Baby Aiden is 10 Months Old

 Baby Aiden is 10 months old, unbelievable! He's weighing solidly in the 97th percentile, 28 pounds, and wearing a size 18 month. He has four teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom. We still use and love the Amber teething necklace {not pictured} to relieve any discomfort and drooling. He loves to grab on his boy parts the moment I take his diaper off - every. single. time. I say 'Aiden, no no' and he just laughs and smiles at me. Oliver says 'let him be a boy', I guess this is what boys do, I wouldn't know.

He loves to say Mum over and over again, much to my husbands dismay. Even Madison feels bad for Oliver and will try to pretend he said Dada to make him feel better. He's a easy going baby, happy to play on his own a lot of the time. Not a big fan of super loud noises, he's been known to start crying when scared, unlike Madison who loved it and would laugh hysterically. Crazy girl.

My favorite part to kiss on him is this super soft bald head, it's perfect. His fat thighs are a close second though! He loves to eat anything orange, but not a fan of bananas or avocados just yet. He still uses a binky, actually Oliver's nickname for him is Mr. Binks. His face lights up like a Christmas tree every time he see's his sister, usually because she's singing or dancing like a nut job. 

He loves to take a bath, but hates getting dressed, in fact he hates laying down flat at all unless he's going to sleep. Giving him a bottle is proving to be difficult, he likes to drink on it a little at a time. We still swaddle him in the Zippadee Zip, he's the easiest baby ever when it's nigh nigh time. I take him in his room around 8:30, zip him up, and turn on his sound/light machine, he doesn't need to be rocked, but I will stand by his crib cradling him for a while and just staring at his sweet face. He stares up at me with those big brown eye, sucking on his paci, and everything is right in my world. I finally lay him down in his crib, on his left side, and he's out like a light. 

He is a great sleeper, waking once in a while around 3am for a snack. He naps like a champ during the day too. He's great in the car, rarely fussing unless he's hungry, or he's sick and throws the paci at the side door :)  He's had two ear infections so far thanks to a sister who's in school and brings home all the germs. His junky eye has improved, I chose not to do the eye poke and wait it out, glad that worked out in my favor. 

Having a boy has brought such a different perspective to me as a mother, I feel differently towards him than I do Madison. More protective. With Madison I very much had the 'man up' attitude with her, but with her personality I think that works well. I feel Aiden is more sensitive, but not sure if that's for real or me projecting - time will tell. I almost feel like a completely different person this time around, maybe because of experience or maybe because I've just gotten calmer with age.

Pictures by Amber Jane Images.
Outfit from Janie and Jack.


  1. OMG I can't even. He is just a doll, I wouldn't be able to ever leave him alone. You are one lucky momma!!

  2. I think the protective stuff comes from him being the baby, too - I'm a momma of two boys, and I treat them differently! E is a lot more sensitive to loud noises, too. He is my cautious one, but can usually be found with his big bro getting into some sort of trouble. It's so fun watching them together!

  3. Love the pics. Amber is so great!! I wouldn't have picked that park for pictures until seeing these.

  4. I love his little face. He's so adorable!

  5. He's such a handsome little guy :)

  6. The photos are beautiful...that baby...(that bald head!!!) oh, he is gorgeous! I have a different relationship with my 2nd child too (even though I have both girls) it's hard to put into words. Both special and amazing, just different! Enjoy Enjoy...yes, so cliche to repeat but it flies by so fast. My "baby" just turned 4 yesterday (what!?) :-}

  7. OK between the pictures & you talking about nigh nigh time, my ovaries exploded. No kids yet & I'm 28. Maybe one day before I'm 30...lol
    That bald head & hat just makes to much cuteness for one post. I could squeeze him (he would hate me)...lol

  8. Oh my goodness 28 lbs!? That's awesome - I love it. :-) Beckett doesn't like to lay flat either - he HATES having his diaper changed or when we have to put clothes on after bath time. Too bad he can't just run around naked all the time - he'd probably be super happy. Love A's little bald head. :-)

  9. I really admire you Meg, you seem to put forth effort in all areas of your life, and are so blessed. I smile every time I see a picture of Aiden, he seems to be a perfect mix of you and Oliver, I see you both in his little face!

  10. #BaldBabiesUnite! Mine just turned 10 months and was only 18 lbs at his appointment a couple weeks ago

  11. oh my word, such a lil cutie!!!!

  12. I'm so glad you said ypu feel differently about them. I have two boys and a girl and feel the same way. That my daughter ( also a Madison) needs to be able to handle her own in the world. While my boys I coddle and want to be more sensitive. Thought I was crazy.

  13. Hands down, one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

  14. Those are some super cute photos!!!!

  15. Omg!!!!! So cute. My little boy will be 11 months on Sunday and he is my peanut. 21 lbs and in 12 month clothing. Mine only has 2 bottom teeth and nothing else. We have been waiting and waiting.
    I am a first time mom, but I too am very protective over him.

  16. He is just too cute for words!! Love the pictures!!! :)

  17. Can Aiden come over and teach Riley how to go to sleep at night? LOL Seriously. I've been sleep deprived now for, oh, about 5 months :) hahaha. We are starting some sleep training him the past few days but as everyone knows the first few days are brutal, but a necessary evil and ya just have to get through it. I still haven't taken him to his 9 month appointment (change in insurance stuff), but I would assume he is quite chunky too. I should put him on the scale and see. He is also wearing some 18 month clothes but very big on him. Aiden is such a cutie-pie. I just love little boys :)

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