TJ Fav's and Pretty Hair

The problem with having lot of friends who are teachers is that the majority of them have Spring babies {as to get the most time off they can after birth} which means from now until May we have a birthday party or baby shower almost every weekend. The first one of the season was at a gymnastics place where I may have tried to throw it back to 1991 by performing a front flip. I will spare you the video, but let's just say I shouldn't have tried it wearing skinny jeans. 

My favorite little man is not very adventurous, he wasn't keen on climbing or sliding, a complete 180 from his sister. He's cruising pretty fast along furniture and while holding 1 finger, but the moment you let go he sits down.

Madison attended her first sleepover at a friends house, she was so excited she started packing on Thursday. Then she wanted to be sure her favorite pink tulle skirt was clean and I caught her trying to start the washer, while I appreciate the help I don't think I'm quite ready to let her work appliances alone.

It was a spa party, which she absolutely loved, of course. She's already begging for a sleepover for her next birthday party, but she also wanted a Princess party at Sweet and Sassy, and then a Mermaid Party at a pool. Girl is just dying to party however she can get it.

I tested out a new hair tutorial I found over at MissySue, didn't turn out half bad for my first time. Then I tried a dutch french braid, so not a go, that one's gonna take a little practice.

The time change really threw us all for a loop yesterday and somehow I ended up not prepping any food for work or doing any laundry. That's gonna suck this week, so I'm going to run to Trader Joe's on my lunch break today and stock up on my fav's - here are a few. 

That salsa is legit. I make an easy dinner throwing it over some baked chicken with sweet potato and cheese. I'm still obsessed with my sprializer.

The egg white with chives I can eat for breakfast over some wheat toast and then the chicken salad is the perfect lunch alone, on crackers, or as a sandwich - depending how many carbs I want to eat. 

Look how awesome that protein is for just 1 serving! Boom.

Cookie Butter, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the cookie butter. If you've never had it you are missing out, I love it so much more that Nutella or Peanut Butter. Sorry, but it's true. If you don't have one near you, order it online through Amazon - Speculoos Smooth Cookie Butter or try to make your own via Pinterest. I love the regular cookie butter with strawberries for my afternoon snack - the cookies and cream one tastes like heaven opened up and melted oreo fell into your mouth. Just sayin. The do make a cheesecake, chocolates, and other desserts with it, but I don't think I can limit myself so I haven't bought any.

What are some of your favorite items from TJ's?



  1. I love TJ's oatmeal and of course the cookie butter. I saw when I went on Saturday they may dark chocolate with cookie butter INSIDE. Can't wait to try it out!

    I do what I want.

  2. love that cute hairstyle! I am terrible at doing hair and admire your creativity! Have a great Monday :)
    xo, cassie

  3. Tomorrow is one of my no wash hair days. I am totally going to the try the faux fishtail. I love it! And it looks so easy. Now, I just have to find my clear elastics.

  4. I put the TJ's Salsa Verde over some chicken breasts in the crockpot then shred it up for tacos yum!

  5. I love the cookie butter but I LOVE the dried tangerines in the nut section I could, and have, eaten the entire bag by myself

  6. OMG.. I love me some TJ! We love the tamales, salsa, bacon, mahi mahi, the cookie butter cups (i freeze them), the chocolate covered espresso beans and so much more. All of our food comes from TJ or Costco, we rarely venture outside of there. AHh the shrimp stir fry is to die for too :) just saying..

    Love the hair tutorial too. I should try it out!

    Happy Monday darling!


  7. Ok so before I moved to san diego we didn't have a Tj's! I KNOW. Gasp! It was 45 min away and just not really easy to get to. But here? here they are EVERYWHERE. (Praise hands!) I am obsessed with plantain chips right now dipped into their homemade salsa especial mild (or regular--but it will burn your face off :P). I love their individual little nut packs (HAAAA--I'm 5!). I am eating paleo again (womp womp) but TJ's makes it really easy! I'm super obsessed. I go like 2x a week.

  8. Also--dried apricots right now are my jam.

  9. I love that braid!! I need to get to Trader Joe's, they seem to have all these new fun products to try.

  10. I love the braid! I want to try a bunch of her hairstyles!

  11. So, I am guessing with the words cookie, butter, and delicious...this is certainly not a low-calorie or healthy food...:) I have never been to TJ as it is about 70 miles or so from my home. However, I think it would be worth making the trip with all this I am reading!

  12. TJs is one of my staple stores. Love the orange chicken, organic blue corn chips, chipolte peach salsa, wasabi wow trail mix, and turkey meatballs. Oh and the triple ginger snaps of course

  13. love cookie butter. enough said....random: did you edit that MFP photo to only show fats, carbs and proteins or how did you do that? I'd love to make it so much easier to look at!

  14. Try their corn salsa and pre-cooked grilled chicken - love love love them for lunches or quick dinner : Rosemary balsamic, lemon pepper, or regular grilled! So so good!

  15. Scallion pancakes from TJ are heaven in my mouth! I read an article of the healthiest things at TJ and I went that day and they were givin out samples of the pancakes...been hooked ever since.

  16. I need more cookie butter!!!!

  17. Kid sleepovers are awesome when they aren't at your house:) lol! I have two boys, and we've had a couple--and OH MY WORD!! They are loud and rowdy! And is that chocolate on Twilight Sparkle's face?? I need to have that kind of makeover--surely I wouldn't have to log it into MFP if I licked it off my face:) lol


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