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I need this on a tank to workout in, asap. I was totally going to video y'all a butt workout today, but I have this chest congestion and I might be dying. I haven't slept well in days and it's hard to catch my breath when I'm working out, so I wasn't up to being super awesome on video today. Sorry! I'm chugging on some Mucinex as we speak so hopefully I feel better quickly. I need a good nights sleep!

In lieu of booty work I'm going to share some recent fav's for the gym. 

Nike Free Bionic  
I saw these somewhere and mentioned that I wanted a pair, well Oliver listened and got me a pair for Christmas.  You really shouldn't do squats in running shoes because they have lots of hills and valleys in the soles, you need a very flat surface. These shoes are a great cross training shoe, I can squat, burpee, and sprint in them. It also saves on the wear and tear on my running shoes, which ain't cheap.

Athleta Gym Bag
I get ready for work at the gym Mon - Thur so being organized is very important and the key to that is a great gym bag! I have two bags: one for my toiletries that I keep in the car every day and another for my clothes which I take out every night and repack. This bag has so many features that I love, the size is perfect, it has separated sides so my shoes don't have to touch my clothing, a dirty bag for when I'm done sweating, and extra zippered pockets for jewelery or other small items.Plus the one I linked above is on sale for 40 bucks, such a deal!

Clif Kid Organic ZBar
I don't need a ton of calories before I work out since I workout so early, but sometimes I need a little something. I love these kids bars, less calories, but still tasty. Don't tell Madison I've been stealing her food :)

I shared this on IG, but to further clarify what I use them for -  these are my nightly supplements.
Gaia Herbs Astragalus Supreme Liquid Phyto-Capsules : supports deep immune function and can help with aging. 2 a day.
Biotin : helps you have pretty hair, skin, and nails. 1 a day
Alr Humapro Tablets: tablets that have 5g of protein I use them if I need to reach my protein goal for the day. Usually 2 or 3, but you can take more. They have less than 1 calorie and the perfect amino acid ratio blend. If you don't like protein shakes these might be a better choice for you. This bottle will last you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Nighttime Recovery: I don't take this every night, but only after a really hard lifting day to combat soreness. Ain't no one got time for sore legs on a run!
OmegaPlex and ProBiotic : These keep your tummy moving along and quite happy. If you are going to take anything I highly highly suggest these two, my favorites. ProBiotic's have so many awesome benefits from digestion to energy! 2 a day

Gripad Workout Grips
These are not new, I've had them forever, but they are worth another mention cause I love 'em. I personally so not dig calluses and tears on my hands and I also wear my ring to the gym because I go to work right after and I never ever ever take it off unless I'm at home. Never. I did that once and almost lost it, Oliver says he bought me ONE ring and if I lose it I have to wear some cheap knockoff. Nope. These pads are easy on and off and work great for giving a little extra grip and cush when you are lifting. 

Tell me some of your favorite gym items! 



  1. LOVE those shoes!! I have been asking for a pair but no one listens to me. haha. Guess I'll have to buy them myself!!

  2. Thanks for the shoe recommendation! I just bought them!

  3. I love lifting in Chucks. If you find them on sale, they are cheap enough to get lots of fun styles/colors. And, I love my fractional plates. They were a great investment and have helped me get past plateaus on a few lifts. Well worth the money! I also love my Hampton pad for weighted hip thrusts. I just ordered a SlingShot, so jury is still out on that. But, I hear it does great things for the legs.

  4. They have that saying as tanks!


  5. What armband case do you use for your iphone 6?

  6. Arm band, Nike baseball cap, compreason socks and now, compression pants. I just bought gloves with and without fingers for cycling.

  7. What is the difference between the Nighttime recovery and Catalyst?

  8. Brady bands! Pretty sure you wear these too, but I love the wide sweat-wicking ones because they keep my hair back and sweat off my face, but their size and fabric don't cause any creases, so if I'm not washing my hair, I'm still good to go!

  9. oh my god I remember when you left your ring at the tanning salon!!

  10. LOVE kids cliff bars! They're a staple for me! Anytime day or night! PS- the chocolate brownie one... If you freeze it it seriously Ah-maxing!!


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