Between these two pictures is only about a 3 pound difference, but about 1.5 inches off my hips alone, that's a lot! Actually that's the difference between a size 12 and a size 10 in a pair of jeans. I've drastically cut back on my running, mostly due to the lingering 3 week cold I have going on in my chest. I'm still trying to get in two days a week, one of them being speed work at a track. I lift weights 5 days a week: 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 full body.

Outfit via Fabletics
I've been splitting my time between two gyms, we joined the Y close to my house recently. They just remodeled it {MUCH needed, it was olddddd, I used to go there when we moved here in '94} and the weight area is very nice, plus we get a discount on swim lessons, soccer, and summer camps. I'm also hoping it encourages Oliver to workout with my Mom in the mornings :) My other gym is all women and I've been going there for a very long time, I pay next to nothing, so I keep it. My friends all go there and both are conveniently located on my way to work. The Y has better equipment for leg day so do Monday's there and on Tuesday the track is less than a mile from the Y so I run at 4:45 then go and do 30 minutes of arms before work.

Chicken Lime Cilantro over Zoodles.

After the marathon my calories obviously had to be cut, whaaaaaaaaaa. Carbs are the best part of marathon training! My calories went from around 2100 to 1860, mostly slashing my carb intake. It was tough for the first week or so, I really had to adjust the types of food I brought to work, no more bagels for breakfast or cereal for snacks. I was hungry a lot of the time and was maybe a little bitchy too. I found new foods [like my egg muffins and Spiralizer Boyfriend ] and I've actually had to cut out any protein shakes because I'd rather eat it in a food form than a drink and I'm hitting my protein no problem. My macros right now are 63f / 182c / 142p I do get extra carbs after a long run. 

Mocha Dreams Tunic

 The scale has slowed the last few weeks, which can really mess with your head. Am I doing enough? Should I run more? Should I lift heavier? Should I eat less? What am I doing wrong???

I do a check list - 
Am I satisfied with my workouts? Yes, actually more than yes. I really feel like I'm enjoying each day's workout. 
How's my food, really? I'm consistently hitting my macros and staying within my calorie goal. I'm eating a shit ton of protein and at least 4 servings of veggies daily. I don't feel deprived at all. 
Are my workout's effective? I see my body every day so sometimes it can be hard to see changes, but putting those photo's together up top showed me that, yes, I am having progress. I'd rather lose inches than weight any day. My legs are finally shrinking, my problem area and the last to go on me, I lose weight from the top down.

So, what should I do? Well I talked to another friend who has similar goals to mine, but has been through marathon training and weight lifting and macro counting a lot longer than me and she brought up a very good point. It's been less than a month from my marathon, while I might FEEL good my body is still recovering and adjusting, it doesn't happen in a week or even two. I know that I'm doing the right things, I just need to trust that my body is going to catch up sometime in the next decade. That's what we call 'trusting the process'. 

I'm going to continue to do what I'm currently doing and reevaluate in two weeks before changing things up, workout or calorie wise. What I'm NOT going to do is eat less and run more which would have been my default plan in the past, that's not the goal this time. Of course I want the scale to move, but I also don't want to walk around hungry or going to bed early to stay out of the kitchen. That's not a good life for me, I get SUPER mean when I'm hungry, just ask Oliver.



  1. I can really relate to what you're going through, my weight loss is soooo slooooow for the past 6 months now! For me, too, it's like 3 pounds a month. That can be so annoying. But, that first photo above? The comparison shot between November and now? Damn, woman, that body is TIGHT.
    You are always inspiring!

  2. OMG! That comparison though!!! You look amazing. And you work sooooooooooooooooooooo hard. I love these posts and look forward to them. :)

  3. What happened to the weightlifting plan you were using before? Where you lift the same weight for 5 weeks in reps of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12? I only ask because I've been following that one to try and get stronger. Did you change it up?

    1. That's a great plan, I used it while I was running 30ish miles a week. Now that I'm lifting more and heavier I'm doing more of my own thing, but loosely following Phat by Layne Norton on http://www.muscleclass.com/layne-norton-phat-workout/
      If you would like some suggestions on another plan to switch it up with you can email me at skinnymeg@outlook.com

    2. Thanks! I will look into that. I do like the current plan because I am such a weakling-I need to build some muscle! And I like that it's only 3 days/week (sometimes I do 4) because with a husband that leaves for work early early in the morning and kids after school activities it's almost impossible to get to the gym.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love your mind set - this is a freak out I've had everytime I do a beach body work out series. Am I eating too much? I'm not seeing progress? Were are my abs? I will remember to do this Q&A session with myself in the future so I can be accountable and TRULY honest with my progress! Thank you! PS I'm loving your hair right now!!! It's so great!

  6. Eeeeeek LOVE that Mocha Dreams Tunic & it's sold out :(
    Question: I hate.....I mean HATE cardio....it makes me feel like I'm going to die. Not sure if its cuz of my high blood pressure or what. Do you think I can lose weight & reshape my body with just weight lifting and diet?

    1. Totally!!!!! That's what I've been doing with my trainer. Lift 4 days a week and eat Paleo. You can do it! It's incredible.

  7. You are doing awesome and I'm so inspired by you! I'm trying to hit the correct ratio on myfitnesspal. I didn't set it but I'm sure its accurate. estherdavison@gmail.com

  8. I think you are in my mind. You always seem to know the right thing to post whether on your blog or Instagram for me. Today I weighed myself for the first time after a few weeks of really busting my butt and I saw a gain. It was the most discouraging feeling in the world. Thanks for reminding me that then number on the scale isn't the be all end all.

  9. You have made tremendous progress, be sure to pat yourself on that back for all your hard work! I struggle to make workouts in and I don't even have children yet, you are truly an inspiration, keep up the great example :) I really love the check ins you do -- its a great reminder to keep one foot in front of the other and the results will come. Also, if you can call me every am or tell me how you open your eyes so early it'd be way more efficient than my THREE alarms (that I snooze thru then workout after work). My husband is a lucky man, haha.

  10. Great mindset girl. The proof is in the pictures. And your friend is right. My chrio said it takes your body 24 hrs per mile that you run in a race to recover. So 26 days to recover from that marathon and then you ran a half right after. You're doing great!!!!

  11. Where is the bra from the jan (now) picture from?

  12. I just have to say you look adorable in the last pic!

  13. How do you get such great volume in your hair??

  14. My spiralizer got delivered today, I cant wait to try it out! Also thanks for sharing that you ate skittles for fuel while running. Combined with rehydrate it has totally changed my world!

  15. I REALLY needed to read this! Thank you!

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