Killer Leg Workout

My antibiotics are kicking in FINALLY and I'm annoyingly happy today after my awesomely fast run and fast chest/shoulder workout! 

I'm going to start this discussion with a disclaimer, I ain't no profesh. What I talk about here is strictly my opinion and that's solely based on my experience with my own body. I am pear shaped, always have been, I lose weight from my top down.

My arms take work, of course, but they are the first to start coming around when I lift weights. My waist is small from genetics, not ab workouts, but my bottom and legs take A LOT of work. A lot. 

I am the same weight in both of this pictures. Pic 1 = Running and mostly body weight exercises // Pic 2 = Some running and lots of heavier weighted exercises.

I tried really hard to stick to a regimented 'program', but here the thing - for me they are just not enough. I don't get results from a 20 minute leg routine even if it is with super heavy weights. You never see me talking about PRing  a weight because I don't get what my body needs from hitting a 200 pound squat for 1 or 2 reps. I had to workout a long time to figure out how to change my body shape. I feel like a lot of these trainers routines are geared toward someone who is maybe already thin, but looking to build muscle. Well I do want to do that, but I also need to drop fat, stubborn damn fat around my thighs. That takes a heck of a lot more work. Plus I get bored and it's not uncommon for me to look up my fav fitness account on IG before bed and plan out something new to do at the gym the next day.

Anyways, on Monday's I do my super leg day - around 90 minutes of just legs, no cardio. This is not beginner level, but I just wanted to share kinda how I workout. You can adjust reps, weights, etc - you do you. 

 A few notes:
*I rest longer the heavier I go up to 60 seconds between sets
**Form is so important, you can not only hurt yourself, but waste your time if you are not hitting the correct muscles. Squatting is especially hard, it takes a lot of time and effort to get it right, practice makes perfect. Record yourself at home and see how you do and always watch yourself in a mirror!
***I think most of these moves are easy to find via YouTube or Google, but if you have a question leave it on my FB and I'll get back to you.

I also highly recommend a good lifting shoe for leg day - running shoes can tilt your foot and cause you knee pain! I learned that the hard way :( 
I use and love the Nike Womens Free Bionic

Happy Sweating! 



  1. Wowowowo that leg routine looks intense! I want to try it but I don' think I'll be able to walk for a week.

  2. I saw that workout and was like okay....then I kept scrolling and scrolling. It just went on forever. LOLOL. That is a KILLER.

  3. Thanks for this! I'm about to go do the arm workout you posted last week - I'm a late night girl. ;) I wish you would post some of the accounts you follow on IG for workout ideas - I could use more!!

  4. I am always so jealous of people with genetically small waists. I have a short torso and boxy hips with small chest, so I have to be really careful what I wear so that I have some shape on top. Got massive calves and good buns, so the bottom half is OK on the curves! (sigh...) Can I just say THANK YOU for your message of lifting heavy for women?? I hate watching some online workout videos for preggos (which I am right now) and seeing them use 3lb weights max. Ummmm... that's a step back for me, so... NO!!! Keep up the real good work. You are so inspiring and encouraging, without trying to sell me anything. Maj'preesh!!

  5. I am just the opposite! I have rather large breasts- not so small waist... but nice small hips and tone legs... I need upper body and core!!! You are looking fantabulous!!! Your journey inspires me!

  6. These are great exercises. Just wish I could build up the courage to go the free weights on my own.

  7. That's a crazy leg workout! But thanks for the explanation about the shoes and doing the squats. I've seen it on instagram but nobody explained why not to use your running shoes!

  8. When you say something like 12x3, 10x3, 8x3.... Do you do 12 reps, 3 times at the same weight before you move on to the 10 reps at a different weight? LOVE your workouts!!!!! Thanks for posting :)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this… I noticed you mentioned it's not suggested for beginners. Do you have a beginner leg work out you could share? OR do you think it's okay to just tweak this with less reps, less weight (obviously) and less number of exercise's? I've lifted weights in the past. But it's been quite a while. And you're so inspiring.. I just want to run to the gym even if I faint on the way there. lol =)

    1. Personally I think you could just lower the weight and do as many as you can! Then add a little more each week!

    2. Awesome! Thank you for the reply back. I'm in Garland, Texas. Stay safe and warm…


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