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This weekend is very important and not just because it's the day we celebrate love with our friends and family, it's also the deadline to enroll in health insurance. It's your last chance to avoid penalty on your taxes next year, health insurance open enrollment ends on Sunday, February 15.

Did you know there’s a new requirement on your taxes this year? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all Americans have health insurance coverage in 2014 or pay a penalty in their taxes, which means this year you have to report your insurance stats on your tax return. Luckily, it’s really easy with TurboTax. If you get insurance from work, all you have to do is check a box! 

Plus, through February 16th you can file for free – Federal AND State – if you have a simple return (1040A/EZ). 

 I have used TurboTax from the very beginning, from my first job at 16, through college, marriage, and kids. It's absolutely hassle free, fast, and couldn't be easier. I always have felt  that I got the maximum return because they don't miss a thing!

The Affordable Care Act is something we ALL need to be educated on and how it is going to affect our filings. No matter if you are an insured filer, a marketplace insured filer, or an uninsured filer these video will help clear up questions you may have. You can also check out the TurboTax Health page for more info!

I'm not gonna lie, watching my little box in the corner add up my return can be pretty fun, even more fun with an extra kid this year :) I'm sure Oliver will request we do something fun, like save it. The ying to my yang, that man.

I've always taken care of the finances and taxes for our family, it's just what works best for us. I'm curious to hear how you guys handle tax season at your house? Did you know about the new Affordable Care Act requirements for 2014?



  1. For the past 4 years my husband and I have used an accountant for our taxes and let's just say, his cut is pretty generous. We also had our second child last year (score!) This year we will be using Turbo Tax!

  2. I handle all of our fiancés as well... Luckily, my mother in law was an accountant and did our taxes for us! We are excited to file next year because we are having a baby in June!

  3. This is just one of those things that to me, personally, is worth paying for. It's not worth the tears and anxiety it causes me.

    1. Internet high five! Ain't no shame in having someone else do it! ;)

  4. I did TurboTax this year, and was STUNNED that it was ALL free. I almost cried, honestly. This is the first year in a long time that taxes were super easy. Thank God. I still don't think the gov't needs to know what kind of insurance I have, but that's neither here nor there. The important thing is that I have it.

  5. I use Turbo Tax each year also and I LOVE it!!!

  6. My husband is a CPA, although he doesn't do taxes. Needless to say, I don't touch our finances. It's a blessing and a curse!

  7. I am a financial advisor and love this post! Also love that you manage the finances - fist bump.

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