All I do is eat and kiss babies.

Weekends consist of:


Post 12 mile run carb loading. Protein pancake recipe from @poppylocks on Instagram.

Protein protein protein. Crockpot taco chicken, eggs, cantina style salsa on a whole wheat wrap.

Brown rice, crockpot taco chicken, avocado, lime juice. 

 Addicting, you've been warned. Cucumbers, roasted red pepper hummus, chicken/turkey meat. 


Wherever I am, he is. 

Madison writing our grocery list, lots and lots of fruit. We are working on spelling and sounding out words, trying to get her to write smaller, but she told me it was too hard to see.


Getting class Valentines made, cause ain't no one got time for that on a Thursday night. 

Their first Father Daughter Dance, my baby girl ain't no baby. She did fight me for 30 minutes about her dress, it's too tight, it's too short, it's itchy. Ugh. This kid. She legit pulled out every 'comfortable' dress in her closet trying to bargain with me. After I curled her hair though, she was very happy with the end result.

Food Prep.

I bake up loads of chicken, it just makes throwing something together for dinner that much easier! I have no problems hitting my protein goal every day - all them musclesssssssssss!



  1. The baked chicken?? I suck at anything chicken, it's too dry, no flavor, it taste, hmmm...CHICKENY! Help, what's your trick..temp?seasoning?etc?

    1. LOL - I season with Magic Poultry Seasoning, bake at 450 for 22 minutes. Seasoning it is very important!

  2. that chicken looks amazing!!!

  3. Yes I stink at baked chicken also. It looks amazing

  4. I know how much you like something to make your life easier.....if you have a Stand Mixer, put your cooked chicken in there and turn it on for like 3 minutes and BOOM shredded chicken! AMAZING and simple!

    1. Yes I've done that a lot, but pulling out the mixer, then washing it can be a pain some days :) I like to use it when I've cooked it soft in the crockpot!

  5. Oh, that delicious baby!! :) (And the food looks good, too!)

  6. I made those cucumber sammies for lunch tomorrow!!! Thanks for all the food ideas!!! xoxo

  7. Grocery list! That's a great way to get them to practice writing. My Joey has such a hard time with writing smaller too!

  8. I love roasted red pepper hummus, I need something other than a spoon to put it on, I will have to try those little sammies

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