10 Pound Progress Pictures

It's time again - 10 more pounds gone!

Waist: 33 >> 31.5
Hip: 41.75 >> 38.5
Thigh: 23.75 >> 22
Upper Arm: 14 >> 11.25
chest 36 >> 35
I feel good, things are finally moving again after my stall post marathon. I started my 10 Day Cleanse today, I have one month until Aiden turns one and I gave myself a short term goal of 5 pounds by then. I'd actually be OK just getting back into my size 8's - so whichever comes first is fine with me :) 
Here's how far I've come post baby numero dos. I have worked my ass off, it was only easier the second time because I knew what I had to do, but actually doing it takes dedication and commitment! 

So worth it. 

Anyways, enough about me! Let's talk about you and your cardio.

 A little HIIT to get you going at 5 am - do all three levels at one time or spread them out between your weight lifting. 

Also - I updated my playlist with some good stuff. Here's a peek at a few....

 Happy Humpppppp Dayyyyy!



  1. Good playlist and amazing progress. It always amazes me what a difference 10lbs can make. Keep rocking it girl!

  2. You look awesome! I normally don't comment but I wanted to commend your butt lifting ;-)

  3. Wow. I have to say - that's pretty darn impressive.

  4. Do you have a new favorite pre-workout besides spark?

  5. SO IMPRESSIVE! You are my inspiration! My son is 3 months old and sometimes i get frustrated because I can't already fit back into my normal clothes. Then I think of you and remember to trust in the process, make good choices, sweat my ass off... I'll get there.

  6. I'm surprised Missy Elliott didn't make your playlist after her SuperBowl performance! :)
    Great progress!!

  7. Wow, that's so inspiring. Great job!

  8. YOu look awesome! All your hard work is paying off! Way to go!

  9. You're killing it! Love watching you kick butt :)

    -Kaslin @ Www.kaslinleablog.blogspot.com

  10. Megan you look great!! So inspiring. Your arm progress is AMAZING.

  11. It is amazing watching your journey and I give you so much credit for the amount of work you do day in and day out to get where you are...so well deserved- Congrats!!! Ps oh that baby is so sweet!!! Pss LOVE "welcome to New York" I listen to Taylor Swift with my 7 year old- not sure if it makes me cool or dorky. :-}

  12. This is just so exciting!! Thanks for being so inspirational

  13. keep up the great work!! you look awesome!!

  14. I would love to know your ab routine!


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