Leg Day and Food Prep.

Let's just get this out of the way, the dress is white and gold. 

My tank is Abundant Heart {use code skinnymeg} and his shirt is from Customize your Cutie.

Last week my schedule got all wacky, ice kept everyone in DFW home for the day, so I didn't get my regular leg day workout. On Friday I decided to make up for that {usually I rest} and try something new,  I came across this on You Tube and gave it a try.

It took about 90 minutes to complete it all, but you could also just do what you have time for since a lot of it is repetitive just with dumbbells instead of a bar. While I was doing it and after it didn't really feel THAT difficult, but the next day, whoa. My entire booty was on fire, in fact it was STILL hurting today. 

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Foam rolling at my house is always an adventure, as soon as I'm near the floor one or more kids are jumping on me, pulling my hair, or trying to fit underneath me. It hurts like the fire of a thousand suns, but it's so worth it! Anyways, if you are feeling brave give that workout a shot.

Oliver continues to try to steal my sweet baby, more and more Aiden is crawling over to Daddy instead of me. I will not tolerate it, I have to come up with a good game plan to win him back, Oliver got Madison and Aiden's going to be my little bald buddy, foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oliver's just really comfy to snuggle on, so maybe it's just the weather. My boobs have shrunk to pitiful D's, not that great to lay on.

I decided to try something new for lunches this week, Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf Muffins, they look tasty so I'm excited! Oliver can legit eat the same thing every day for months, I can't, I need variety or I get bored and start eating out at work because my food doesn't appeal to me.

The macros on 1 muffin, I switched out the breadcrumbs for panko. 

Oliver teased me about my giant pill case, but it's so annoying to pull out and open 4 or 5 bottles every day and this is just so much easier! Plus I can't tell you how many times I've had to REALLY think about if I actually took them that day or not, autopilot is annoying. Probiotic, Fish Oil, Multivitamin , and Astragalus .

Taught my big girl how to blow dry her hair :) I also, by some miracle, got her to put on a different pink tutu.



  1. I'm going to have to try those chicken parm muffins and that booty workout!! ;)

  2. That workout looks like fun ;-) . Trying the muffins I'm starting to get bored.

  3. I love seeing the macro breakdown on what you eat! Thanks for that!

    My girls have that pink tutu too! got them one each at target on clearance a while back - score!


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