Pasta? Girl, bye.

Let's chat about food and stuff today, sound good?

A few Facebook groups I'm in revolve around macro eating and people are forever looking for ways to eat more food without more calories.  I've seen discussions about a veggie slicer a few times and decided to get one for myself and try it out. I do what I always do, got on Amazon and looked for good reviews, decided to go with this one - Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer

It was only 33 bucks, super easy to use, and easy to clean. I have used this thing every single day since I took it out of the box, I'm obsessed and want to spiral all the veggies and fruits! On the first day I had no clue how to cook them,  honestly I was pretty shocked that I actually got them to look like noodles. That's how easy it is to use :) Dummy proof. Or rather 'I hate to read directions and always wing it' proof. 


I spiraled up some Zucchini and potatoes and cooked them in garlic and olive oil, added some chicken I shredded from the crock pot the day before. Very good!

The next day I looked up a recipe on inspiralized.com Tuna Noodle Cassarole - note that I did NOT make my own breadcrumbs I just bought Panko ones from the store cause it seemed like a lot of extra work. Anyways, the noodles are made from Zucchini again just with a different blade to look like this and were amazingly good. 

This is for one serving, so low carb and so high protein. {yes the sodium is high in tuna, but I have normal to low blood pressure so I don't really care, but if it a concern to you then use chicken} I may never use regular pasta again because if you've ever measured out what one serving actually looks like it ain't shit- I'm still hungry after eating it. 

Last night I used the zoodles and made chicken alfredo, it's so low carb that I could of used a higher fat more delicious alfredo sauce which I'm noting for next time. 

 Today was a run day for me, I did 5 miles and then went and lifted some upper body for 30 minutes. On my run days I get a few more carbs to eat, so I'm planning on trying a spiraled sweet potato tossed with some coconut oil and then this super amazing looking apple treat!

So tell me do you have one? Any recipes I should try?


  1. I make a recipe from "The Paleo Kitchen" by PaleOMG and Civilized Caveman that uses sweet potato noodles and meatballs. Its the bomb.com and my husband asks for it every week!

  2. My Paderno was just delivered yesterday - I cannot wait to try it - thanks for the recipe suggestions!

  3. Last night I made the SkinnyTaste Crockpot Turkey Meatballs over zoodles! So good and my hubby even said that he didn't miss the noodles. I also loved that since it was so low carb I was able to add more cheese on top!!

  4. My favorite Inspiralized.com recipe is the Lasagna! The only thing I do differently is add in ground turkey or lean ground beef to one of the layers. I also love to spiralize butternut squash and chop it up in my food processor to make 'rice'. It pairs well with a salsa chicken or teriyaki salmon.

  5. I received the Vegetti for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Using it is a work out as well!

  6. My boss gave me a $50 Amazon gift card for christmas! Now I know the perfect thing to spend it on.

  7. I've never used one but seeing this post really makes me want one! Looks delicious! :)

  8. Sorry, no recipe suggestions here but I have been considering something like this for several months so I just put my Prime membership to good use! I will come back here to share any recipes I find that my family LOVES! Kids and I had Fried "Rice" last night and it was a hit!

  9. THANK YOU! I look forward to reading your posts. You always offer great tips and are SO REAL. You tell all the ins and outs and all the details in between, I LOVE IT! HUGS! Keep doing what you are doing. I can relate to you and appreciate that you are sharing your journey. It really encourages me.

  10. I just bought the same exact one for my cousin for christmas and she is obsessed with it! I will ask her for some recipes for you!

  11. I have this veggie slicer and your right its amazing! i need use it more, so far i've only done zucchini noodles

  12. Might have to get me one of those and try it out. Good job on the exercise.

  13. Oh She Glows has a vegan garlic Alfredo sauce that's made with cauliflower and it is all kinds of amazeballs


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