Weekend Eats.

Being off plan a few days pushed me to be on point all last week and over the weekend, my hard work was finally rewarded with a dip into the 150's - yay!  Staying on track all weekend is getting easier for me, eating out is the biggest culprit to my weight loss and Oliver and I made a pact to only eat out once all weekend. His motivation is more money than nutrition, but whatever works.

Here are a few of my eats from the last few days.

My post run reward, carbs carbs carbs on the best thing you can eat after a good run! Ingredients below, minus the TruWhip I put on last minute.

These pancakes were so amazing, my mouth is water now just looking at it. 9f /59c / 34p

 Chicken Fried Rice. So good.

 Sunday I was busy all afternoon at a friends house and got behind on my macros. Had to pull out the good stuff to get it all in - Whole Wheat Pasta, bacon, chicken, cheese, brussels for my muscles.

Y'all the heaven opened up and dropped down the most amazing healthy ice cream. Seriously. The macros on this thing are beautiful!!! 70g = 3f / 12c / 7p the sugars are 3g per serving. Boom. The perfect ice cream!!

Sweet Baby Aiden is hitting that time, clingy phase, he only wants me and only wants to be held. I'll hold his sweet fat face all day, but dang is he heavy! That's where my real biceps come from, now you know. 

I got my meal prepping done, Oliver ran to the store while I took the kids on a playdate. Team work at it's best, hahhaa, I hate grocery shopping.

I was having a blonde moment while rushing to make him a list and I put eggs - in carton. Well in MY head that meant the egg beater things in a carton, in HIS head he bought real egg in a carton. I'm gonna need him to get on board and read between my lines. I whisked up each egg for my muffins and they get reallllll fluffy, oops.

Oh well, they all eat the same. For lunch I made a veggie chicken mix over brown rice.

Every Sunday I bake up a huge pack of chicken, use some for lunches and some I save for dinners.That magic seasoning is my current favorite and the Mrs Dash shown above is delish over some veggies!

Both kids are getting better, Aiden ran a 101 fever over the weekend, but I think it may just be from his giant teeth coming in. The top 4 all came in a the same time, poor guy. Madison was back at indoor soccer and scored the only goal like a champ! 

Wednesday a big group of us are starting a cleanse - the Advocare 10 Day. I've written up a meal guide to help alleviate some of the stress from figuring out what to eat, if you would like to join either hit me up on FB or email. You probably would have to order asap to get it in time.



  1. I love watching your transformation! !! You are killing it! I'm pushing the 180s and can't get my shit together because I get discouraged.

  2. Have you ever shared your egg muffin recipe? It looks amazing!

  3. You look amazing! Thanks for some lunch ideas.

  4. We need recipes!!!! Especially for the chicken fried rice and the egg muffins :)
    They look so yummy!
    So proud of your progress. I've been following for a while, but never posted. I'm 10 weeks post partum with a new baby girl :) You are such an inspiration to get my tail back in gear (and shape)!!!

    1. Hi Rachel. I am not sure about the other recipes, but if you click the "Chicken Fried Rice" right under the picture of the scale & calculator it will take you to the recipe for it. It took me to Pinterest where I was able to pin it for later. Here is the link it took me to though. http://www.cookingclassy.com/2014/05/chicken-fried-rice/

    2. Thanks!!! I didn't notice that before :)

  5. Hi Meg! My trainer just had me read up on macros and I remember that you had a post or link about how all of that works. I thought I saved it, but of course can not find it now. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  6. Here you go! http://www.skinnymeg.com/2014/06/iifym-getting-started.html

  7. I cannot haul my baby around as much as he wants me to without my carriers!!! I have an Ergo, and I just got one from Bitybean. The Bitybean is much more compact, super washable, and easy to use - and a bit more affordable. Not quite as comfy around the waist though.

  8. How do you cook your chicken to look that good? Mine is always either under cooked or over cooked. Help.

  9. You're the best! I am going to use some of these meal examples! xoxo


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