Fri - Yay Fun.

Yesterday my sweet little baby boy turned one, I was lucky enough to be stuck home with a Texas 'snow' day where there actually was snow on the ground.

I know you Northerners scoff at us closing down the entire city for this, but the scary part is what's actually under the snow...ice.  It's even worse when there is snow on top of it because you can't see it before you hit it.

 We hung out in our jammies, ate homemade pizza, and napped, so pretty much a perfect day! I wasn't have an offical party for Aiden, I plan on doing what we did for Madison's first and taking 1 year photo's at the Arboretum with a smash cake, but my Mom insisted on making him a birthday cake yesterday so we invited over a few of the neighborhood kids to help eat it up.

I honestly thought he wouldn't eat any, he's SUCH a picky eater, but after one little bite he was all in.

He pretty much freaks out when anyone he doesn't see on a daily basis even looks at him, totally normal at this age, but his shy face just cracks me up.

He just folds sideways, which obviously makes him invisible. 

Madison told me not to be sad he was growing up because, and I quote, ' now I can ask him to play with me instead of you and Daddy'. She really is great at helping with him, she picks up the cat bowls so he can't eat the kitty food, she looks for small objects he might choke on, and she lets me know if he's hungry or tired. I plan on buying him this Castle Inflatable Bounce House w/ Slide later this month when it warms up and he can actually use it outside - no room for blowups in the house. I figured it's something both the kids will enjoy together.

It was also a good mail day, my new Abundant Heart tanks came in and I can't wait to sweat them up at the gym - use code SKINNYMEG for a discount. I've signed up for a few races, the Rock N Roll Dallas half March 22 and the Moonlight Madness Half Marathon May 30th. The Moonlight one is pretty cool, it's at night and it starts and ends at a brewery. Nothing beats running and beer. There's also a cool 5k if that's more you speed - The  Cedar Creek Brewery in SevenPoints, TX Upon finishing each runner receive a custom event “Finisher” pint glass and two 16 oz beers to fill it with.



  1. I was interested in the Cedar Creek Brewery 5K so I googled the address. Its a 4 hour drive from my house. Maybe that's not doable. I'll wait for the McNellies Pub Run in Oklahoma City instead. I love beer and running! I do it every thursday night! I'm sorry that I'm a no-reply blogger but if you wanted to say hi, you can email me at estherdavison@gmail.com. Thanks and your blog is one of my favorites!

  2. Do the abundant heart tanks run true to size? I love reading all your post

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. I have enjoyed watching Aiden's first year (my boy is 5 weeks younger, and I like to see what he'll be up to soon, based off what Aiden is doing!) Long time reader, first time commenting.


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