Sitting at Work is a Health Risk

Recent studies have shown that people with jobs in which they sit most of the day are more likely to get overweight and die. Even if you exercise on a regular basis you still run the risk of health issues due to sitting too much, It has been all over the news. So what is a desk jockey to do.
Obviously you most likely need your job, so quitting probably isn't an option. If you quit you'd probably just start sitting at home in front of the television all day, which wouldn't correct the issue at all. 
One suggestion to help keep your body from getting stagnant is to get up and walk around often. Whenever you have a lull at the computer or phone, get up and take a quick walk around the office. This allows your blood to get pumping and flowing again. It also helps burn a few calories. 
If you have time after lunch take a walk. Eat lunch standing up, if you can. Eating a light lunch at work keeps you from feeling weighed down too. It also helps you with weight loss, the walking and the eating light. Light lunch means a salad or a salad or maybe a sandwich with mostly fresh vegetables. A little protein can help too, so add some tuna or chicken.
An interesting innovation for desk workers are the new height adjustable desks. These desks are adjustable so they can be used by the tallest and the shortest workers.They are ergonomically designed, so they help in a well rounded way, making them comfortable to stand at.
Simply standing, instead of sitting, can help you burn an added 20 to 50 calories. Your starting weight determines how much you stand to burn (no pun intended). Yes, you burn calories while sitting, just like your body continues to burn calories while you sleep. However, standing gives your muscles some work to do which helps burn those extra calories. You just might burn off dinner if you spend your eight hour shift standing.
Not only will standing at work reduce your waistline, promote weight loss and help keep your body functioning properly (and happily), it can also help with your posture. Many people tend to slouch when they sit. Standing at a desk promotes good posture, which can also help your body run more properly.
These interesting and amazing height adjustable desks are definitely a holistic health care item. They aid in helping create a healthier mind, body and soul. Your blood flows better, allowing you to think better. Your body gets healthier and your soul feels freer!
If you cannot convince your employer to get you a standing desk, invest in one for when you work at home and just take every chance you can at the office to get up and walk around, even if it's just for a quick lap around your desk. The less time you spend sitting the better your health will be and the more your body will thank you.



  1. I would love a standing desk for my home. I spend a lot of time on the computer, whether it be for homework or my blog. That means a lot of sitting. Honestly, it's so uncomfortable for me to sit at the computer anyways lol

  2. Thank you for mentioning this. My chiropractor just recently talked to me about sitting at a desk all day and how it affects your posture, etc. I do take breaks at times and walk around a little but I am thinking I need to do this more often.

  3. So excited that I am getting an argotron at work next week - will allow me to sit or stand at my desk. Becoming more common at my workplace!

  4. I have a standing desk at work, but before I got it, my coworker and I would put our monitors and keyboards up on reams of paper or random boxes to create it, so if you can't afford it, make a way!

  5. I am known for doing squats, lunges and incline push ups while at work because it hurts my hips to sit too long. While I am on the phone I will do standing stretches. I do everything I can to ease the pressure from sitting!! I also have a little foot stool underneath my desk that helps with my posture. I am known for tucking my feet underneath me which is not healthy. I wish I had a standing desk though, that would rock!!


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