Gym Questions and Cheat Days

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Do you have gym questions you are scared to ask? Well, Fleurty and Fit got up the nerve so I'd thought I'd share my answers. 

1.   Fasted Cardio---what's the purpose? And can you eat after? How long do you have to fast?
The point is to burn fat, some say you burn more when you're fasted, I personally do not find it effective. To be truly fasted - no preworkout, no supplements, no nothin'. I say HIIT it hard and you'll burn more fat.

2. Is it better to do cardio before or after you do weights? Or does it matter? Or can you do it before and after?
It's personal preference, I prefer before, do what works for you.

3. Is it better to lift the weights slowly, or fast?
Slow, you want to be you are executing the form correctly or you're pretty much wasting your time. It always helps me to focus in on what muscle I'm working.

4. When you have a set of several arm or leg exercises, (ex. 4 sets of 15 reps), do you do each exercise for 4 sets and then move to the next set, or do you do each exercise for one set, and repeat 4 times? Does it matter?
 Again personal preference. I like to do all the same sets together, unless I'm supersetting {putting two exercises back to back no rest}. Sometimes I get really crazy and mix and upper and lower body, woo hoo. LOL

5.  What are the best foods, or types of foods, to eat before and after the gym? Protein, carbs? Does it matter? I'm just hungry all the time, so  to me it doesn't.
 Depends on your workout and your stomach. I don't eat anything except my preworkout and my Catalyst before I lift weight, but I have to eat a small portion of carb/protein before I run. The biggest no no is dairy, I would steer clear of it before working out. After the gym you want and good ratio of protein and carbs - hence my carb loading pancakes after I do a long run.

6.  What is the benefit (other than making you feel like a crack head) of a "pre-workout"? And which one do you prefer? How long before the gym do you drink it?
It just gives you a nice little jolt at 5am - not necessary, but fun. I drink mine 30 minutes before I workout, but never before I run cause it makes me feel sick when I use it before cardio, I only use Spark when I run. Plus you get a good face tingling, if you like that sort of thing.


We had a good discussion on my Facebook group about 'bad' or 'cheat' days. Everyone's definition on what bad days are will be different, for me, it's going above my calorie goal. My first goal is to hit my macros with +/- 5 but if I just totally eff it up my back up goal is to stay within my calorie range. Depending on how honest you are in your tracking you can pull a report from MFP that will tell you how you've done for the last week, month, or three months.

During the week some common pitfalls are, not packing enough food to take with you, and eating out due to peer pressure. Every Monday I stop by the store and buy items I keep at work all week long:
  • Apples, Strawberries, and Cookie Butter
  • Yogurts x5
  • Popcorn or Pretzels 
  • Protein Bars
  • Gum x2
I prep food on Sunday for breakfast and lunches and my co-workers already know that Megan only eats out on Fridays. It's just easier to let them know ahead of time so I'm not tempted by Mexican food or Panera. Eating out doesn't have to be 'bad' food, there are a lot of healthy options, but the sodium is high and it gets expensive which is enough of a deterrent for me. 

Unless of course your Mom calls and offers to bring the bald one to meet you during the week. All bets are off with this cutie. Side note: someone commented to me that I kiss him, a lot. Like the poor guy is always being smooched on, but I legit can NOT HELP MYSELF. That soft bald head and beautiful brown eyes just get me every time.

I have to be careful before dinner - usually I'm starving when I get home, but we all know when you're a Mom you gotta do them first. I snack on cold chicken until I get a meal. I'm in no way perfect, but I would say my 'bad' days are few and far between. I think this is due to having a back up plan, I don't let one little slip up do me in. Last week someone evil told me to try the Trader Joe's dried fruit, I don't even LIKE dried fruit, but I picked up some Mandarin Oranges. 47g of carbs later I was cussing myself as I ate a carbless dinner of chicken and cheese. I won't be buying those again, too easy to eat the entire bag. Cutting back your bad day to a bad meal choice is a great way to start, honestly if you're falling off the wagon several times a week it's going to be hard to see results. See where you stand, be honest with yourself, track all your foods, and make small goals.

I feel that if you are eating in a way that is sustainable and healthy that you shouldn't need a 'cheat day' every week. Live naturally, if something comes up, then enjoy yourself regardless of your 'diet'. This is meant to be a way of life not a Monday through Saturday diet.



  1. I need to be better about meal prep. I have realized that I can not have anything sweet around me otherwise I will eat it all. So I only buy or make "desserts" if I know we are having company and I can give it to them or if I leave it at someones house.

  2. It is so hard for me to get that's it's a lifestyle!! I don't know why I can't get it through my thick skull! I also struggle with if that I make a mid katr I will let it ruin my whole day and then it can so easily turn into my whole week and then month!

  3. I struggle with cheat DAYS. It's so hard to not go out to eat on he weekends. I need to work on that. Question - what gets better results- lighter weights & more reps or heavier weight & less reps?

  4. I find it hilarious that someone commented that you kiss him a lot. Of course you do, that's your job! :) I kiss my daughter no less than 1,331 times a day. I can't help myself, her cheeks are the best! Thanks for this post, great tips!

  5. Meg, are you still on cutting macros or have you moved to maintenance?

  6. How do you become a "runner"?! I have started and failed the C25K plan more than I care to admit. I just feel like I'm not getting any better. I can't ever get to the point feeling like I am not about to die right there in the street.

    1. Gotta put on your big girl panties and keep trying until it doesn't suck anymore! Hard work pays off!

    2. How did you start out? How long did it take you to build endurance? I feel like I can't get passed a min and half without stopping.

  7. I think my biggest struggle is patience. I'm not a patient person just in general and it's so hard when it comes to fitness for me. I think a lot of people want to get fit quick and it's just not that easy. Maybe because in my 20s I could just skip a meal and drop into my size 2s overnight. Now if I smell a cookie my pants are tight, lol!

    1. This is spot on! After a day or two of doing great people expect results!

  8. You look tiny in the selfiey by your sink. I'm on my own personal journey and I probably say "If skinny Meg can do this so can I" about 10 times a day. You know when my alarm goes off at 4am or I'm jogging and want to walk.... Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your family. It has changed my life.

  9. Where do you find great sprots bras that do not create cleavage or lack support? I have ample and by ample I am talking 34DDD size... and the support is everything! Some days I wear 2... yes 2 sports bras to run!

    1. Go to Amazon and search 'Panache Bra' you're welcome cause they are perfect ;)

    2. I agree panache bras are THE BEST!

  10. You are doing so well! Where are your pants from? Love the color and lines!

  11. 1st - You're awesome, looking so lean! You've definitely inspired this cardio girl to up my weights game.

    2nd - You absolutely cannot kiss that boy enough! My husband accused me of the same thing with my little guy (if 2.5 is still considered little) and I just can't agree, the cuteness and sweetness gets me every time. I refuse to feel guilty for too many kisses :)


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