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 Happy St. Patrick's Day! My Mom loves nothing more than to celebrate the small holidays and I love it when she sends me selfies, hahhhaha. She's awesome. She also made sure the kids had just a touch of green to keep the leprechauns at bay. 

I started off my morning with a 5am run, a few ladies in my group brought themed treats which means we have to run hills to earn them. We ran one hill that seems to go on forever and I took it like a beast, legit spirited it to the top. My leg day workouts are paying off, I'm feeling strong. 

I am quite sure the last 3 pounds I lost were in my breasts, every time I put on a bra the cups are huge on me. I won't say I'm sad about it, I've had boobs since the 4th grade, I'm over them. The absolute LAST place I lose weight is in my legs, it's also the first place I gain weight too. While I was pregnant with Aiden my thighs were also about to give birth. 

This old picture popped up on my time hop, so of course I took a comparison shot and I'd say I'm back to where I was, but now I need to see where I can get them for good! Building muscle is a sure fire way to get faster at running to, the last time I PR'd a half I was running less and squatting more and I blew my old time by 6 minutes! That's a lot! I hope to PR another half this year, I think if I keep up my twice weekly leg days I can get there. 

One of my favorite things to do on Instagram, besides shop for cute kids clothing, is get inspired by kick ass fitness accounts, and I'm not talking about picture after picture of your six pack abs. I wanna see what other people do in the gym, here are a few of my favorites.

I found her workout videos before I found her other account, she's a bikini comp, but posts some very doable workouts on her page. Love.

I just came across this one, Jana is in Dallas too and she's legit, works a full time job, single mother, and super fit.

I have followed Melissa forever and ever, she's great for those of you who workout at home. She actually trained for a bikini comp without ever using a gym, wow. 

Katy gives us all booty envy, but I enjoy her page for the videos, food, and humor.

Bite Sized Fitness is another one for videos that are easy to follow.

I love love love love the Instasave App - you can save and download IG videos to your phone, pick a few to do for a workout and put them in a folder for easy access. Boom. 



  1. Hey Meg-- could you maybe do a post about how you used Advocare during and after pregnancy? I'm pregnant right now and interested in getting started with some products, but unsure of where to start while pregnant.

    1. http://www.skinnymeg.com/2013/07/supplements-during-pregnancy.html

  2. You!!!! Also love Katy and AlexaJeanFitness. She's got me hooked on HIIT during this cut.

  3. You are one of my favorite accounts to follow! You are by and far one of the most relatable on IG and I appreciate how hard you work while also being a full-time professional and a mom! You keep me inspired on the daily. :)

  4. MrsWaltman! She is crazy fit and posts videos everyday

  5. I know you have answered this question before but where did you get the chair in your most recent picture? I need it ASAP!


  6. i recently started following sarah_bowmar. she's got some great workouts, especially for glutes and shoulders. killer.

  7. Jana (mindbodysoulfitness2012) is my trainer, and she is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. She is the real deal. I told her about your blog too! very cool.

  8. Yours is my fav...just sayin'!

  9. Yours is my fav...just sayin'!

  10. Do you have any favorite youtube fitness people? I like fitnessblender.com and their IG account. When I don't have time to get to the gym and don't have the brain power to come up with a quick workout, I'll watch one of their workouts on the tv and get a 30-45 min home workout in.


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