Arm Progress and a Workout

Suns out Guns out today ladies! I work my arms pretty much every time I lift weights, but I do two days where I completely focus on just upper body. I only had time for one workout today so I put together a good arm routine for either at home or at the gym!

Now a few notes: 
  • these can be modified to a lower weight for a beginner or higher weights for more advanced. I would say you should be able to do the first two sets with a bit of sweat and the last two you should be cussing me while your arms and shoulders are burning. Do not use 3 pound weights y'all - Madison can use those. 5 pound minimum please!
  • When they burn repeat this mantra - THIS IS HOW WE CHANGE OUR BODIES. works for me most of the time :)
  • Do each move 6 times, then the next move 6 times, then rest for less than 20 seconds. You can rest for 1 minute between rounds. 
  • I really need to record these videos BEFORE my 90 minute workout, cause I am tired and I rush. These are just for explanation, please be sure to slow down and focus on what you are doing. Rushing through to get to the end is pointless if you aren't doing it correctly. Do what I say not always what I do. K?
  • Please report back how you liked this workout on my Facebook - I'm happy to do these kinds of things if y'all like 'em, but they take time and without feedback I kinda feel like I'm wasting it. My hairs are taking up extra time after my workouts lately so some days its a toss up between workout vids and pretty locks :)

 I did a HIIT today, but didn't have time to put it together for y'all so I'm saving it for next week, but here's one we are doing in my Challenge group!

Now save these pics to your phone and get your sweat on!



  1. Hello! Thank you for the update and the good exercise tips, as usual!! You're a doll!!

  2. Can't wait to start working on my arms more!

  3. Seriously, THANK YOU! I do not think you are appreciated enough for all of the work you do on this blog. You are amazing.

  4. Great video and explanation. Thank you

  5. Thank you!! Will be trying tonight!

  6. I will be trying this out next arm day. Thank you.

  7. love it! i am totally a workout stealer, so i'll be working this into my arm day

  8. dang check out your arms!!! pinning this and going to do this forsure!!

  9. I've come up with my own arm workout, but I've been getting kinda bored with it, so thanks for this. I do have a question, though. You said you do 90 minute workouts, but this arm workout seems like it would only take 20 mins, 30 tops; so my question is would I still get results of I only do this arm workout? I guess it's about the time you put into it, right? Thanks! 😊

  10. I was just hoping to find a good arm workout today and then I came here! I'm going to try this soon! Thank you!

  11. I was just hoping to find a good arm workout today and then I came here! I'm going to try this soon! Thank you!

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  13. Oh thank you so much! I'm a visually learner in all aspects of life and that was so perfect for me!! Rock on lady!!

  14. THANK YOU for this! My arms are my #1 focus right now so I'm always looking for a good arm routine!

  15. I don't use Facebook so I'm leaving this here to say it's not a waste. This is a great arm workout! Once I'm done with my 15k next weekend I'm going to start HIIT and will also be doing this arm workout. Question... do you do the same arm workout for both arm sessions during the week or do you have a rotation you use? Keep it up Meg!

  16. Loving the video. Adding for next week arms!

  17. Loving this. Was feeling good about myself after doing it and then reread that you wrote to do it 4 times!!! ha! I feel it in all the right places.
    I would love a video showing the moves slower if you ever have free time to record it again =). I guess I could record myself… doesn't seem as fun as watching someone else =).
    Thanks for posting!!!!


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