Food Prepping and IIFYM

 I was crazy productive this weekend, yet I still didn't get around to washing my floors. #keepingItReal 

Friday after work my co workers talked me into bringing both the kids out to dinner, it's hard to explain to people without children why I would be hesitant to do that, to them it's no big deal. Now my kids are relatively easy, but after 5pm all bets are off, they are usually tired from their day and their moods could go any which way. It's a gamble. Dinner was at 5:30 so I took a chance, we went to the Boiling Crab {my first time} Madison played shy and refused to take off her jacket and Aiden has decided he doesn't want to sit in a highchair. After 45 minutes of wrangling the baby and trying to have an adult conversation the food came - you dump it on the table and peel and eat shrimp with your hands. Messy hands and babies don't mix, so I bagged the rest up, paid my tab, and hightailed it home. I think I'm ok skipping out on these dinners for a while, two of these girls are pregnant so they will soon see why I don't come to these things.


This guy has decided to sleep 12+ hours every night in his crib and it's been glorious! I won't lie, I wake up startled and have to physically be restrained from going in his room to check on him. I know he's fine, we don't put bumpers or blankets of any kind in his crib, but I'm just not used to such a good sleeper. Freaks me out a bit. Hahaha, you can see how hard he slept by how red his cheek was on the right side!

 He rocked his first pair of super adorable ripped baby jeans, ahhhhh I could just eat him up!

 Every weekend my hair goes into a bun on Saturday and doesn't come out until Monday, I try to give it a rest from heat and styling products to keep it healthy. Madison and I rocked some matching shirts my Mom bought us from Canton. I love that she'll still do that with me, pretty soon she'll be too cool for me.

Oliver and I are making an effort to not eat out very much on the weekends, one for the calories and two for the money. The amount of money we spend at the grocery store is crazy, plus adding in 50ish bucks for a meal out? Nuts. Saturday night my Mom made Linguine with Shrimp Scampi and I brought my own zucchini noodles to make it more macro friendly. So good!

Sunday it rained so I had to do my cardio in the gym, ugh, I hate the dreadmill so much. I did a quick Pinterest search and found a good HIIT workout that got me 4.5 miles and a great sweat. 

I made Egg Muffins for the week: Egg Beaters // Turkey Sausage // Mushrooms 350 for 15 min. I prefer the yolk in it for flavor and it's still only 36 calories with 1f/1c/5.6p per muffin. 

I made some videos explaining how to weigh a homemade recipe for IIFYM for my Facebook group, but I'd thought I'd share them here if you are confused on weighing your foods.

and another on using MFP. Here is the link, not sure if it's posting correctly.  Bless my heart - I say um a lot, sorry!

The recipe I made was Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Soup and it was the perfect amount for lunch this week. I added extra chicken so one serving is  434 calories 5f/ 27c / 66p <<< as you can see I'm not having much issue getting in all my proteins! 

Another successful weekend working towards my goals, it feels good when I stick to the plan. I can't control everything, but when I do have to option to make a healthier choice I'm proud of myself when I do!



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  2. Your recipe video is a game changer!! I have been counting my macros for a while now but I have always just gone off the nutrition on the label for when I tracked recipes, what you did is clearly more accurate and what I will need to do in the future so thank you!!

  3. My middle baby used to sleep for 12 hours every night! After a baby that was awake at 5-6 every morning, I welcomed it with open arms! I felt like you though, almost wanted to rush into his room daily! Haha!!

  4. thank you so much, this is so helpful. I have to pinterest this so I'll remember. This makes the micros not so intimidating now.

  5. Thank You!!!!!!! So much for the video I was having trouble trying to figure out how to input my recipes in mfp for the macros. Keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!

  6. Also, you and Oliver (and aiden) are super cute! Haha!!

  7. You've inspired me to work on my nutrition. I'm trying to hit my protein goal, like you said a couple of weeks ago. I'm on mfp at esthernorine. Thanks for being such a huge inspiration! estherdavison@gmail.com <a href="http://www.esthernorinedesigns.blogspot.com>Esther Norine Designs</a>

  8. It looks like your hard work is paying off! And your food pics always look delicious.

  9. Damn mama, you are looking amazing. You gave me some good ideas on the muffins too. Love you babe!!!

  10. Your baby boy is adorable! Of course you already know that :) and Ms. Princess is cute as ever as well. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration as always. I need to nail down my fitness/daily goals as well. I only make progress when I track my food/calories 100% of the time, so I need to get on that "stat"! Also, I think I need to start working with a trainer at the gym, and/or start getting 30 mins or so of cardio on my lunch break to enhance my gym workouts in the evenings (with weights, boot camp, etc.).

  11. I always struggle getting my carbs and fats in iifym. I am eating clean/paleo depending on if I work out for the day, so I love my protein shakes and turkey and get more than enough protein. It's the others I struggle with.
    Aiden gives me such baby fever he is beautiful!!

  12. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is informative inspirational and real.

  13. Can you help me out with the fajita soup recipe? I have tried about 20 different variations on mfp to come up with your macros, but I am just not getting it! I an racking my brain here! I can always use a protein boost and this recipe looks right up my alley. Thanks!!

    1. I added in a 'shit ton' of chicken to get the high protein count :)

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  15. Babies in blue jeans are my absolute favorite, he is adorable! I also love that you & Madison wore matching clothes, my daughter is 4 and she loves it when we "match" (even if it's just the same color shirt) - I hope it sticks around for a bit.


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