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I received a Geode necklace for Christmas and I'm just a tad obsessed with it! There are so many variations you can buy, I can't decide if I love it chunky or dainty best, plus the earrings?? Yes please. 

I love the gold leafing on the edges and the beads with a little leather detailing, it's unusual and that's what makes me love it. I'm not sure where it came from, sorry, but it's similar to this one

I JUST got these boots from Just Fab and was so excited to share them with y'all cause I FREAKING love 'em, but they are mostly sold out! ugh, that's so annoying!  I'm not a fan of Just Fab's heels, but their boots rock my face off for $40 bucks.
On the bright side I did finally find these leggings online and they are the best leggings ever, so comfortable and the perfect blend of cotton/poly for less fading. Mud Pie Women's Dylan Printed Legging I would say they run true to size.
Top is from Nobella Grace, sold out but an even better option found here



  1. I'm married to a geologist and he's always bringing home rocks. He's proud to display them. I'd be proud to wear a Geode around my neck. I think that would be super awesome! estherdavison@gmail.com

  2. I really like beading! And I really like the concept of creating interchangeable Jewelry items, especially necklaces and bracelets. What a cool idea!

    Custom Design Jewelry

  3. Oh the geologists..... they are grown ups who never stopped putting rocks in their pockets. These are awesome though

  4. Hi there! Number 6 above, the Magenta Blue Druzy Agate Geode Slice Pendant Necklace is my creation and currently in my Artfire shop. Thank you for including it in your blog. This is very exciting! Geodes definitely make for beautiful and interesting jewelry pieces, to say the least. I absolutely love working with them. Enjoy yours! Sandy

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