Winning the Weekend

Saturday I met up with my favorite running girls for an easy 8 miles at 5 am, the weather was chiller than I thought so I'm glad I put on long sleeves last minute before leaving the house. We did an easy flat route at a 9:20 pace, then I headed back home to pick up the family for a local race we were running. 

Madison and Oliver did the 1k while I stayed at the finish line with the bald one, she was so excited to get her first running medal!!  I was signed up for the 10k, just for fun, but after seeing how many people were there I thought, hmmmmm maybe I should run the shit out of this course and see if I place! I've never ever ever placed in a race before or even considered it :)

I came in second in my age group - the girl who got first was literally RIGHT in front of me, but I stopped to run in with Madison. I'm still stoked about getting second - my time was 51 minutes - so around an 8:50 pace. I'm sure I could of done a heck of a lot better if I didn't run an 8 mile warm up ahead of time LOL Anyways, we had a ton of fun together and I think Madison will be ready for a full 5k soon. 

We ran home, changed for soccer, and pulled out the cowbell for all the goals! This is Madison's 4th season with this team and it's nice keeping with the same girls, the Mom's are great and I really enjoy hanging out with them at practices and games. They've already improved some skills over last season so I'm excited to see how they do!

Oliver's dying to buy a new mower and wanted to go look after her game, but a tired bald baby had other ideas. When Madison was a baby she was a champ at cat napping in the car on the weekend and being on the go, Aiden can't deal. He needs his bed and a solid two hours of uninterrupted sleep. So we all went home and napped cause if you can't beat 'em join 'em. 

Somewhere in between naps and soccer we may have forgot to feed the kids lunch. Oops. We felt terrible so we let Madison pick dinner, Olive Garden, her favorite place {well besides Which Wich, cause she can write on the bags herself}. I had the rosemary chicken and potatoes, actually Aiden ate most of my potatoes. That kids loves a carb which makes sense because that's pretty much the ONLY thing I wanted to eat while pregnant.

Sweet Frog is a must on the first hot day of the year, then early bed times, and a new series on NetFlix. We have trouble finding appropriate shows we enjoy, but can still watch in front of Madison, giving West Wing a chance this week. 

Sunday we slept in a bit then everyone came to my soccer game. I freaking love Madison on the sidelines 'coaching' me to 'pull back Mama, PULL BACK' hahhahhaha. After we hit up Kroger for the weekly haul, Oliver wandered off and left me with an arm full of stuff searching for him. I was so over it by the time I found him that I forgot the most important item - CHICKEN. I got home and had nothing to prep for the week for dinners. So annoyed. 250 bucks and we have no meat. I blame Oliver so he can eat cereal and veggies for all I care. We have dance and soccer practice now so I don't get home until 8 three days out of the week, zero time for dinner.

My life changed the moment I put Cookie Butter in the microwave, I'm so obsessed. It gets it all runny and when you pour it over food you USE LESS, but feel like you are getting more! Macro winning on my lunch yesterday.
While Aiden worked on a 3 hour nap I cleaned the house, I didn't have time to do anything last Sunday because I was running the half so I was playing catch up all week and hated it. My weeks go better when I get chores done on Sundays. Minimum is kitchen, master bath, laundry, and floors.

My clothing obsession does not fit into my real life closet, number one requirement for my next home is extra large closet space!! So once a year I have to do the switch over - I put all the cold weather clothing into the attic {I found great garment boxes at The Container Store} and pull of the Spring/Summer stuff out. Well last year I was 40 pounds heavier, everything is too big. I've sold my clothing before on IG, but it was such a pain so I don't think I want to do that again. I'm not sure what my plan is yet, but I need to figure it out soon. I'm glad I'm done having babies, staying the same size from now on sounds like heaven to me.



  1. woo hoo!! Congrats, Meg!! I won a race entry to a half here Saturday and had no plans to PR it seeing I'm a month from marathon, but someone told me I had time to run the shit out of it and recover fine so I did just that. I pr'd by 4+ minutes and placed 2nd in my age group as well!!! #fitmoms!! great job!!

  2. You should check out ThredUp. You can sell (and buy) some great name brand clothing and not so name brand. They will send you a bag and you can ship them all your stuff. They even have some items for the little guys(and gals). I have sold and bought some great pieces from there.

  3. Try Poshmark!


  4. My big kids are in sports 4 nights a week, plus games on Saturday, I feel ya on the crock pot life. By Friday night I feel close to exploding if I have to eat one more shredded meat. We make a lot of DIY Chipotle bowls, buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco, and use it to make fancy wraps, which are super yummy with a chipotle mayonnaise. A lot of shredded chicken and salad for me, shredded chicken and noodles for the kids.
    As for selling the clothes, do it in bulk lots. And then just package and send out like 10 lots.

  5. FUN weekend!! Way to rock your 10K!!!! You should try selling your clothes at Clothes Mentor - if they have one near you - they give you cash on the spot! It may not be as much as you could get selling them yourself, but it's WAY less hassle!!! http://www.clothesmentor.com/sell/how-it-works/

  6. Have you tried the series "Once Upon A Time" on Netflix? We watch it and absolutely love it! It centers around fairy tales in modern day. Im 20, and my fiance 24, and we really enjoy it! Miss M would for sure approve. And of course it is kid friendly!



  7. I have sold my clothes online to consignment stores like twice or thread up. I know clothes mentor takes a lot as well for consignment. I liked being able to clean out my closet a bit and earn some extra cash.

  8. What a great weekend! I love that you keep your kids so active with you and that you are passing your running down to your daughter. Amazing!!

  9. Take your clothes to Clothes a Mentor off George Bush and North Garland. It's like Once upon a child for adults clothes. You don't get as much as you would on IG but it's a painless process.

  10. I live in mansfield on the other side of DFW and am in a private FB group of moms to buy and sell clothes and baby items. Most of the stuff posted sells within a few hours and it's pretty painless. You may have a local group like that if you ask around. Your stuff is so cute it'd probably sell super quick ;)

  11. You are a fast lady! My swiftest run is at 8:30 for two miles! I am nowhere near what you can do. That is fantastic work Meg!

  12. I really like using the poshmark app to sell my clothing stash!

  13. You are freakin' awesome! Way to go girl! You had another busy weekend! Looked fun!

  14. Congrats on your race! That's so awesome!!!

  15. Try sending your stuff into ThredUp. They'll sell everything for you and you reap the benefits of some extra cash coming in from your old clothes.

  16. Woohoo!! Congrats on placing!! That's awesome!! I pink puffy heart LOVED West Wing!! If you haven't watched Parenthood it's a good one.

  17. What size are the clothes, I am in need of new smaller clothes and might like to buy some of them.


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