Rough Weekend.

Friday we found out that little baby Aiden had RSV, he's had a cough for a while, but the dr said it was just a virus when we took him on Monday, but Friday he took a turn for the worse so back he went. I think we caught it early, thank God, so the treatments are helping tremendously!  He gets breathing treatments 4x's a day, antibiotics 2x a day, and nose sucking with a Nose Frida before and after every nap. He still was sleeping like a champ, didn't wake up at all at night {12/13 hours}and took 4 hours in naps while we all lounged around the house Saturday. He refuses to eat any food, but is still taking a bottle, he gags on anything he chews poor guy. RSV has been going around like wildfire in Dallas, a lot of my friends had to take their babies to the hospital, so I'm very very thankful we did not have to go that route.

Saturday and Sunday he was still running a low fever, but had bouts of his usual smiling self to keep me reassured. He said Dada for the first time and took a pretty long standing alone break, also is heartbreakingly growing more hair.

I'm a little sleep deprived today and this picture makes me want to cry. I need to pull it together already! It's been a rough Monday, but I'm working on turning it around, I'd hate to start my week of with negativity. 

Saturday Madison spent the day with my parents going to 'CowTown' as she likes to call it {Fort Worth}, but came home complaining of not feeling well. At first I thought she might be complaining because Aiden was getting so much attention, but she steadily went down hill. Sunday she had a persistent cough and a low fever which made me think she got whatever Aiden had. She insisted on only eating salad yesterday because she said if she ate healthy she would get healthy, crazy girl. I wish that was the way it worked! At one point she got up off the couch and asked to be put to bed, then I really started to worry because she always wants to be wherever Daddy is, the F word popped into my head and we decided to run up to CVS and get her tested.

She insisted on 'dressing up' for it in a Nobella Grace top and plastic princess heels {with socks no less} we go in and sign up, 2 people ahead of us, 2.5+ hour wait. I can't even. So we go home and Aiden goes back to sleep and we decide to just wait and take both kids to their Ped today. She also has another Dr appointment this afternoon to take out her ear tubes. Last year at work I maxed out my FSA contributions to pay for my csection and I'm really glad I left it at the same amount because so far THIS MONTH we've spent over $500 bucks, after insurance, on dr visits and meds and Oliver has awesome insurance. Yikes.

*******Just got a text - negative for the flu!!! Thank you Jesus!****************

Besides sick kids I did a lot of the usual.

Saturday sweat sesh. I killed almost a grand on calories with Turbo and Body Pump. I don't wear my heart rate monitor much anymore because I don't really need to see my burn since my workouts are already figured into my macros, but it's been a while so I wore it for fun. 

On the weekends I love to make protein pancakes after my workouts, so many delicious combos to try - chocolate chips, pecans, or even fruit if you prefer. I also spiraled up a sweet potato with some olive oil and sea salt threw in some chicken, bam, lunch in less than 10 minutes. 

I accidentally bought too many zucchini for Zoodles so that's what's for lunch this week. I sauteed up some corn, peas, and tomatoes with some baked chicken. The zoodles I kept in a separate container for work and I'll just microwave them as needed to keep 'em fresh.

I'm trying to really stay on track every weekend despite a husband who will stoop to bribing me for take out :)

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  1. I'm sorry about your kids being sick, it sucks. The flu and RSV are also going around here in California. Hoep they feel better soon! Hang in there ;0) your food looks awesome by the way!

  2. Hope your baby feels better!! When my youngest was 3 months old h (he's now 17) ended up in the hospital with RSV, such a scary thing! Glad Aiden didn't end up there!!!

  3. It doesn't matter how strong we may be, when our kiddies are sick we all lose it a bit (mostly on the inside, of course). Hugs to you, mama. Hope both your littles are on the fast track to recovery! And major props for sticking with your healthy meal prepping, despite all the choas life is throwing at you right now.

  4. Thanks for the shout out!!! Hope the babies are both feeling better soon!! :)

  5. Can I know your trick to spiraling the sweet potatoes? We tried it for the first time this weekend and it didn't turn out :(( Def looks like a relaxing weekend though and hope the kiddos are feeling better today!!


  6. Argh! Sick littles stinks! But you still got your sparkle on! Hopefully everyone is better soon!

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