Day in the Life: Weekend Snap Shots

 Oliver works every other Saturday and he had the early shift {7am} this weekend so I texted a friend at the gym to be sure she was bringing a kid or two to play while I got my sweat on. We both have 6 year old girls and she has identical twin girls who are the same age as Aiden. We actually had a close due date, but she got to meet her babies before I did. Getting everyone up, fed, and out the door by 7:37am is no small feat. 

Then we all head home for showers, breakfast, and maybe a nap depending on his mood. He was still going strong, he can play with that tape measure for 30 minutes and be happy! Madison changes her outfit, again, and my Mom comes over so we can head out and run some errands.

We hit up Dillards to buy Madison's dress for family pictures, but after trying it on her I don't love it, so I run the department and pick up every dress that could possibly work, beg her to try them all on, make a decision, then pay. I don't have the time or energy to shop around with both kids, but I think the one we got was beautiful! She happened to come across a Build A Bear gift card so we swing by there, of course she picks the Elsa bear. 

We are hungry again, Potbelly has some delish options, I got the skinny TKY with a skinny side of chili. Madison got the chili too, she loves anything her father loves too :) We drive home, put Aiden down for a good nap and us girls head out for a pedicure. Then we meet up with my Dad and Oliver for dinner, I made a terrible mistake and let Oliver pick dinner and he picks pizza. I know better than to leave it up to him, nothing even remotely low fat at the place. I had a small chicken pesto and took off a bunch of cheese and called it a day. 

Sunday my soccer game was canceled, again, due to the fields being crazy wet still. I haven't played in a month due to the rain! Anyways another local group I know was meeting at 5am for 10 miles so I set my alarm and got up and busted those suckers out and was back home before Aiden even woke up. I much prefer getting my workouts done super early, I'll pass on the extra sleep most days. I made myself some protein pancakes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, and did some laundry. 

Aiden got up around 8:15, fed him, and we all went to the grocery store. I love going early before the crowds, Madison gets to push a kid cart and I don't have to fight people down the small aisles at Sprouts.

I even let the bald one out of the cart for a little walking practice. We usually hit up two stores, Sprouts for produce, protein bars, and any special items I can't get a a regular grocery store. Halo, Artic Zero, Quest, FlapJacked, and if they have good prices on their organic chicken/fish. 

We spent 123.00 at Sprouts, but the Honeycrisp were the size of my head and I may of spent like 20 bucks on just apples. Oops. Then we go to Kroger for the rest of our items, 160ish bucks later I'm counting down the days until Aiden is off formula. Our grocery bills goes up and down, one week is a ton and then the next less to just pick up perishables. We still spend more than our mortgage on food though.

We go home and Oliver puts the food away while I feed Aiden and put him down for a nap. Madison changes her clothes, again.

Then Oliver and Madison watch a movie or play a game while I food prep for the week. I made turkey muffins again, baked some chicken, and a few egg muffins. In between checking the food I washed the floors, did more laundry, and cleaned the bedroom. I'm really trying to stay on top of cleaning around the house, nothing makes me feel worse than a mess where I live. I decided I don't like spending money on a cleaning service so I've been doing it myself. Oliver will keep things picked up during the week, but the deeper cleaning is all me. I'm not sure he even knows how to clean the floors, but I love him anyways.

I have a baby shower at 2, so I'm forced to put on makeup and real clothes. Aiden wakes from his 2 hour nap just in time to go with me, my Dad is coming to pick up Madison and take her swimming at the Y so she doesn't want to go to the party. Oliver's free to do his man things for a few hours, watching movies not suitable for children. I go ahead and log my dinner so I know how many macros I have to spend at the party, not enough for a cupcake, but I'm so busy with the baby I can't eat anyways. Winning.

Aiden and I get home around 5, he was such a good boy at the shower even though he refuses to let anyone except me touch him. My parents come over for Sunday dinner, I made pork chops with cauliflower 'mashed potatoes', Aiden LOVED the cauliflower hopefully this will be a turning point for my picky food eater. The next few hours we eat, chat, play the Wii {Madison will kick your butt in bowling},  clean the kitchen, and just hang out and relax.

Aiden goes to bed around 8 so everyone has got to go, then I pack my gym bags, give myself a Sunday spray tan, and watch a little tv with Oliver and Madison before bed. 

Monday comes fast, 4:17am up and at 'em for leg day.



  1. The sunrise this morning was AMAZEBALLS!

  2. Oh my goodness- build a bear! I forgot about that lovely place of happiness. So much fun happens there! You should have had the pizza, life is too short sweet Meg!

  3. I'm exhausted just hearing your weekend!! You are so incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing everything!

  4. You are amazing!! I don't have any kiddos (yet), but I am SO impressed by the priority you put on your health and the example you set for you kids. Have a great week!
    xo, Cassie

  5. Replies
    1. Nothing special just a easy one I googled, topped with diced tomatoes :)

  6. Love your polka dot shirt. Seriously cute!! Sounds like a great weekend!!

  7. We ended up weaning Beckett from formula around 11.5 months and it was awesome! We were spending $20 (getting the cheap stuff) every 4-5 days (I know a lot of mommas spend a lot more than that) and it's nice to have that for other stuff now. Plus side, the pediatrician didn't yell at me for weaning him prior to a year - I consider that a win!

    Beckett also won't let people touch him if Josh or I are around. Kind of cute. Somewhat annoying. Ha.

  8. How long are you feeding formula until? I stopped at 13 months for my little guy and was glad to see the drop in my grocery bill.

  9. I have been so inspired by your weight loss and how great you look. Perhaps you may have addressed this previously in a post and I may have missed it (newborn Mommy brain) but how did you get up early when Aiden wasn't sleeping through the night? Do you have any suggestions for getting in workouts when you are completely and totally sleep deprived (and still breast feeding which makes everything uncomfortable)? I work full time and am struggling to fit it all in - you seem to have it all together - so I thought that I would reach out and ask! From one Dallas mom to another! Thanks!

    1. When I went back to work at 12 weeks he was feeding twice a night and slept in my room in the pack and play, I got up once at like midnight and again before the gym so it was too terrible. If you're getting up a ton worry about getting what sleep you can, they eventually get on a schedule, just bide your time and don't worry about the gym until you have the rest! sleep is important!

  10. Have you shared the cauliflower recipe? I truly need! haha

  11. I agree with the above! how do you get up at 417 even when you don't get enough sleep??? is it just determination, coffee and spark?? Also I tried the spark and it really upset my stomach, all those vitamins, do you get used to that?

    1. practice ;) the more you do it the easier it gets!

  12. I don't know how you DO all of that in one weekend?! Wait was that just a weekend? Holy balls of fire you have Mucho Energy Meg!!!! And is that sunrise for real? Gorgeous! You are one positive role model for your bambinos!


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