my macros like a good girl, I've been on the back of the struggle bus lately, well from my viewpoint anyways. This month has been a freaking roller coaster for me, I got my cycle twice this month, that's always super fun. I'm so glad I'm done having babies, my body is up to it's old tricks and I spent way too many years trying to get it knocked up and being hyper aware of every little thing, now I just roll my eyes and move on. Downside to getting it twice is that those super hangry days I get for 4 days before hand have been doubled - I'm over it. 

 Looking back over my last month, my calories are fine {the higher days are run days that I add in some carbs depending on how long my run was} but I've been pissed about it. This is what I keep repeating to myself - it's OK to be hungry, you WILL be hungry, you are NOT dying. I have a hard time letting myself be hungry, but this goes back to not rewarding my workouts with food. 

Food is the hard part of losing weight, if it was easy everyone would be their ideal weight. Over the years as I've lost weight so many things have changed for me, I didn't know jack squat about food. 

I thought I was eating healthy if I made it at home, it had to be better than eating out, right? 

Then I lived off Smart One's and 100 Calorie treats, then I turned to clean eating and cardio like whoa. 

I've done Weight Watcher and Jenny Craig too, but never have I ever felt satisfied with my food programs, it felt like punishment most days, something I had to suffer through to get the results I wanted.

Now I meal prep and track my food every single day all while NEVER feeling like I need to go run off a meal. That's very freeing to me, it took a lot of mental work to get over the love of cardio because while sweating like a beast makes my brain and heart happy it should never be used as a form of punishment for eating something. I eat a lot of the same foods during the week, someone asked if I found that boring and actually I never do! I switch breakfast and lunches up every two weeks to avoid that, but having most of my meals ready to go without having to sit around planning what to eat every hour of the day is freaking amazing. That's how I stay so consistent, I make it easy to be that way by preplanning. Something else I've noticed with macro counting is that my weight very very rarely will fluctuate, I don't have days where I step on the scale and gained 3 pounds, even while getting my period, at most it fluctuates half a pound - just a weird observation ;)

 My breakfast, lunch, and dinner is already in MFP for the week so all I have to do is fit in my snacks and that's where I get my variations from and can pick whatever sounds good to me that day. In the past it's usually been dinner that was hard for me, Oliver and I had a routine and I felt like I had to make him this nice home cooked meal. I've since gotten over that, mostly due to having a baby and my nightly priorities changing, now he knows it's chicken and veggies in some variation, nothing fancy. He's fine with it and it's made life much easier for me. Sometimes simply changing your routine is rough!! 

I've recently lowered my macros a tad, but damn I was fighting it, scared to be hungry. I finally bit the bullet this week and it's been totally fine, I've felt great and been hitting my numbers. I'm going to give them about 3 weeks and if I don't feel like I'm progressing I will give my body a break from cutting and go to maintenance for a week or two. My coach Paige will be there to keep me from going too nuts. I think I'll need a little cutting break before I dive into any lower calories, you have to be motivated first.

Those stubborn last pounds, the vanity pounds, will require some patience and hard work. I got both. I keep losing weight in my boobs - happy to report I'm solidly in a single letter cup. I'd now like to request the rest come off my booty, k universe, you got me?



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