Moving Right Along to 2015.

 Happy New Year! Sorry I haven't blogged in a minute, I just had a lot going on with work and family so I took off a few days. My weight loss challenge groups are filling up and it's taking up a lot of my blogging time, but I'm excited to be part of something fun for 2015! 

Christmas was great, we came up with something pretty fabulous for Madison this year and I'll be sharing all about it next week in a separate blog post. Aiden could have cared less about his gifts, but he gave me the BEST gift and said Mom, or more Mum, I dunno maybes he British :)

NYE we did our usual get together with my best friend Amber, the kids run around and play and we get to eat. Win, Win. How beautiful is her table setting? She even painted and glittered those bottles in the back, gorgeous!

New Years Day was cold and rainy, the perfect day to stay home and clean. I have the hardest time getting rid of old toys with Oliver around, he insists that she still plays with EVERYTHING. Sigh. I hate clutter, it's a struggle to not get rid of almost everything, obviously I'm going to need to do it when no one is home. After all the cleaning we started a fire and took a nap, it was glorious. Aiden must have taken two 2.5 hour naps and then slept all night 7pm to 8am. He can't hang with us girls.

Most of last week I didn't track my macros, we did a lot of celebrating and eating food that I didn't prepare so I felt like it would have been a LOT of guessing. I tried to eat smaller portions and stop when I was full, I'm happy to say I maintained my weight through the holidays and that's really all I can ask for! 

2015 my focus will be on consistency in my diet and weight lifting. I still have plans to run some smaller races, but not anything past a 13.1  --- actually I may very well do the Dallas Marathon again next year, TBD. I have a lofty goal of tracking every bite EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for the next year. I have found a 'diet' that I think works well for me, my body, and my life. I'm excited to see what kind of changes I get this year!!

On a more personal level I'm really trying to focus on my mouth, I tend to joke around a lot especially with people I'm comfortable with and I've been known to accidentally offend people. I need to think before I speak sometimes for sure because not everyone gets or appreciates my humor.

Speaking of my humor, I got this guy the best Christmas gift...

A mouse pad full of my selfies so he too can stare at my face all day long :) I found the easiest website for gift, Collage.com , I also ordered a blanket for my mother in law with all the kids pictures on them and it turned out FABULOUS. The quality was amazing and I literally linked to IG and pulled pics I wanted within 10 minutes, super easy! 

Have a great weekend!



  1. So happy your back, Meg! My morning coffee just isn't the same without reading your blog! Happy 2015!

  2. How do I join the weight loss challenge group?

  3. one of my friends gave her husband a frame filled with selfies because he is always teasing her about it- i thought it was hysterical! :) looking forward to a great year! :) i won't ever run above 13.1, but hey i am registered for the same one again, AND the best part is my hubby is going to do it, too!

  4. I am also in this boat with you ... I tend to joke around a lot especially with people I'm comfortable with and I've been known to accidentally offend people. I need to think before I speak sometimes for sure because not everyone gets or appreciates my humor.

  5. Hey! Could you tell me what size your "it's fine, I ran today" sweatshirt is?

  6. Nice to hear about your Christmas, Meg!

  7. What a great holiday season!

  8. I've been waiting every weekend at work ( since your last post) to see if you have posted something new and here it is!!!!!! I've never commented before or knew that I could but......I absolutely LOVE your blog and the personality you show in it! I know this is referring to an old post but it really makes me mad that people have nothing better to do than to criticize you for putting yourself out in the open with your experiences and weight loss. I know you have more than enough support and fans but I just wanted to share some appreciation! Thank you for having your blog. I have learned a lot from it all and enjoy everything you post about! Glad your Holidays were great! Happy New Year!

  9. Love reading your blog! I know you have talked about this before but how did you start IIFYM? I have done the calculations but have no idea where to start...and how to fit my foods into my given macros for the day.

  10. AH! I am constantly blown away by you. Not only have you consistently lost weight/inches since Aiden, but you maintained your weight during the holidays!!!!

    Confession: I gained 20 lbs. from September (when I was oh-so-close to my goal @ 162) to today. Was 182 this morning. I was reminded (again) that my food obsession/addiction is alive and well. I'm sure a lot of it will go away quickly - maybe 10 lbs. or so, from bloat. But I know once all the bloat goes, I'll still be in the 170's. That is both humbling and embarrassing.

    I'm so glad that you found a diet lifestyle that works for you. I truly feel that Weight Watchers can be that for me, if I let it. I just have to pray, beg, and maybe cry my way through the hard times, like when I'm out of points and I want 14 margaritas. But that's just my addiction talking. Like IIFYM, WW is super flexible.

    Cheers to the best year yet! :)


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